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The Babysitter Murders pdf The Babysitter Murders , ebook The Babysitter Murders , epub The Babysitter Murders , doc The Babysitter Murders , e-pub The Babysitter Murders , The Babysitter Murders 82dc62db121 Everyone Has Disturbing Thoughts Sometimes But For Seventeen Year Old Dani Solomon, Strange Thoughts Have Taken Over Her Life She Loves Alex, The Little Boy She Babysits, Than Anything Then One Day She Envisions Harming Him The Images Are So Gruesome, She Can T Get Them Out Of Her Mind In Fact, Dani S Worried That She Might Actually Kill Alex So She Confesses Her Thoughts To Keep Him Safe And Consequently Sets Off A Media Frenzy That Makes Dani Death The Target Of An Extremist Vigilante Group Through The Help Of A Daring Psychiatrist, Dani Begins To Heal Her Broken Mind But Will It Be Too Late The People Of Her Community Want Justice And Dani S Learning That Some Thoughts Are Better Left Unsaid Janet Ruth Young Writes Convincingly About Mental Illness Dani S Disorder Is Based On A Real Form Of OCD And Her Treatment Incorporates Actual Psychiatric Methods, Making The Babysitter Murders An Authentic Read That Teens Won T Be Able To Put Down

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    Q How do you know when you ve been reading too many YA paranormals Ans When you read a blurb about a babysitter who s been having disturbing, murderous thoughts, and automatically assume a demon fallen angel vampire is telepathically implanting them in her brain Yeah, so no That s not what this book is about embarrassed grin This is actually a YA contemporary novel about a seventeen year old girl who suddenly finds herself having graphic, disturbingly violent visions of insulting, hurting and even killing the people she loves best At first, Dani tries to push them away, but as they escalate, her only desire is to get away so she can keep from hurting her loved ones.The last straw comes when she repeatedly finds herself having visions of stabbing and killing Alex, the sweet little boy she babysits Having tried, and failed, to communicate her fears to her mom and best friend, Dani finds herself blurting out the truth to Alex s mother, with the result that the frightened woman calls the cops on her and starts a city wide witch hunt I liked the understated, somewhat vernacular way in which the entire story is told, but I can see how this would not be to everyone s taste Personally, though, I found Dani s plight all the moving for having been left to my admittedly excellent imagination, rather than having it spoon fed to me in excruciating detail I really, really liked Dani s character She s the sort of level headed, stoic person I most strongly empathize with, and I loved that she had all these awful, awful thoughts in her head, and was so horrified and traumatised by them, but without ever descending into angst I also loved that throughout the book, Dani s sweetness just shines through so clearly, as does her concern for the people she loves, and her distress at having to hurt them view spoiler For example, when Gordy finds her in the woods after she s run away, he just tells her that she s hurting her mom by staying away, and as soon as she realizes the truth of his words, she agrees to return home hide spoiler

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    The Babysitter Murders isn t actually a murder mystery or anything Actually its plot focuses on a young girl with OCD and her obsessive, disturbing thoughts that make a group of adults question her state of mind I thought it was a very creative and eye opening story and I really recommend it.

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    I love books that make me think about real life situations, and The Babysitter Murders is definitely one such book When people hear information on the news or through their neighbors and friends about someone who committed a crime or possibly even just thought of it, as in the case of Dani Solomon the main character in this book we re often quick to judge We take out the word alleged when we speak about it, convicting them before they have a chance to have their day in court Sometimes police officers share sensitive information with their family members, who tell someone else, who tells someone else, and before we know it, we have people calling for vigilante justice In this compelling novel, Janet Ruth Young paints a portrait of a girl with an unusual type of mental illness that is sure to make you think, too.

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    I wish I liked this book I was fairly fascinated by the premise Dani is an overachieving junior in high school She s in line to be named as co captain of the tennis team with her best friend, she s a prominent member of the school s a Capella group, and she babysits four nights a week for a Alex, a five year old boy Alex s mom is disorganized and Dani often has to buy Alex s dinner with her own money, but she loves him And Mrs Alex, a single working mom, really depends on her Dani s greatest fear is disappointing the people she cares about she d rather be disappointed herself than disappoint someone else.Which is why it catches Dani completely off guard when she starts having thoughts of killing Alex She d never hurt him, she loves him But when Dani starts to have and disturbing thoughts about pushing her mom off a ladder, outing her best friend, yelling inappropriate things at the nice old couple across the street, grabbing her choir teacher s testicles, slaughtering the boy she has a crush on she starts to worry about her sanity She tells Alex mom that she can no longer babysit When Mrs Alex presses Dani to reveal her reasons, Dani confesses her thoughts about harming Alex Alex s mom calls the police, and although Dani is not arrested and has no charges brought against her, word gets out She s christened Dani Death, receives death threats, and is literally hunted by a vigilante group.Like I said, I really like this premise The story is rife with opportunities for discussion mental disorders, personal rights vs needs desires safety etc of the community, the unscrupulous media, unscrupulous law enforcers but it s very poorly written It s on the verge of being preachy, it s clearly written at teens by an adult, and the dialogue is terrible Take the following quote from a boy who s got a crush on Dani This is the worst day of my life and the best The worst because I ve discovered that you care for someone else, and the best because I m saving your life This is supposed to be a 17 year old boy, and he says I ve discovered that you care for someone else, instead of I found out you like Gordy, or I found out you re seeing Gordy, or any number of conversational, 17 year old boy like things It would be one thing if this character were just a very well spoken, composed character, but almost all the characters talk like this It just doesn t ring true.

