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  • Paperback
  • 166 pages
  • Pinocchio, Vampire Slayer and the Great Puppet Theater
  • Van Jensen
  • English
  • 08 October 2019
  • 9781593622039

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    Introduction After I had finished reading Pinocchio Vampire Slayer, I was so interested in the premise of this graphic novel that I just had to pick up the second volume to this series and man was Pinocchio Vampire Slayer and the Great Puppet Theater even better than the first volume What is this story about After the tragic events of the first volume where Pinocchio accidentally kills Gepetto, who was turned into a vampire at that point, Pinocchio along with the Blue Fairy, Master Cherry who has been turned into a vampire at this point and Carlotta, continue to slay vampires Meanwhile, Pinocchio meets up with a group of puppets who he had met up with when he first met Fire Eater and they help Pinocchio fight off the vampires Unfortunately, later on Master Cherry s vampirism starts overtaking him and he tries to kill Pinocchio and Pinocchio is forced to kill Cherry This act then enrages the Blue Fairy and she ends up turning Pinocchio back into a real boy, which ends up killing herself Even though Pinocchio now has time to spend with Carlotta, his love interest, he is powerless against the vampire threat without the use of his nose as a stake Can Pinocchio still defeat the vampires as a real boy What I loved about this story Van Jensen s writing Van Jensen s writing is as usual highly creative and witty to read as Pinocchio s adventures as a vampire slayer continues and I must say that this volume is just as action packed and emotional as the first volume I loved the way that Van Jensen continues to develop Pinocchio s character as we can see just how much Gepetto s death has affected Pinocchio and why slaying vampires is so personal to him I also loved the scenes where Pinocchio tries to have a relationship with Carlotta after he turns into a real boy since we are able to see a much softer side to Pinocchio s personality and it was great seeing Pinocchio be happy during his life since we rarely see that side of him in the first volume I also loved the fact that Van Jensen focused on the character development of each character as I actually felt the pain and sorrow that Pinocchio had felt when the vampires had taken away most of his family and also his hostility towards Master Cherry being a vampire now, despite the fact that the Blue Fairy found a way to control his vampire nature I also loved the fact that Van Jensen introduced the other puppets that Pinocchio had met when he had met Fire Eater as it brings in so much familiarity with the original source material and he manages to tie those characters into this story neatly by having them defeat the vampires like Pinocchio Dusty Higgins artwork Dusty Higgins artwork truly fits with the dark and gritty mood of this story, while containing the comedic touches to the story whenever the characters are making witty comments about the situations they are in I also loved the way that Dusty Higgins drew the vampires as they truly do look frightening and they really bring in the terrifying nature of the situation that Pinocchio is in What made me feel uncomfortable about this story The only thing that annoyed me a bit in this graphic novel was that the artwork was sometimes hard to understand as the characters actions looked a bit too scratchy and blurry and it was a bit hard to see what kind of actions they are doing throughout this graphic novel such as whether or not they are actually slashing the vampires on certain parts of their bodies Final Thoughts Overall, Pinocchio Vampire Slayer and the Great Puppet Theater is an even fantastic follow up to the first volume and I am definitely ready to check out the third volume of this series Review is also on Rabbit Ears Book Blog

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    Be careful what you wish for The Blue Fairy has turned Pinocchio into a REAL boy Now his nose is made of cartilage and flesh, and it s totally useless for killing vampires Luckily, P s puppet pals are also in the slaying business And business is certainly booming In between their own unique interpretations of Shakespearean classics, the puppet troupe is constantly fighting thirsty bloodsuckers.The humor is amped up a bit in this book My favorite bit One of the puppets declares, Well, these vampires aren t going to kill themselves Then one vampire proceeds to accidentally do just that.Priceless.

