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    School s out and Charlotte wants to keep the kids busy, she sets up a job for Emily, cleaning a 90 year old woman s house, gets Christopher interested in training their dog and hopes Sam can find a job Sam does find a job working at a daycare in the afternoon, which he hates, and working at the airport learning about flying She also starts a walking program training for a walkathon for diabeties to help support her husband Emily isn t happy about cleaning, Christopher can t get the dog to cooperate and Charlotte is worried about both her sons.

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    As always, a good read I really enjoy this series.

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    I really enjoyed this warm tale of family relations Grandparents raising grandchildren is a reality in this generation, and Hunt has applied her humor in subtle ways throughout this story as Charlotte struggles to cope with teenaged angst, when she should be enjoying her golden years Hunt delivers real characters in very real situations No plastic angels in this tale, just kids who mess up, and grandparents who hope they re doing it right Hunt makes farm life comes so alive I wonder if she spent some time in a chicken coop doing research Note to self write no books containing chickens unless it s a cookbook Numerous authors write Guideposts Books Home to Heather Creek series, yet each book keeps the same main characters, and while the characters retain their personalities, each book has a unique feel to it Warm and witty, Diann Hunt s On the Right Path is one of the best.

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    Summer is finally hereBob and Charlotte have an anniversary coming up and so is the walk for diabetes Emily found a new friend in unexpected places She learns to crochet.Sam lands a job or two and learns a huge lesson.Christopher is busy training the dog Bill has some worries that cause Charlotte concern.

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    Another great story of the adaptation of Charlotte s grandkids to life on the farm without their mom.

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On The Right Path (Home to Heather Creek, #11) download On The Right Path (Home to Heather Creek, #11) , read online On The Right Path (Home to Heather Creek, #11) , kindle ebook On The Right Path (Home to Heather Creek, #11) , On The Right Path (Home to Heather Creek, #11) 1bf6edaf86df School S Out For The Summer, And Charlotte Is Doing Her Best To Try To Keep The Kids Occupied And Out Of Trouble After Much Prodding, Sam Gets A Job At A Day Care, But It S His Part Time Gig At The Airport That Captures His Interest And Has His Grandparents Worried Christopher Is Hard At Work Trying To Teach An Old Dog New Tricks, And Emily And Her Friend Ashley Get Roped Into Visiting An Elderly Woman In Town Who Needs Help Around The House As They Clean, They Uncover Mementos That Unravel A Painful Story From The Woman S Past, Which Changes Everything They Know About ForgivenessMeanwhile, Charlotte And Hannah Start Training For A Walkathon, And Bill And Anna Have A Secret And The Timing Couldn T Be Worse As The Lazy Days Of Summer Settle Over Heather Creek Farm, Will Charlotte Be Able To Keep Them All On The Right Path