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    The Babysitter Murders is one of the best accounts of mental illness in teenagers that I have read this year, so credit must go to the author for working so hard to accurately present the experiences of Dani Dani s unusual or perhaps accurately, under publicized form of OCD was brilliantly captured, in my opinion, and never over dramatised She may be one of my favourite protagonists of the year brave, misunderstood and honest One of the reasons this novel works so well and I scored it so highly is because of the characters not because they re all perfect, nice people which they certainly aren t but because they felt very genuine, and their voices realistic, making The Babysitter Murders feel and real and sucking me further into the pages the I read Unfortunately, the third person narration didn t work that well for me at the start, but a couple of chapters in and I managed to get involved in the story enough not to notice it any Similarly, the start is a little slow But it gets much better, and soon I was so hooked I couldn t stop reading The Babysitter Murders is definitely a different read, something that stands out for being brilliantly characterized and really original.Disclaimer Many thanks go to SS for providing this as a free review copy This has in no way affected my review.

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    Like many teenage girls, Dani earns her money by babysitting Unlike many teens, though, Dani has started having disturbing thoughts She thinks of saying really mean things to her best friend and mom and she sometimes pictures hurting people Worst and most often of all, she pictures killing Alex, the little boy she babysits for When I say this, I don t mean she thinks of punishing Alex She imagines taking a knife and stabbing him to death.She tries to tell people her mom and best friend, for example but she can t express the severity of the thoughts and no one takes her seriously Finally, she tells the boy s momand then all hell breaks loose.I know that I have had mean thoughts primarily during arguments or aimed at drivers who cut me off and then drive slowly , but Dani s are unprovoked It s not that she wants to call her mom names or hit her during an argument They ll be having a normal conversation and Dani will picture saying hideous things to her mom or hurting her She sees herself doing it and imagines the grisly aftermath The pictures in her mind are so vivid that she has to actually doublecheck to make sure that she hasn t actually done or said what she imagines herself saying.This is an incredibly interesting book, one that I couldn t stop reading The word I keep coming back to, though, is unsettling The only other book I ve read that has been this creepy is probably We Need to Talk About Kevin by Lionel Shriver In fact, this book is almost like that one, only told from Kevin s perspective The difference, obviously, is that Kevin actually does the awful things he thinks about Dani is completely horrified by them This book is not for everyone It s completely horrifying in places, and it s not an easy book to read But it s well worth the effort Highly recommended.

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    High school junior Dani Solomon has thoughts about hurting the little boy she babysits She worries she s blurt out that her best friend is lesbian, or that she ll grab her music teacher s crotch Dani is so worried she ll hurt Alex, when she tries to quit the job she loves, she tells his mother why Soon the police are involved and Dani, who has never been in trouble a day in her life, becomes a source of rumor, gossip and speculation And a target for vigilantes.THINGS I SHOULDN T THINK is a glimpse into the mind of a teen with OCD with intrusive thoughts as the primary symptom, lighthearted, yet also serious about how rumor and innuendo can snowball into beliefs that represent only a scintilla of the truth For the first 25% of the book, I thought writer Janet Ruth Young had to be either the worst writer ever published or a creative genius Written in multiple third person POVs, mostly Dani s THINGS I SHOULDN T THINK is true to the mindset of a sufferer with OCD Young should know, she has recovered from a similar OCD condition as Dani Usually when YA authors write stories about problems they ve overcome, they seem to be self serving without perspective Young has done a wonderful job making Dani both sympathetic and multidimensional I m a child psychologist and a very hard sell when it comes to accuracy and authenticity I m off to download another Janet Ruth Young book to my kindle.Themes friendship, mental health, sexual orientation, group think, gossip, mass hysteria, OCD, treatment If you re interested in mental health and contemporary fiction THINGS I SHOULDN T THINK A CHANCE is a must read Don t give up if you re confused or perplexed.

