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Kings Justice (Knights of Breton Court, #2) txt Kings Justice (Knights of Breton Court, #2) , text ebook Kings Justice (Knights of Breton Court, #2) , adobe reader Kings Justice (Knights of Breton Court, #2) , chapter 2 Kings Justice (Knights of Breton Court, #2) , Kings Justice (Knights of Breton Court, #2) e8fe4c FROM THE DRUG GANGS OF DOWNTOWN INDIANAPOLIS, THE ONE TRUE KING WILL ARISE Guided By The Crazed Visions Of His Advisor Merle, King Knows That He Must Unite The Opposing Factions, Before The Streets Erupt In All Out War But How Can He Preach Peace When Even His Own Warriors Are Plotting Against Him A Heart Stopping Mix Of Ancient Myth And Powerful Gang Action, From The Author Of King MakerFile Under Urban Fantasy Street Gangs Drug Wars Wild Magic Gather Darkness

About the Author: Maurice Broaddus

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Kings Justice (Knights of Breton Court, #2) book, this is one of the most wanted Maurice Broaddus author readers around the world.

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    King s Justice by Maurice BroaddusArthurian legend belongs to all of us, and just occasionally a work of fiction comes along that really brings that home.Back in the Seventies, our family headed off to the West Country every summer It felt like a personal quest for the world of Arthurian legend I never found it, but then few archeologists have been able to locate physical evidence of Arthur s existence, so I was in good company In this recasting of Arthurian legend, Broaddus doesn t pull any punches and that was one of the key selling points for me King James White, adviser Merle and lover Lady G live on the west side of Indianapolis King s tough enough to survive its myriad challenges and protect those he cares about His Christian faith keeps him grounded but he is tormented by troubling dreams Locked in dark thought, King believed dreams to be important Merle so His dreams lingered with him, coming unbidden between moments Snatches of images Dragons took to the air against smoke filled skies Razed buildings Cars on fire King hasn t had an easy upbringing either All King knew was that he was dead and gone.He missed having a father, that firmness that could put him in check Then his Mom got hooked on drugs King could never remember having a one to one conversation with her after that King has than drug related crime and the police to worry about Just like his predecessor, King also has to fight the machinations of his adversary Morgana Her face cold and composed, not betraying any emotion other than her cruel smile A fierce intention rode her eyes Morgana was an agenda within a scheme Her presence signaled trouble at the very least We continue to be fascinated by Arthurian legend Fantasy has a track record of having its characters intrude upon our world Susan Cooper s Dark is Rising sequence or for us to pay a visit to theirs Mark Twain s A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur s Court Broaddus combines this literary heritage into something fresh a satisfyingly immersive recasting of the traditional legend in today s world He gives us an Arthur who speaks to us right now.Downtown Indianapolis really works as a location for Arthurian legend retold King personifies the very best attributes of Arthur The key players are all there, fulfilling roles we recognise from the original legends And just like the Arthurian world, the action takes place in a tough environment where men use violence as a first resort and authority is constantly under attack from the Dark Arts.In a genre where the traditional retellings of Arthurian legend can end up being a trifle stale, I loved the originality of this book Urban fantasy at its best Since those childhood holidays, I ve never stopped longing for signs of the real Arthur The simple truth is, we were looking in the wrong place Instead of driving over Tower Bridge and onwards past Stonehenge, we should have peeled off at Heathrow and flown to Atlanta or New York, for a connecting flight to Indianapolis Had we done so, we d have found the world of Arthur laid out before us.Enjoy

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    I m liking this world that Maurice Broaddus has created here I like how he s weaving the myth into this world, it s very finely done which works well and is nice to see.The characters have some good depth to them, you get the feeling that each one really does have an agenda they re trying to push.I ll definitely be checking out the final book in the trilogy in the near future.

