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    Romeo Juliet is the classic tragic love story Whether they ve read the play or not, everyone knows exactly what happens I m a big fan of William Shakespeare I feel that his his plays transcend time and readers can easily find situations and themes in them that apply to modern life I am also a big mash up fan I believe that the current trend of adding monsters to classic works is an entertaining way of dusting them off and wowing new readers But mash ups need to do than add monsters to be successful They need to add them in a way that enriches the story and makes it as good if not better than the original.Having said that, Romeo Juliet Vampires takes the original play and rewrites it in novel format I like this change The novel format gives readers an insight into the thoughts and motivations of the characters that just can t be as clearly conveyed in a play The wording in Romeo Juliet Vampires is also changed from the original This updating into a modern method of speech may appeal to those new to Shakespeare s works, but I believe it will disappoint long time fans What is Romeo Juliet without memorable phrases like What s in a name That which we call a rose, By any other name would smell as sweet The very general, very basic idea of Romeo Juliet is all that is left of the original The vampires take over this reinvention, completely changing the entire story line Even the famous, unforgettable ending is completely different In the end, the book isn t even a tragedy any.Romeo Juliet Vampires is very easy to read It could have been enjoyable if it didn t veer so far from the original or even if it had went a completely different direction making it paranormal historical fiction As it is, the book is too close to the original while being very far away from the message the original was trying to convey.I believe those who have never read the original will find Romeo Juliet Vampires very satisfying, but I doubt who loved the tragedy will feel anything other than disappointment Perhaps Romeo Juliet was better left untouched.

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    REVIEWThis book mixes the classic Romeo and Juliet story with the current vampire trend While I have read other retellings of classics, this is the first one I ve read that takes on vampires I liked the way that Claudia Gabel kept the setting as the late 1500 s, but did not write it with Shakespearean speak I was easily able to read everything and understand it I am glad that the time frame was not changed to the present times, because it would have totally changed the classic.My favorite scene is the very beginning when Romeo and Juliet first meet It s so romantic and their feelings for each other have not yet been tainted by the feud between their families I wish they had moved a little slower in deciding to get married, but I suppose that was in keeping with the original Maybe couples moved quickly back in those times I liked this book and think it was an interesting retelling Thank you to We Love YA for sending this arc for me to review.RATING4 Plot5 Characters4 Attention Grabbing4 Girlie Meter5 Ending22 TOTAL5 STARS

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    4.5 stars Everything was okay I love how the plot goes and how they didn t change much from the real concept However, I m very quite disappointed with how it ends It seems like the author was rushed to finish the book Full review will be in my blog.

