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A Rake's Vow chapter 1 A Rake's Vow, meaning A Rake's Vow, genre A Rake's Vow, book cover A Rake's Vow, flies A Rake's Vow, A Rake's Vow ca77f3b31ff59 He Vowed Never To MarryShe Vowed No Man Would Trap HerBut Some Vows Are Meant To Be BrokenVane Cynster Greatly Enjoys His Dalliances, But He S Always Remained Aloof When Other Cynster Men Stepped Up To The Altar Resolved To Never Submit To Being Leg Shackled To Any Woman, He Believes Hes Found The Ideal Temporary Refuge From London S Infuriating Husband Hunters At Bellamy Hall But An Encounter With Irresistible Patience Debbington Has His Head And His Heart Spinningand Soon He Has Than Mere Seduction On His MindBut Patience Is Not About To Succumb To Arrogant, Presumptuous Vane S Sensuous Propositions Certainly His Kisses Leave Her Weak, And His Caresses Leave Her Flushed And Burning With Desire But He Is Bound To Be Unfaithful Just Like Every Other Man And Despite His Assurances, She Will Not Trust The Handsome, Elegant Rogue With Her HeartBut Can A Promise To Resist Temptation Stand Firm When Passion Demands Otherwise

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    Ah, he murmured, his voice very low He shifted fractionally closer But, you see, I m not a gentleman I m a Cynster As if letting her into some secret, he gently informed her We re conquerors not gentlemen This is the second book from the Bar Cynster series, and another great one too The storyVane Cynster is running away from fate After seeing how the mighty have fallen Devil in love with Honoria , he decides to go as far as possible, away from any temptation as in women he might marry BUT, fate has her own plans To avoid a thunderstorm, he seeks shelter at his godmother s house, and there he meets Patience She s the niece of Lady Bellamy, Vane s godmother, and is staying at her house with her brother Gerrard so nice to see him, he ll get his own book too So, back to the story They are very much attracted to each other, and Vane has seduction on his mind don t they always The strange happenings at the Bellamy manor only help his cause, he was asked to stay and investigate Why did you stay He tipped her face up so that her eyes locked on his He studied her, her eyes, her face, for one instant longer I stayed to help Minnie, to help Gerrard and to get something I want Well we all know what he wants khm khm BTW Minnie is the godmother DAnyway, what are they investigating Well, there are thefts at the house, random things gone missing, and frequent appearances of the Spectre , someone lurking in the ruins near the main house And I have to say, this was a re read, but I actually forgot who done it Maybe because it was very Agatha Christie like, you know, loads of characters in one house, something shifty going on, everyone s a suspect and allPatiencePatience is trying to raise her brother to adulthood with no family she is the only one to do it , so she comes to her aunt s house in hope that he would be influenced by some of the men residing there She has a very strong aversion to polished, elegant gentlemen rakes, and in Vane Cynster she sees only bad things and doesn t want him anywhere near her brother, and she tells him exactly that Oh boy, when she insulted him, I thought he d really do something he would regret hahah, hell, I d have hit her if she said something like that to me BUT, lucky her, she sees she was in the wrong and decides to explore their sensual relationship What she doesn t know is that Vane has his sights on her, she s what he wants, and he ll have her, even if it takes marriage to get her I asked you to be my wife, you offered to be my lover I still want you as my wife Her eyes flew open He met her gaze, his face set, etched with passion, hard with determination But if I can t have you as my wife, then I ll have you as my lover Forever, if need be. VaneVane is a typical Cynster A gentleman, a rake, a conqueror He fears tying himself to one woman and giving up control to her After witnessing that exact thing happening to Devil, he decides to run away from women, from marriage, but ends up right at destiny s path Patience is a woman that suits him perfectly He can t resist her, and doesn t want to, really He plans a seduction untill he realises he must have her forever, not just as a temporary lover So he offers for her hand, and she flatly refuses Did I mention Vane s a typical Cynster So that, of course, means they always get what they want, and they get it through careful seduction and loads of sex , but hey, I ain t complaining He then finds out what will it take for her to accept him, and it s a price he s not sure he could make He sighed, and rested his forehead on hers It s not that After a moment, he went on, I don t like losing control it s like losing myself in you She felt him gather himself, felt the tension swell and coalesce about them It s giving myself to you so that I m in your keeping The words, low and gravelly, rolled through her closing her eyes, she drew in a shallow breath And you don t like doing that I don t like it but I crave it I don t approve of it, yet I yearn for it His words feathered her cheek, then his lips touched hers Do you understand I haven t any choice Why 4 stars Two things Patience and her ramblings about the elegant gentleman as the personification of all evil in the universe , that being the reason she constantly refuses Vane.Vane being unable unwilling to admit to himself her that he loves her although that doesn t take that long, but still Other than that, I really enjoyed their story, how they fell in love and slowly began to trust each other Beautiful.The love scenes Hmm.