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    Review brought to you by OBS staff member AnnabellI am not really a graphic novel type of girl Truthfully, I never actually read a graphic novel Pinocchio Vampire Slayer and the Great Puppet Theater was my first real introduction into the world of graphic novels, and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed myself The cover alone is AWESOME and draws your attention instantly Pinocchio graces the cover holding a skull with smoke emanating from the top in his hand, skulls laid at his feet, and the Great Puppet Theater behind him Pinocchio is painted in black and white, looking like evil s worse nightmare, while his wooden brothers and sisters are painted in a sinister red looking just as threatening as Pinocchio.Pinocchio is a thug He s double oh seven in wood style He chases after vampires to rid the world of their cursed kind The only way the vampires can die is with the wood Pinocchio and his brothers and sisters from the Puppet Theater are made from Pinocchio doesn t miss a beat He kicks butt Harlequin, Columbina, Isabella, Flavio, and Il Capitano make up the Great Puppet Theater They are loyal, funny, and are ready to defend each other till death Il Capitano and Flavio cracked me up with their constant bickering to win Isabella s heart Pinocchio sarcasm was PERFECT I kept wanting to high five him Carlotta, the Fairy, Cricket, and Master Cherry who is a vampire himself round up the crazy, wonderfully entertaining cast in Pinocchio Vampire Slayer and the Great Puppet Theater.Not only are vampires evil, human eating monsters the way they are supposed to be portrayed but there are also a band of amusing and battle ready pirates who agree to help Pinocchio in his quest A love story is thrown in between Pinocchio and Carlotta which is subtle enough to show how the two feel for each other but not distract from the main purpose of the story.The story is told through black and white drawings The sketches seem simple but are intricate The images are created in a wood cut style mixed with human touches.Higgins and Jensen work wonderfully together The story is told as if only one mind had created the story instead of two Jensen s dialogue and storytelling through the characters was great, he hit the sarcastic notes in just the right moment Higgins depictions are awesome, they just draw no pun intended you in and make you want to know what the hell is going on.The only bad thing is the story ends on a cliff hanger when you really want to know what s going to happen next I look EXCITEDLY forward to reading the next installment and can t wait to see what Jensen and Higgins come up with next High five guys P.S Can you guys add color in the next one

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    In the Great Puppet Theater, the puppets have no strings, and it s the same for Pinocchio We all know about Pinocchio He was created by Geppetto, who loved him as a real boy Pinocchio got into quite a bit of trouble, including being swallowed by a giant dog fish, but his biggest adventure came later, when he ran into his first vampires Geppetto died at the hands of the vampires, and Pinocchio is determined to kill them all With the help of the Blue Fairy, Carlotta, Master Cherry and the other puppets, Pinocchio sets out on his mission of ridding the world of vampires Master Cherry is a vampire that Geppetto tried to kill, who killed Geppeto instead With the help of the Blue Fairy s magic, he cannot harm Pinocchio or his friends and helps them find the covens The puppets have discovered that they are made of wood with some very special properties Not only do they not need strings, but they can kill the vampires What they don t know is that the Cat and the Fox are in league with the vampires, and they want Pinocchio dead Pinocchio has been very upset since the death of Geppetto Pinocchio blames Master Cherry and continues to distrust him Pinocchio s hostility toward Cherry infuriates the Blue Fairy, and in a long awaited showdown between the two the Fairy gets so angry that she casts the last spell she has in her, turning Pinocchio into a real boy While attempting to console Pinocchio, Carlotta is kidnapped by the Cat and the Fox Can Pinocchio save Carlotta and kill the vampires now that he is a real boy This is a fun take on the Pinocchio folk tale While not for young children, the story is well written and will appeal to adult fans of the comic horror genre It encompasses the drama of a vampire tale with the humor of the original story The artwork by Dusty Higgins is very good He is able to visually set the comic book Pinocchio apart from the Disney animated movie, while the story by Van Jensen seamlessly picks up where Disney left off Recommended Contains violence Reviewed by Colleen Wanglund

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    I booktalked the first book in this series in the winter of 2011, so I had to read the sequel In a lot of ways the novelty has worn off Pinocchio s still crisscrossing the world killing vampires, and this time he meets a crew of magically mobile freestanding puppets who are also hunting the vampiric There s a girl, there s a problematic father figure, there are some moments I still really love the illustration style go Dusty Higgins Maybe because it s been way over a year since I read the last one, I didn t really connect with what exactly is going on, who some of the crossover secondary characters, etc And the teens I ve talked to who were screaming for it were kinda let down after they got it So yeah Not surprisingly awesome, but not bad.