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    All right, people I almost NEVER do this In fact, I can t think of a book I ve read other than the one I m about to review where I ve done this But I actually picked up a book, read about 30 pages, and then debated whether to set it on fire or feed it to my deadly piranhas This is the only book that s ever provoked me that way And I have read many a book that was badly done, but never one that disappointed me so much.I am referring to Romeo and Juliet and Vampires, supposedly adapted from Shakespeare by Claudia Gabel.Now, I m sure we all remember that big craze from a few years back, starting with Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, followed by books like Little Vampire Women, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and the Undead, and Wuthering Bites I haven t read all of those, but I have read PPZ as well as Little Vampire Women, and they were cute and well done and really funny.This book was not cute This book was not funny This book was not well done This book was stupid, and I do NOT use that word lightly in a professional review.Here s why I couldn t get past the first thirty pages.1 Romeo, Benvolio, and Mercutio are horsing around in a very early scene and Mercutio calls Romeo a fat cow I m serious He calls him a fat cow Now, these are boys Girls call each other cows, and guys call girls cows, but I have NEVER heard of a boy calling another boy a fat cow If a boy DID call another boy that, they d be laughed at and humiliated for coming up with such a pathetic piece of not so witty repartee Not only that, but during this time period, these boys were considered to be on the cusp of becoming men So you d expect a little maturity in their insults I mean, it s not like Romeo and Mercutio don t rag the crud out of each other They did Hence why Romeo says things like, They jest at scars but never felt the wound referring to their teasing about his being in love But it would be on the level of a MAN, not a three year old at their first day of preschool.Also, people did not speak back then as modern teens speak now Romeo did not use words like douche bag and Mercutio did not use words like dill weed That s just common sense Not that the dialogue has to be all thee, thou, thy, and wherefore, but there s a way to blend the two Historical fiction is popular among teens, so it s not like people can t get into a slightly formal language style And you can modernize a historical story without destroying its authenticity Look at A Knight s Tale with Heath Ledger Quite a bit of modernizing in that, but the language was old style in a lot of it, and yet it was still popular Not only that, but the modern dialogue didn t even feel like natural dialogue ANYWAY So what was the point of having it in the first place I m sorry, but this author s insertion of pathetic and improperly applied modern slang feels like condescension to the reader to me, as if she thinks we re too uneducated to understand what the characters are saying unless she brings it down to basically a preschool level I rarely get offended by a book, but the badly done language bugged the heck out of me.2 The incredibly hokey portrayal of vampires In RJV, Juliet and all the Capulets are vampires I m okay with that I love vampires But the vamps in this book are ridonculous and campy than even the 1930 s Dracula with Bela Lugosi and the rubber bat The effect is muted in Juliet, because she s not a full vampire yet, but you see it in Lady Capulet.First of all, Lady C has crimson eyes By itself, I could take it But she s also got a prominent widow s peak, dark hair, fangs that DON T retract, and she s so pale that she s sallow She s like, tallow colored She s jaundiced looking.Also, she dresses like Elvira or Morticia Addams in the clingy dress with the tendrils on the hems, including a little cape that serves no purpose except to look vampy and doesn t even fall all the way to her feet.Add onto that the way she enters and leaves the room during the scene where in the play Juliet s mom is like, Speak briefly can you like of Paris s love In the book, she comes in with her cape draped along her forearm and her forearm in front of her face, FLOATING six or so inches off the ground Why is she floating I have NO idea And she NEVER really stops It s said that Juliet will start floating too after she becomes a full fledged vampire.So basically Claudia Gabel grabbed every schticky, icky, vampy stereotype from those campy movies made in the 1930s 70s and smushed them all together Maybe she meant it to be funny, like a parody or something but it wasn t It wasn t satirical, it wasn t parody funny, it wasn t funny in any way It was ridiculous It s like if one of those caricature sketch artists off the street looked at Lady Capulet and she said, Draw me as one of the fiendish undead I love vampires I love all the different variations found in literature I ve read The Night Flyer by Stephen King, PN Elrod s novels about her vampire detective, Anne Rice s Vampire Chronicles, Fred Saberhagen s Dracula books, Nina Kiraly s Mina, Jessica s Guide to Dating on the Dark Side, even the totally adorable novel Bloodthirsty And I ve watched all kinds of movies, from The Hunger to The Lost Boys to Van Helsing to Dracula 2000 And they were all so much better than this BBC s Young Dracula, The Little Vampire even Twilight was better, and the sparkly bloodsucking dudes in Twilight aren t even real vampires That s just sad.3 Finally, how Juliet has to become a vampire she has to bite and kill someone So basically she s given a choice by the author to either give up everyone she loves her parents, her other family as well as the life she s known all this time in order to do what s right and not murder an innocent person it never occurs to her to go after a rapist or a killer or she kills someone and becomes evil.Now, if this book wasn t so hokey, this plotline would be perfect It would be fine It would totally work But you can t take a serious plotline like this, one fraught with emotional introspection and seriously tough choices, and then be like, And now let s add some crack acid to liven things up even though it makes people wanna say, Go home, book You re drunk Just cause we can You can t take a plotline this serious, this potentially dynamic, this potentially beautiful, and slather it with all the stupidity heaped up in the first chapter And if that s the author s way of being like, Ha, you must wade through the crud to get to the good stuff, well then shame on her, because that s not how it works, since SOMEONE had to shell out money for that book to be available in this case the library, or whoever donated the book So I hope that wasn t why she did that I doubt it was, actually, but I like to cover my bases Whatever her reason she just didn t know any better, she didn t care, whatever I couldn t finish this book.So, I m sorry but this book is 0 stars from me I literally would have to be paid in order to read it, and it would have to be upwards of 30 because I m a really busy individual The only thing I ve ever read that was worse than this was a fanfic the infamous My Immortal about Harry Potter That s saying a lot LA Knight

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    that was a fucking dumb ending.so fucking dumbit s supposed to be a tragedy YA DUMB

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    Clever twist on Shakespeare s Romeo Juliet I don t usually read retellings of classics but I m very interested in the vampire trend I thought that it would be a good read I loved the writing style but I do think that classics should be left as they are.

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    Exits, screaming.

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    3.5 out of 5This is not the type of book that I normally pick out to read Especially after my mom read Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and was cringing the entire book But I have to say, I actually had fun reading this I think it may be because I m not a huge classics reader, so I m not going to be offended by the changes that Claudia made to the original script It only took me a day to read, and I enjoyed revisiting the world of Romeo and Juliet This twist on it just made all the fun for me to read I m the type who loves remakes with a twist, though I loved the Claire Danes version of this play The storyline follows pretty closely to the original story, with small changes splattered across the pages Yes, I say splattered because many of those changes involve blood Not surprising, considering Juliet s entire family, the Capulets, are vampires, who would love nothing than to be let loose on the human population However, they have to deal with the vampire hunting Montagues, who are just as eager to dole out death and punishment to all the vampires The writing is prose instead of verse, and it used modern day language, though it was still set in 1462 But this time the story takes place in Transylvania instead of Verona.All of the same characters appear in this book Mercutio and Tybalt are just as rash and infuriating, Romeo and Juliet are just as love sick and ridiculous, and the Montagues and Capulets are just as blind to the destruction they are causing in their families There were some difference though Romeo and Juliet were much less self absorbed in this book They actually cared about the feud going on between their families before they even met And Juliet would do anything to escape killing a human, because she believed that it was wrong, regardless of what her family told her Then there was the blood.let s just say the sword fight between Mercutio and Tybalt had a little livelier end to it Even though I have known this story most of my life, I still found myself rooting for Romeo and Juliet Hoping that somehow, this time, they would find a way to be together and make it work But in this book, it seemed even impossible than ever Did they change their fate and live happily ever after I guess you ll just have to read it to find out

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    This book is a wonderful retelling of Romeo Juliet With a vampire twist , of course I chanced upon this thin book and anticipated myself for a mindless retelling of the famous romance but surprisingly I really liked it The fact that Romeo Juliet DIDN T die tragically helped too Thumbs up

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    This is actually pretty funny, I enjoyed it.

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