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    I have a new favorite historical romance series This would have been a 4.5 star if not for the heroine.I love it when a rake falls in love because they tend to fall the hardest I enjoyed Vane Cynster but was not a fan of the heroine, Patience She was naive and her actions were unbelievable Her mother was head over heels in love with her father, to his embarrassment and always bragged about him being an elegant gentleman Well her father was a cheating, gambling, drinking, womanizer that never came home So of course Patience naively believes that all elegant gentleman are cheating, gambling, drinking, womanizers Vane is handsome, wealthy, and the perfect elegant gentleman , so Patience was prejudiced against him from the start She refused his marriage proposal multiple times and offered to be his lover after he popped her cherry Which made no sense considering she was from a respectable family And Vane was pissed You re a gentlewomen Born and bred The position requirements are in your blood This morning you spread your self for me You wanted me and I wanted you You gave your self to me You took me in and I took you I took your maidenhead I took your virginity What innocence you had I took that too But that was only the opening act in our script carved in stone The final act is a wedding Ours She goes on to tell him that the sex was very enjoyable and she was looking forward to the next time to the next gentleman that takes her fancy I ask you to be my wife and you offer to be my whore The words were low, laced with contemptNothing she could have said, nothing she could have done would have hurt him or shocked him so much Or be certain to drive him from her For a man like him, with his background, his honor, to refuse to be his wife but consent to be his mistress was the ultimate low blow To his pride, to his ego, to his self worth as a man.Aaaannd that is why Patience drove me crazy She loved Vane but refused to marry him because all elegant gentlemen were to be avoided The author may have used elegant gentleman over fifty times because I got sick of hearing it Don t get me wrong I did like this book But did not love it half as much as Devil s The insta love before getting to know Patience was a bit much There was a mystery and it was solved with zero justice to the villains Gggrrrr.anoying I also felt that this was the same plot as the previous book Hero meets heroine and instantly knows he wants to marry her but she refuses Heroine has sex with hero multiple times with total disregard to pregnancy as the hero continues to chase her all while solving a mystery on the side Everyone knows they are having sex but turn blind eyes for some reason Heroine gets her shit together and they marry in the final chapter.

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    3.75 Rake StarsAgain, a very enjoyable read, apart from their constant reference to his rakish ways , and how many women he bedded Yes, I know, in this time, it s normal, and the title said it all, but there was no need to be mentioned basically in every page Another point was him considering making her his mistress, that didn t sit quite well with me But major points for Vane for, unlike his cousin, the Devil, revealing the depth of his feeling and truly professing his love and devotion to Patience I loved that

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    So Laurens just took Devil s Bride and changed the names of the characters, right Have I mentioned how sick to death I am of bitchy, obnoxious heroines who think they know everything and act like they re better than everyone else I liked Vane, of course, Laurens is pretty good at crafting compelling heroes, but her heroines need serious work They re not endearing to the reader at all, just whiny, indecisive bags of shrewage There is a major difference between being an independent, willful, strong woman, and just downright being a jumpy, judgmental asshole.

