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High Society pdf High Society, ebook High Society, epub High Society, doc High Society, e-pub High Society, High Society 2c1a24caa08 The War On Drugs Has Been Lost But For Want Of The Courage To Face The Fact That The Whole World Is Rapidly Becoming One Vast Criminal Network From Pop Stars And Princes To Crack Whores And Street Kids From The Groucho Club Toilets To The Poppy Fields Of Afghanistan, We Are All Partners In CrimeHIGH SOCIETY Is A Story Or Rather A Collection Of Interconnected Stories That Takes The Reader On A Hilarious, Heart Breaking And Terrifying Journey Through The Kaleidoscope World That The Law Has Created And From Which The Law Offers No Protection

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    I read an article that suggested Ben Elton had sold 3 million books in the last decade That s not necessarily a gauge of quality, as Katie Price was hot on his heels, but it was a good enough reason to read one of his novels, especially as humour is my preferred genre Obviously, I chose High Society to dip my toe into and I wasn t disappointed.The story is a series of drug related, interconnecting tales In the main thread, Labour MP, Peter Paget, is chosen by ballot to introduce a Private Member s Bill He proposes that Parliament legalise all recreational drug use Elton uses the Paget family, Paget s parliamentary assistant, Samantha, with whom he s having an affair, together with the characters and scenarios in the other threads to make a valid argument for the proposal.The exaggerated characters and witty one liners offer up plenty of humour, but a nefarious darkness hangs over the proceedings Shocking and deeply moving scenes are woven carefully into the plot Elton is often criticised for being too didactic and his literary skills derided However, he knows his target audience and serves it well He sets out to entertain and he pulls it off Oi want you to blow some charlie op moi crapper, Tom Whilst using an empty biro to blow an illegal stimulant up your West Country date s bottom is comedic, the regional accent isn t The various dialects rendered in the book are a task to read Nobody s perfect

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    MP Peter Paget has an idea that will solve the drugs crisis in the UK a very simple one if we legalise all drugs and set up a licensed supply chain, we could quite literally pull the rug from under the feet of the drug barons Ben Elton puts this idea forward in a very entertaining, readable way I found myself having some agreement with him during this read, which I have to say I didn t find particularly laugh out loud funny, but I did really enjoy It is told in a series of short and sharp chapters featuring a number of characters across a wide spectrum of society, who are all affected by the drugs trade We had a drug mule stuck in a Bangkok jail, the young couple so obsessed with where their next fix is coming from that their baby son is starving to death, the society it girl, so out of her brain that she is putting herself in danger By far the most moving though is the story of Jessie, young and na ve she is captured and forced into a life of prostitution to feed the habit that her pimps have deliberately given her.One of the main characters is Tommy Hanson, gobby pop star who tells his story at his local AA NA meetings I have to say I found him really irritating, cocky and just plain annoying This was the only real weakness in the story for me, because when he is telling his story he doesn t show many signs of regret, especially at the start where he really comes across as just showing off to the other AA members Imagine Liam Gallagher posturing at AA NA and you have the general idea of the image that comes to mind with Tommy Hanson.It is a dark read, full of unlikeable characters and one that really shows the despair, humiliation and degradation that comes with a drug habit It is not a pleasant read at all, but is one that is thought provoking It really did make me think about where I stood in the debate.

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    Ben Elton gets a lot of slagging for supposedly selling out but i ve always found his fiction very readable And I enjoyed this as much as I have his other books A clever look at the implications of current drug legislation and what legalisation could mean.

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    I really enjoyed the format of the book,the small chapters taking you in and out of the various characters whose lives have been affected by drugs.It nicely knitted the book together and largely brought the characters to life.There was enough humour without making the book feel like a comedy and this was a good contrast to the underlying,sadness,deceit and darkness brought about by the ever present problem of drugs in our society.Is this Ben Elton telling us his opinions on drugs and the legalisation ofthem or is he through the story making us think hard about it and make our own minds up.

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    Ben Elton seems to have been quite a household name That being said, it has taken me ages to read any of his work Going off Goodreads reviews, he seems not to be the most respected of authors I really enjoyed this book however I mean, it wasn t perfect The characters were well drawn but not especially likeable save Jesse, the Scottish heroin addict It had some humour but than anything I found this story to be depressing and dark Particularly the end of it all The whole thing ends on quite a downer Though Peter Paget really made his own bed and deserved to lie in it, I couldn t help feeling sorry for the poor guy Tommy Hanson was equally entertaining and obnoxious Some stories such as Inspector Leaman I listened to this on audio tape so aplogise for any incorrect spelling kind of fell apart into nothing I liked it when he went after those two corrupt cops, but otherwise his was a character wasted All in all, I really liked this and am tempted to give it four stars I think, however, it is one of those cases where the ending covered over some of the mediocrity from before.