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    I m putting King s Justice down 160 pages in, or roughly at halfway point in the book, and I can t recall when I ve felt cheated by a sequel I loved the first book in this series, King Maker, but even then, I d noted that the book spent time with the villains than it did with the heroes This felt fitting to me in the first book, because Arthurian legends aren t so much about King Arthur as they are about his kingdom Nevertheless, I assumed that with the street gangs in King s Indianapolis hood having fallen apart, the second book would be about King and his crew of knights No, instead, we re introduced to a group of gang bangers so similar that even if one is fae and the other is a human haunted by his childhood encounter with the lady of the lake, there s virtually no difference in their methods of running gangs Both men strive to look hard in everything they do, and as a result, neither man has any personality, nor do they give readers any reason to ride shotgun with them.I think that if this were an gangland urban fantasy without trying to cling to Arthurian legend, it might have worked If I were rating this as a standalone novel with no connection to King Arthur, my expectations would be vastly different But this second book in an Arthurian series is a bait and switch, and the heroes have not had a role in this story at all They re an afterthought Everyone is an afterthought, and I ve struggled to make it this far due to a wandering, head hopping narration and a lack of direction for any character, good or bad More and new characters are piled on, and I just don t care about any of them.Another problem is the depiction of all women in this book I realize that the author is trying to show how these gangstas and hustlers think, but given the amount of head hopping already going on, I would have liked to see something substantial in the way of character development for the ladies returning from the first book But even when they are given time to develop, it s in repetitive ways that seem to reinforce that all women are just sneaky hos looking for a way up the food chain.My breaking point finally came when a gang lieutenant is given The Ring, allowing him to turn invisible and beat a larger man with impunity Cribbing The Hobbit in the middle of what was supposed to be a retelling of King Arthur s legend was one plot device too far, and I only made it another five pages before I decided to drop the story Even the return of Dred Mordred couldn t keep me locked in this dull pattern of self destructive posturing.Given how much I gushed over the first book, I really wanted this to go somewhere, and it never did This story loses focus so badly that even though I bought the third book, King s War, I m not going to bother reading it either With apologies to the author, whom I have great respect for due to his much better writing in The Devil s Marionette and King Maker, I give King s Justice 1 star Again, I feel like the victim of a bait and switch I was told to expect a story of the Knights of Indianapolis, and instead I am forced to ride with a gang of unmemorable and unlikable knaves instead.

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    I missed out on reading the first book in Broaddus Knights of Breton Court series, King Maker, so when I won this ARC copy of the sequel via Goodreads, I wondered if I was going to be stepping into a book with no idea of the backstory Thankfully, Broaddus sets the stage early on in the book by re introducing the major players and the stakes leading from the first book into this one.It also helps that the series is a non too subtle Arthurian legend with a modern day backdrop, so a little familiarity with who some of the characters represent and their relationships was a nice break.Instead of King Arthur, we have King James White I wonder if he is inspired from author Wrath James White, a collaborator with Broaddus on a novel called Orgy of Souls , along with his girlfriend, Lady G, and mentor of sorts and resident crazy man, Merle The kingdom, as it stands, is a drug infested section of Indianapolis called Breton Court Gang violence has escalated to a degree that White has stepped in as a would be peacemaker, but forces are at play to sabotage his efforts.The cast of characters is a bit lengthy, but Broaddus kindly offers a list of the players at the beginning of the book, reminiscent to the start of stage plays Definitely comes in handy when scenes switch and a new character enters, and I m left wondering, Wait, who is that again and in which gang or alliance are they connected The fantasy element is a understated than I had anticipated, but it is there and used to great effect I mean, you can t have a real world setting and then have mystical battles waged in the middle a major American city People might notice Those with the magical abilities are relatively few, seemingly extensions from a bygone era with faeries and dwarves also making appearances.Colvin, as the lead villain was an intriguing nemesis for King, as well as the contentious relationship he had with his sister, Omarosa I still can t read that name without thinking of the crazy lady from The Apprentice And some of the supporting characters are real treats, like Lee and Cantrell, a pair of mismatched police officers, and Naptown Red, a villain on the rise leading into the next book.I liked the book, but I still think I would have had a better appreciation for it had I read King Maker first So, I ll likely give this book a second chance when the third and presumably final book in the series, King s War, comes out Then, I can read all three in a go and see the sweeping epic unfold in one fell swoop I m also even inclined to look for Maurice Broaddus other works, including the previously mentioned Orgy of Souls, his Dark Faith anthology, and another book with an enticing title, Devil s Marionette.

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    Broaddus second KNIGHTS installment takes a deeper look at King James White he s still trying to find his true calling, this time believing he s the one to try and unite all the gangs and crews in their poverty stricken Indianapolis neighborhood A parlay is called and the results are mixed King s still trying to find out who is for their survival and who s out for themselves, although one hood makes it abundantly clear he s happier to be on his own.Said hood, Colvin, is this episode s main villain, who s also one of the chosen few to harvest supernatural abilities his own private, summoned army of cannibalistic dwarves provide a couple of great battle scenes.As with KING MAKER, KING S JUSTICE does a fine job of telling a gritty, realistic urban tale, with just enough well done fantasy to keep the whole thing serious A love triangle between King, his pregnant girl Lady G., and King s fellow Knight, Lott, provides a heart breaking finale as well as plenty of fuel for the next novel there s some great new characters such as newbie gangsta Naptown Red and many returning favorites old Merle is just TOO cool After introducing police captain Octavia Burke in MAKER, I was hoping to learn about her this time out, but here she takes a backseat to detectives Lee and Cantrell a great pair of anti partners who, in one great interrogation scene, work well together But with most of the cast in this second chapter, Broaddus is still getting the reader warmed up for what I m hoping will be a killer third and maybe fourth book.KING S JUSTICE is a satisfying, fast moving trip back to Breton Court.

