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  • Paperback
  • 416 pages
  • The Running Mate
  • Joe Klein
  • English
  • 10 March 2019
  • 9780385335607

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    There s a certain genre of movies I refer to as the white men in suits movies They are the kind of movies where many of the main characters look alike and not much is done to differentiate them I m always slightly confused during these films, because the characters are so interchangeable So in the third reel when it is revealed that Mr So and so was really a double agent mafia don retired baseball player I always think, Wait, who was Mr So and so This book was much like that The story of a long time Midwestern Senator had a lot of characters who were sparingly introduced and then referred to later not only by either their first or last names, but also a nickname now and then Who is this person I kept thinking as I read.But I kept reading and aside from having little idea who was talking 60% of the time, I enjoyed this book Charlie, the main character was wonderful to follow through his trials and tribulations He really wanted to do the right thing, which was difficult in the changing political landscape of the early 90s His father was a fun character who would wander in and out and I enjoyed a few of the staffers too.I enjoy politics though not so much these past years and it was fun to have a fictional window to a Senate campaign There were story threads that could have been developed and story threads that wandered on forever, but overall this was a pretty okay book.

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    There s nothing really wrong with this book, it s just that the veil has been pulled back in the years since it s been published The intrigues of being a candidate and the constant drama that results from the vetting process for a national political position are now well known or, at least, no surprise I give my stars based on my enjoyment of a book and, ultimately, this was a bit of a bore for me.

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    In his brilliant Primary Colors, Joe Klein wrote a thinly disguised account of Bill Clinton s 1992 presidential campaign with the author listed as Anonymous He had been outed by the time this sequel a thinly disguised account of the machinations of John McCain s campaign appeared Without the freedom that comes with anonimity, this book was never going to live up to the fierce truth of Primary Colours But it is still a great account of a political ego somewhat out of control.

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    Joe Klein is the same guy who wrote Primary Colors under the clever name of Anonymous If you liked Primary Colors, you ll like this Actually, if you like West Wing TV , you ll like this I m in both buckets Charlie Martin is a US Senator, and while this plot revolves around his previous try for the Presidency and his current re election campaign, it s basically a story about the real life of a US Senator warts and all.

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    This is a topical novel by Joe Klein, the author of the best seller, Primary Colors published anonymously at the time I selected it as a fun read during the current primary season and enjoyed all of the political insider stuff It was much vibrantly written than the Jim Lehrer novel that I also read recently.

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    A surprisingly good book a good story about a US senator from Des Pointe in a midwestern state but also surprisingly insightful about national politics human relationships which is, at root, politics.

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    Klein s Primary Colors was a brilliant piece of political fiction or should I say faction , and set the bar incredibly high for him when it came to his follow up The Running Mate is not at Primary Colors level, but it is still a damn fine read.Perhaps the most enjoyable aspect of The Running Mate is that the central character, Senator Charles Martin, is ultimately a bad politician and yet a decent guy, the obverse of Jack Stanton from Klein s earlier work and a subsidiary character here Martin is very run of the mill when it comes to how he navigates the various channels of power governmental or otherwise however as winning leads in a dare I say political romance go, his persona is engaging and identifiable Martin s character is a few notches above the Everyman type in terms of his intelligence, charm, power and success, yet one can t read The Running Mate and not empathise with him He is not up for witty, semi dispassionate dissection as Stanton and the world of US presidential politics are in Primary Colours Klein has focused on Martin so as to find some emotional resonance in a setting where bastardry and bloody mindedness rule.Whilst I may be extolling the merits of Klein s work on his central character, it does need to be said that at times the balance of the dramatis personae are a little ill formed or flat I don t believe this is due to bad writing the integration of the complex political world that Klein delves deeply into and the cast of dozens who populate the story Martin s closest colleagues and friends all read well, and Nell Martin s love interest is certainly a fictional female character that retains attention Yet the addition of advisors, politicans, journos etc etc dilutes the core raison d etre of the novel how does a good man reconcile his career and his desire for love.Oh, it must be said that Klein really hits some amazing marks when it comes to the emergence of a populist Republican rival to Martin in his home state election race Considering The Running Mate was written in 2000 it veers into creepy Nostradamus type prescience when talking about a campaign endorsed by Evangelicals, anti abortionists and Make America America Again slogans.I would recommend The Running Mate to anyone who likes to dip their toes into US politics but perhaps relevantly, to anyone who likes to read a good romance book written with intellect.