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    For the first seventy pages or so the story actually ambled along a bit slowly for my taste After my first sitting I was wondering when the story would get to the point For that first chunk that I read, it was just set up for Dani but it was really schizophrenic Not in a character sense but in a story sense The plot was just all over the place and I was left wondering when it would all come together and I d get to see something that resembled the blurb.But not long after that the plot rolled over the hill and just kept tumbling down The second Dani opened her mouth about her thoughts everything just catapulted I was so engrossed in the plot to the point that I wanted to write an editorial to the paper in the book stating how horrible and sheep like the townsfolk were for treating Dani the way they did.I don t think this is a book just about OCD but I think it s about the greater lynch mob mentality that people have a tendency of getting Instead of listening to reason, and seeing sense, people just hop on the bandwagon and convict of their own accord I was truly frightened for Dani I honestly didn t know how the story was going to end up with all of the crazy vigilante action going on.OCD is a disabling disease and it s not always about the germs I m glad Young tackled the issue from a different perspective instead of going to a failsafe standard route for OCD I don t think the kinds of thoughts that Dani has are all that abnormal I really don t I don t think we re all latent serial killers or anything but I do think things like murder poke at our deepest morbid curiosity When we have these thoughts, we tend to just file them away because they are so horrifying But what if you don t have that kind of control What if those thoughts take up your day Starting changing the way you act and your routine Convince you that you re actually dangerous I m not sure I understand why Dani took the approach she did and told the person she did It didn t seem like a wise move from any vantage point I would have liked to have seen a little of the why behind Dani choosing the person she did to unload upon It definitely would have cleared up some of my confusion but it definitely exacerbated her problem instead of fixing it Gotta love those plot bunnies The way the story is structured it makes for a really quick read but at the same time the story will suck you in so thoroughly that you ll plow through it anyway Young wrote it in such a way that Dani was truly sympathetic and despite everything going on around her you were rooting for her Did she have murderous thoughts Yes But nothing is what it seems and you can never listen to rumors.I loved how the most unexpected people stuck by Dani s side and those that you thought should wavered a bit It was shocking to see people s real personalities come out in the face of something like this It s really telling But it made the story all the richer and realistic It could happen Why not How many people are suffering from OCD on a daily basis You don t know what anyone s thinking until they tell you And then what would you do Up there in line with A BLUE SO DARK, THE BABYSITTER MURDERS is a poignant look into a mind sick with OCD and a girl s struggle to fix it You ll get sucked in and go on Dani s bumpy, and frightening, ride with her You ll want to root for her and hope to whatever god you believe in that she ll turn out okay You ll probably be disgusted with the way the majority of the townsfolk reacted and maybe you ll feel like me and want to write an editorial to tell them just how crappy they are It s a book about help and hope and it showcases that if you have the right support system, regardless of what s going on around you, you can make it through I loved it.

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    What do you do when you have horrible, inapproptiate thoughts Should you tell someone Should these thoughts be treated as done deeds Dani is a very believable character You know knew her at your own high school You knew her friends You knew her classmates You ve read about rumors on the internet spiralling fast out of control You may have been wrapped up in such a story My only quibble was that after the long build up to the confession, I think the aftermath went a little too fast I understand the quick ratcheting up of the community hysteria, I read a lot of news and community blogs online, I see it in real life However, things came to kind of an abrupt stop The bittersweet, melancholy of the ending was fitting The story wouldn t have rang so true if the ending had been wrapped up neatly I will say that it was well written and I pretty much read it straight through That doesn t happen often these days It would label this book a pretty quick read, easily digestable The subject matter is a little disturbing, it s supposed to be, but there is very little actual violence in the book and no small children are harmed There was very little questionable language in the book.I got this from a SS egalley posting It was easily readable on my Kobo.

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    For me, as I started this book, it was real easy to fall into the story line We have a teenage girl, who is overwhelmed by a lot of things So much so, that she starts to over think things and her thoughts Dani, has bad thought just like everyone But these thoughts scare her so much that she just freaked herself out It is hard for me to write this review cause I am not sure how to get the right words to describe this book The story line of this book is simple yet filling The reader sees Dani the main character deal with her thoughts I like that Dani took the steps necessary to help her in whatever way possible She knew her thoughts were wrong, so did she what she thought best.The best part about this book are the towns people They overreacted way tooo much I m all for being protective of your kids but if there was no harm done, why react that way They acted like a mobbed just waiting to get their chance at Dani Even her friends I was shocked with that they acted We ve all have dirty thoughts we can t control So I was angry that the people reacted so harshly instead of helping they made it worse.I like this book cause of the great psychological thrillers It really give a great descriptions of what goes on inside of ones mind and how it explodes once let out.

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