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Spindrift explained Spindrift, review Spindrift, trailer Spindrift, box office Spindrift, analysis Spindrift, Spindrift 7dcd Spindrift By Phyllis A Whitney From The Book Jacket Inside Front Cover Inside The Walls Of A Palatial Newport Estate, A Violent Struggle Was Beginning Christy Moreland Had Come Back To Spindrift Determined To Uncover The Truth Behind The Mansion S Most Tightly Held Secret The Reason For Her Father S Death It Was A Truth That, At Times, Christy Felt She Was Barely Strong Enough To Face, For It Meant Openly Confronting Spindrift S Domineering Mistress Her Mother In Law, Theodora Moreland Yet It Was A Battle That Christy Knew She Could Not Escape, Especially If She Was To Free Her Young Son From The Obsessive And Destructive Hold The Morelands Had Come To Exert Over Him As Christy Searches Out The Mysteries That Haunt Spindrift And The People In It She Slowly Unveils A Tightly Woven Web Of Deceit That Only Murder Can Continue To Conceal A Spellbinding Novel Of Romantic Suspense From The Best Selling Author Of The Turquoise Mask

  • Hardcover
  • 301 pages
  • Spindrift
  • Phyllis A. Whitney
  • English
  • 21 March 2019
  • 9780385084543

About the Author: Phyllis A. Whitney

Phyllis Ayame Whitney 1903 2008 was an American mystery writer Rare for her genre, she wrote mysteries for both the juvenile and the adult markets, many of which feature exotic locations A review in The New York Times once dubbed her The Queen of the American Gothics.She was born in Japan to American parents and spent her early years in Asia Whitney wrote than seventy nov

10 thoughts on “Spindrift

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    I remember reading Phyllis Whitney mysteries in high school I thought they were awesome Perhaps I will go to the library and reread some of her stuff soon

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    When I first gave this four stars, I think I was applying a liberal nostalgia filter Figure I haven t read this since middle school.But the story Eh, I found myself rooting for the house burning down about a third of the way through The main character mainly moves the action forward by annoying other people into doing stuff Near as I can tell, she moved the timetable up by irritating other people into action but other than that didn t affect how things would ve turned out.And she s, well, consider the following She s been out of the hospital for a few weeks still emotionally unstable at times Okay, with you so far Wants to divorce her husband Sad but that happens I suppose Decides that she will have custody of the kid in spite of being unemployed and not having a home What You know what would have made this book really interesting though view spoiler If we had learned that Adam Keene actually did kill himself There s no evidence given until the last minute that he actually was murdered besides Christy s conviction that he wouldn t do it Could ve been interesting to come to grips with the knowledge that sometimes people commit suicide hide spoiler

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    The characters unfolded themselves slowly Some suspicions I had were true and some weren t It kept me guessing until the end The main character was at times pitiable, powerful, annoying, and lovable I am amazed that Ms Whitney was able to fit it all in the book.

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    I give up After plodding along, and I mean literally plodding, I am going to put this on on the did not finish pile The story moved beyond slow and all the characters were unlikeable in their own nasty way, whether it be indifferent, domineering, standoffish or whatever And I didn t even get a good sense of place with this story I had high hopes but this book let me down.

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    Read all of her books in High School and still remember them all Think this is why I love mysteries along with all of Nancy Drew s books.

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    My very first favorite author I have all her books been reading these for years

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    In Spindrift, the heroine Christy is married, with a child She has become estranged from her husband following her father s suspicious death, and after spending some amount of time in a psychiatric hospital, she s finally returned to her old life with the goal of solving her father s murder and spending time with her son.I can t stand kids, so son Peter just irritated me I think he was necessary to keep Christy trapped in this house with so many awful people Lots of intrigue and conspiracies against her, bodies found in armor etc It should have been a lot darker and suspenseful, but Christy is just so boring and stupid There s a kind of neat twist at the end, but it doesn t make up for the plodding narrative, dull conversations, and almost total lack of action Disappointed

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    Christy Moreland has never believed that her father committed suicide and further she was certain that he was murdered She was also fairly certain her rich and powerful mother in law knew something about it.Now she is invited back to the old mansion in Newport and is determined to find out the truth Will she maintain her sanity in the search of the truth This was a slow and plodding mystery

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    A not very well written light read that works well if you have a cold and need something to read while you are wrapped up in blankets and drinking cups of hot tea It was obvious who the bad guy was but it has been eons since junior high and a book like this would have been exciting Short and quick

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    Maybe this is not one of her best works I found it boring, it did not hold my interest I will read of her work because I do remember reading Phyllis Whitney in High School eons ago and really enjoying her stories.

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