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    Okay I will start off by saying the only reason I am writing this review is because I won this book through Goodreads First Reads quite some time ago over a year I think I feel like I have to write some sort of review or at least provide some sort of explanation for why I got and never ended up reading this book.I actually bought the first book in the Knights of Breton Court series so that I could read that book before I read this one That s where my trouble started I was not able to finish the first book in the series and hence never got around to reading this one.The urban fantasy world is basically one steeped in gangbangers, crack dealers, and other monsters It is supposed to be a retelling of King Arthur but with a gangster mentality It sounded like a neat concept but I just didn t get it and I didn t enjoy reading about it I ve never been big on the whole gangbanger scene and wasn t sold on the translation of the King Arthur myth to this setting.The writing is a bit awkward as well so the story didn t flow all that well and was a struggle to read.Based on that I set the book aside and then decided not to even try with the second book of the series.I know it will upset some people that I am writing a review without reading the book but since I got this through First Reads I feel like I need to give some sort of feedbackso there it is I gave the book the average review to be fair.

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    I was one of the lucky winners of this book Thanks Goodreads This book was ok not great not bad When I started it I found it quite annoying perhaps I m too pale and pasty a white girl but the language was way to ghetto for me I forced myself to keep reading as I did win I felt the least I could do was review it Once I got going it was fine Mr Broaddus has talent and I m sure will go a long way as his flow was the reason I kept reading The issues I had with the book aside from the way the characters spoke was the fact that there were too many of them I think it spread things too thin Not to mention that everything had to be explained how everyone was feeling how bad their childhood was boohoo le sigh and how it brought them there Really trust the reader we are not stupid no need to explain it all In addition while the fantasy part was a good idea it really did nothing for the story and seamed an afterthought I hope in the future Mr Broadus would focus on story as this was too threadbare More focus on the main characters no need to flesh every last person out Focus either urban or fantasy not both Again the flow was good once started My favorite character was Merle who didn t have much part and not much mention oddly The best line which was hilarious was when he says You re certainly the biggest fairy I d have ever seen I will scoff at you with a slight French accent I loved it More of this Mr Broaddus please.

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    I think the premises of this book was a good one I usually really enjoy urban fantasy, but this one did not sit well with me I m not sure if it was the over abundance of language or maybe I just do not get the whole gang lifestyle I liked how there was backgrounds for the characters introduced to me in this book, however, I found that not too far into the book, I was starting to drown in the amount of characters I was reading about This was the first book in this series that I had read, and maybe I would have gotten out of the story if I had started with the first one, but this one, although the writing was great, did not leave me any desire to go look for the first one The author has talent, but this is just not my type of story line Thank you to GoodReads Early Reads and to Maurice Broaddus for this free ARC of the book Although it was not a good pairing, I appreciated the chance to read this book Thanks again

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    King Maker was about King stepping into his Arthurian role in shaping a community, bringing hope to a neighborhood torn apart by poverty and violence.This book is not about that, it s the second act in any good Arthurian tale It is where the King s flaws start to show, where the violence he sought be rid of is shown to be truly systematic and beyond the scope of one man and his crew This book does not contain the same hope that it s predecessor did but it still recognizes that there is still good in the world, it s just beyond to abilities of one man It is showing us that taking the weight of the world onto your shoulders won t solve anything.Quite the worthy follow up to King Maker this book expands into the nature of magic and how it s all tied up in the inner city drug trade While darker in places than it s predecessor I ll still strongly recommend it to anyone who enjoyed the first book.

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    Frustrating Maurice Broaddus CAN write but this book is plotless and lacks character depth Somehow, King becomes a messiah, the Godfather of the ghetto without reason, there is little written about the rise in respect and cred of King, only that people follow and heed his order As does KING MAKER, this book suffers from too many characters playing too little roles The fantastical elements also seemed an afterthought, had this been a pure crime maybe I would ve bumped it up a star it just didn t read well for me.

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