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    I enjoyed it as much as the first one I did like that the first book could stand alone, but this one clearly needs a third part to end the story No problem with that, just now I want to know the ending Oh, cliffhangers.

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    The awesome just keeps on going.The only artistic change is that the lines are a teeny bit smoother, and they re using actual grey for light shadows instead of using tiny black dots to trick your eye into seeing grey That s it, that s all that changed between book one and book 2.We get a similar sort of recap of the story thus far, but in this case it s told through the puppet theatre It s cute but super short, like maybe 2 pages, and it sooooo silly, I love it I love the silly moments I love that the characters themselves are ridiculous, like yeah they re saving people, but they re not professionals exactly, they re just trying to make it work.We get to meet a ton puppets, Pinocchio knows them he met them in the original story, by that I mean the fairytale of Pinocchio Cherry is a vampire now The blue fairy is running outta magic There s VAMPIRATES that s a totally different book series The gang is getting in WAY over their tiny puppet heads I ain t telling you nothing else, you go read it and have fun Join me on this adventure.

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    been 6 years since i read the first book so i was a bit lost at the start and had trouble remembering who was who took forever to get my hands on this but managed to find a almost new copy from an online thrist store and got it to the uk all for less than 5 Been having trouble this past ear focusing on reading, but a cuppa tea, rainymood.com and i was ready to dive into this adventurewasn t epecting to finish it in one session but i knew if i put it down my mind wouldn t shut up wondering what happened next.

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    I read this one without reading book one, and so far was a little lost The band of magic puppets who back Pinocchio were all distinctly drawn but since there were so many, i spent a lot of time flipping back to their introduction to help me connect names and faces.

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    I saw this graphic novel at the library and almost laughed Of all the classics horror mash ups, I had to admit Pinocchio made the most sense He s wood, for one and he s a natural liar so all he has to do is break off his nose and stake away I didn t realize until I got to the very end that this was book two I guess that s why Carlotta, his human would be girlfriend, startled me with her appearance and why it felt like Master Cherry and Fairy seemed like they were part of a bigger back story I just thought we dropped into the story line in media res.After the death and undead rise of Geppetto, whom Pinocchio dusted, the wooden boy has been hunting down and destroying the monsters who took his father from him He s searching for the master vampire to put an end to all of the vampires in one fell swoop Aiding him is Fairy presumably his fairy godmother who is now very old and dying , Master Cherry and the ghost of Cricket.Carlotta is searching for Pinocchio and runs across his brothers in wood I m not making that up, it s on the cover He s left her behind to keep her safe ah yes, the classic trope of I m leaving you so you ll be safe She runs into the Great Puppet Theater, a whole cast of wooden puppets who are than willing to stake a few vampires because their leader was turned.Both groups come together but tensions are high Master Cherry has become a vampire some time before this volume and Fairy s spell on him keeping him on their side is failing Still, both Cherry and Fairy are very worried about Pinocchio who has turned his grief into rage They fear the loss of Geppetto might turn Pinocchio dark Also, Fairy knows she s dying and might have just enough left in her for one last spell given Pinocchio his wish to be a real boy.However, being human at this junction would hamper his vampire slaying abilities and when Carlotta is kidnapped by Cat and Fox leading to a chase across the high seas, Pinocchio might just be helpless to save her and even himself and the other puppets.This could have gone one of two ways 1 you just ruined a childhood favorite 2 Hey, this was fun Luckily it was number two This was a lot of fun and it actually worked as a mash up The art is occasionally odd looking and a little cartoony but I m sure it s meant to this is what happens when you have a steady diet of manga, all other art looks weird after a while I do really like a couple of the Pinocchio panels in relief where you see either a fierce or pained look as he s growing himself a new stake The story is well thought out and executed I ll have to see if they have the first volume and the third.

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About the Author: Van Jensen

Van Jensen is the author of the Pinocchio, Vampire Slayer series of graphic novels and, by day, a magazine editor Previously, Van covered the comics industry for Publishers Weekly and other outlets Before that, he was a crime reporter at the Arkansas Democrat Gazette newspaper, often working in the wrong part of town at the wrong time of night It was at the Democrat Gazette that he met PVS