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    Having read and enjoyed Primary Colors several years ago, which Klein originally published anonymously, about Bill Clinton s first Presidential campaign, The Running Mate proved to be a lively corollary centering around the life and loves of a Republican senator In a postscript Klein mentions that his fictional Republican senator is an amalgam of several current and former Senators who are also Vietnam vets including John McCain, John Kerry and Bob Kerry Klein has worked as a journalist since 1969 and his first hand knowledge of political life over the past forty years is evident in the book s rich and convincing background His characters are interesting and the plot moves along briskly It s a good read and a surprisingly sympathetic insight into pre teabagger Republican politics given Klein s own political inclinations.

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    The Running Mate refers not to a Vice Presidential candidate, but to the girlfriend of fictional Senator Charles Martin who is up for re election in 1994 and eventually loses , following his failed bid for the Presidency in 1992 Set between New York, Washington DC, and a fictional Midwestern state located in the authors mind somewhere near Iowa and Missouri, this book never quite gets moving While there is plenty of stuff going on, the plot gets lost for awhile though thankfully it reappears in time for the book to end A decent look at campaigns and politics, I would recommend this only to the truly obsessed.

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    I had a hard time getting into this book It starts in the present and then retells the past and works back up to the present Originally I was only going to give this book one star, but as I trudged through the beginning it did get better It was about a politician and I m not really into politics so that may have hindered me Also, almost all the characters were referred to by three different names for example Patrick Dunn was also called Patsy, Pat, Dunnsie I thought it was confusing.

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The Running Matecharacters The Running Mate, audiobook The Running Mate, files book The Running Mate, today The Running Mate, The Running Mate f48ec Hailed As Astonishingly Powerful By The New York Times, And Written Perfectly By The Washington Post, Joe Klein S Bestseller, Primary Colors, Was The Most Talked About Political Novel Of The Past Century Now Acclaimed Journalist And Author Joe Klein Returns With Another Brilliant And Slyly Subversive Novel Set In The Gladiatorial Arena He Knows So Well Politics In Modern Day America US Senator Charlie Martin Is A Hot Political Property, Dashing, Honorable, Irreverent And A Decorated Vietnam Veteran The Running Mate Follows This Brash Hero On A Wild, Exhilarating Ride Through The Minefields Of Politics As Usual But As Charlie Quickly Learns, Combat Is A Cakewalk Compared With The Battles Waged By Free Men In Pursuit Of Glory And Power For Charlie S Political Star Is Beginning To Wane A Bid For The Presidency Ends In Failure A Young Campaign Volunteer S Father Decks Him In Front Of The Cameras A Well Kept Secret From Charlie S Vietnam Days Is Revealed And A Woman Has Entered His Life One Who Loves Him But Is Appalled By His Life S Work Suddenly Charlie Must Confront The Two Greatest Challenges Of His Life A Political Opponent Who Has No Scruples And A Dazzling, Unconventional Woman Who May Force Him To Choose Between Love And Politics Charlie S Dilemma Is One That Has Come To Haunt Contemporary American Politics Is It Possible To Be A Good Politician And A Good Man

About the Author: Joe Klein

Joe Klein is a longtime Washington, D.C and New York journalist and columnist, known for his novel Primary Colors, an anonymously written roman clef portraying Bill Clinton s first presidential campaign Klein is currently a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and is a former Guggenheim Fellow Since 2003 he has been a contributor at the current affairs Time news group In April 2006, he