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    Some time ago, mostly during my university years I read several novels by Ben Elton, so I presume I must have liked his books quite a bit, otherwise I wouldn t have read so many of them Anyway, a couple of years passed since then, and now I mostly remember that a Ben Elton novel is an excellent choice when you re waiting for an exam to start or when your brain is muddled for some reason and you find it difficult to think clearly or in any situation when it s impossible to really pay attention to a book but you must pass the time somehow By the way, I always suspected that Elton s novels are disposable, but I wanted to find out for sure if this is really the case, and I had some time on my hands when I wouldn t have been able to pay attention to a proper book anyway, so I went ahead and re read one of his novels I chose High Society because I had some vague recollections that I used to consider it as one of Elton s better efforts.As it turned out, I was right Ben Elton is indeed rather amusing in his own frightfully pedantic, spoon feeding way, and he can weave a plot with wonderful ease so this is a book I would normally read in one sitting because it s virtually unputdownable , but the novel is absolutely transparent, with no depths or intricacies, and a second reading offers exactly the same results as the first In a way this is okay I could at least pass some time with the book again So, getting down to High Society then The protagonist is an unknown backbencher who comes up with the radical idea that all drugs should immediately be legalized in England because everyone is doing them anyway, and if people could get them legally, crime rates would drop by 90% and also, the state would get a lot of tax money The main plot line follows the actions and fights of this backbencher who wants to get support for his bill, and with a lot of work, he slowly manages to make the bill popular but this is not how the story ends.Besides a whole lot of parliamentary debates and political manoeuvres, there s a bunch of awfully instructive and tale like other plot lines where we get acquainted with several characters whose life was ruined by drugs one way or another For instance, there s the English chick who tries to smuggle some drugs from Thailand to England for the first time in her life, and gets caught Then there s the popular rock singer who destroys his health and career in about two years because he consumes an unbelievable amount of drugs And then there s another young girl who runs away from home and ends up being a crack whore within just a couple of days.I try not to be unnecessarily ironic Of course my heart s not made of stone, and I m aware that dreadful things can happen to human beings because of drug taking and because of the crime and violence associated with it but I can t stand Elton s preaching and spoon feeding style without irony Because Elton s characters are not really characters, and his stories are not really stories in his novels, the characters and stories are just illustrations Elton uses in order to make me understand what he thinks is wrong with today s drug politics and how he would like to change the drug related legislation in England I m not mixing up Elton and his protagonist it s only that I always feel when I read one of his books that his novels are never really about the beliefs of the characters but about the beliefs of Elton himself, which he for some unknown reason molds into the shape of a novel And naturally, I understand what Elton says, but I m not exactly satisfied because I prefer reading about real characters in a novel, and not about puppets whose only function is to illustrate some point the author wishes to make Anyway, I suspect that I get much easily irritated by didactic preaching literature nowadays, so considering my current taste in books which is, of course, subject to change I would say that Elton s novels are not only disposable they are novels you can live without I m pretty sure I will live without them in the future.

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    I like Ben Elton, which is why this book irritated the hell out of me Elton seems to be suffering from this syndrome many people in the entertainment industry get in which they think that celebrity life in itself is really interesting Journalists, politicians, models, superstar actors Their lifestyle is not interesting reading just because of what it is And myself being a person in Recovery, an ex rehab person who goes to meetings and all that boring garbage, wonder why the hell does Elton think that we would put up with listening to a self centered prick like his mega famous pop star character Tommy I have been in a meeting with a celebrity, and he spoke briefly and humbly, and he listened Also, we never sit talking large and sexy about our drug and booze stories anyway, and we sure as hell wouldn t cancel appointments to hang around and continue listening to that crap, as Elton portrays people doing at a meeting But Elton wants to make his political point about about the criminality of drugs and what if they were all legal Well, just because I am in Recovery doesn t mean I don t think it is a valid point In fact, why didn t Elton start with them being made legal and go with the what if plot from there It certainly would have provided potential to be funny This book wasn t funny Painful and predictable irony does not equal funny It s too easy to write And making a political point The very REAL characters, like a junkie whore and a drug mule stuck going crazy in a Thai prison are either glossed over or only indulged, destroyed, or saved by the celebrities Deus ex machina, the idiot mega pop star saves the day Well, he didn t save this book from being annoying and not funny.

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    Lives and loves of the whores, pimps, rockstars, and politicians involved in the drug trade in early 2000s London and Birmingham Elton s fragmented novel is a passionate plea for drug legalization, but largely a cliched celebrity tale, and its message is subverted by the most predictable and downer of endings.Just because you have a bunch of characters, different narrators and voices and locations, doesn t mean you ve told a complete tale For three quarters of the book, the characters don t even seem real, just uber examples of types that might be involved in a celebrity drug story There s a nearly constant dreaded sense of ok, here comes the moralistic ending The book isn t UN funny, it s simply not funny, which isn t any better Near the end it started picking up momentum, I started to care about the characters, and I actually got excited about reading it for a while Maybe Elton isn t going for the obvious Ah, sadly, no my hopes for something different and uncliched gets thwarted again Save your time on this one and go rent Drugstore Cowboy, Trainspotting, and or Requiem For A Dream instead.

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    Reading a novel by Ben Elton is like watching an episode of your favourite TV show He never fails to deliver High Society is about a whole heaps of characters they are involved in the drug industry From the drugged up pop star to the junkie on the street and all sorts of drug users in between Did I just make the book sound boring I think I did, but I do like Ben Elton and so I read it and it was pretty darn good The book jumps around a lot Without any indication we are reading both past and present at different speeds, which sounds confusing but it was strangely very easy to follow The characters were all very likeable, and there was a really strong storyline this would make a great movie.If I were trying to get someone hooked on Ben Elton I would suggest Blind Faith or Chart Throb or Dead Famous first.

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    I ve read a lot of stories recently that weren t stories at all they were the author s views arranged around weak characters Kurt Vonnegut s Cat s Cradle comes to mind here Ben Elton s High Society is not like this at all It carries a political agenda but the story is still paramount and the characters are real, lovable in their fooked up ways It gets you thinking about drugs and how to tackle them, an issue which is as important today as when High Society was published nearly fifteen years ago The story and the message resonate in the same way What I was not expecting when I began the book was Elton s ideas on the corruption in politics which I think, even than drugs, are the novel s main theme.This is a fantastic book that brought a lot of nostalgia, fun and, buried deeply as it should be a message of true importance.

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