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    I think this will most likely be the last Laurens book I try I have not enjoyed the two I ve read I actually liked the hero I think he was the only aspect of this entire book I liked I did not understand why he was so immediately besotted with the heroine She was something of a cipher I never got a good feel of her character or any strong wellanything about her She was pretty, that was about it.The mystery aspect was quite tedious Not enough to hang a plot on at all And like the first book Devil s Bride in this series, the author pretty much gives everybody hints big enough to paint billboards on about who the perpetrator is So simply reading to see when the protagonists figure it out is a chore.The main thing, though, that aggravated me to no end in this book is the heroine s steadfast refusal to marry the hero because he, as we are told, ad nauseum, is an elegant gentleman just like her father The heroine s father ignored his family because he was busily off in London being elegant, thus causing the heroine to choose to never marry This is added to the fact that she had no problems boinking him whenever and wherever I had major problems with a woman of her time, class and upbringing being so cavalier about sex and having no qualms about the possible consequences And yet she would not even consider marrying him It struck me as odd and wrong.I was also bored.

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    A Rake s Vow4 StarsVane Cynster is determined to avoid the same fate as his cousin, so when a storm starts brewing he decides to stop over at his Godmother s estate He should have known that one cannot escape their destiny, which comes in the guise of Patience Debbington, a woman who certainly knows her own mind and has no intention of giving up her independence for the likes of an elegant gentleman such as Vane Cynster.Although the fated mates trope is somewhat out of place in a historical romance novel, it seems to work here with Vane and Patience struggling against the inevitable Both are very appealing characters and their romance is certainly passionate One problem, however, is their distinct lack of communication skills Neither seems capable of opening up to the other to reveal their feelings, which could have saved a lot of unnecessary angst and allowed room for the suspense plot to develop.The secondary characters are fleshed out well and contribute to the intriguing Agatha Christie like country estate mystery atmosphere of the story It is disappointing that the Cynster family does not play as significant a role in this book as in the previous one but the glimpses we get are wonderful.As said, the minor suspense story takes too long to get going and the culprits are fairly obvious from the start view spoiler Kleptomania is usually committed by women, and Alice is a prime suspect This goes hand in hand with Colby s obsession with the ruins hide spoiler

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    And so another one of the Cynster males wholeheartedly falls into the love shackles of matrimony.PlotAt the beginning of the book Vane can already be seen running like a headless cock His behaviour gives the feeling as if fate is a real, live physical entity that is going to pounce on him, anytime He fears that he s the next in line to be accosted by the love bug And as any romance reader knows, rakish heroes must pretend to be running away from love.But a storm forces him to take refuge at his Godmother s residence and there he meets the alluring Patience Debbington Right in the first look and the first touch, it becomes evident, fate has decreed its will on him Love is in the air.My OpinionThe book strongly reminded me of Kristen Ashley s characters So much so that if Rock chick was ever to be based in early 19th century England s nobility, one would find something like the Cynster series Same arrogant, bad ass heroes and similarly stubborn women And lots of baby and family loving works The women are classy, gorgeous mamas not actual mamas geez and the males keep drooling over them.Unfortunately this also means that there are times when you ll feel it is not historically accurate enough An issue that I did not have with the first book Despite that, the dialogues save it from being a contemporary The book had its own share of light mystery and lots of hot embraces So it is definitely 100% entertainment material.

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    Great book, but not one of my favorites in the series.

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    Too much ugh 2 starsThe plot of book was fine but there was too little story What there was was too many words without meaning too much sex wrapped in too many words to be interesting too many times the couple came to conclusions not based on fact too much time spent by the H on trying to get into the h s panties when he was supposed to be investigating a pair of crimes too much wishing the book would be over

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    Romping Romantic RegencyThe Bar Cynster series is a favorite of mine What s not to love, six alpha males finding their strong partners, throw in some steamy sex, some crazy family and ton characters and enjoy This book follows Vane as he tries to help his Godmother find a thief while also finding love Throw in a crazy cast of house guests and watch mayhem and love bloom

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