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    If, like me, your tastes run towards voluptuousness in your heroines, you are going to just love Victoria Blisse s Proving Santa Exists, a gastro erotic tale of seasonal passion.Here s the blurb When Jonathan transfers from the US to the Manchester branch of Computers Inc, Jenny is the first person to make him feel at home Finding out about his bleak Christmases as a boy, she makes up her mind to involve him in all her English Christmas traditions Passion sparks between the two as they decorate the Christmas tree Who would have thought such an innocent activity could become so sexually charged Can Jenny succeed in seducing the hot American and also prove to him that Santa really does exist I really loved this very sensual story, and the appendix of Yuletide recipes at the end of the book had me rushing to the kitchen to try Victoria s So Soft Gingerbread All puns intended.All in all, a warm and witty Christmas dish with lashings of hot sauce from a highly accomplished writer of erotica.

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    Jenny stood at the tea dispenser as the office gossips tried to get information about the new man who just transferred in from Texas Why would any sane person want to come to rainy Manchester, England Oh, the gossip s thoughts were working overtime but since Jenny had found nothing she could use, she left in search greener pastures Jenny s cubicle was just past his and she said hello and introduced herself, they talked until their boss frown at them and Jenny went to her desk she was loaded with work but all she thought about was Johnathan Jenny knew that men did not like short and plump women but she hoped that at least they could be friends.Johnathan blushed when Jenny came to welcome him to Computers Incorporated It was his first day and he was grateful for the welcome he had worked for six years at the Texas branch and he wanted to see England so when an opening came he took it It was not like he had any ties to keep in the states Johnathan grew up in an orphanage and every Christmas they told him that Santa did not exist, if he was lucky he got a toy but most years he got nothing so as a little boy he learned to never believe in myths.Victoria Blisse pens a sweet yet very sensual book that grabbed my heart from the moment I found that Johnathan had been orphaned Proving Santa Exists was tender, erotic, flowed smoothly, and it read rapidly The sexual content was hot as these two drew sparks A good anytime read with details so graphic that they leaped off the pages.

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    This was so cute I read something else by Vitoria and hated it But I thought I would give her another try This was so sweet I could t help but love it

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    There s a new arrival in the UK offices of Computers, Incorporated His name is Jonathan, and he has the tongues of the ladies wagging But Jenny refuses to gossip about him with Susan Instead, she is determined to make the Texas transplant feel at home in a strange place by extending the hand of friendship to him It doesn t hurt that he s easy on the eyes, and his voice does things to her Jenny invites Jonathan to lunch, her treat, and they bond over the Christmas special thick, rich soup and turkey and dressing sandwiches She is attracted to him, especially after he tells her his story of being an orphan She was always prone to bringing him unwanted strays as a child, a habit which has not diminished over the years She impulsively invites him to join her for Christmas, and to help her decorate her Christmas tree He gladly accepts What does it mean, though, when he kisses her Does he find her simply convenient, or does he feel sorry for her because she s plump and probably lonely Is she reading into this than she should Or will this become a Christmas she ll never forget I really really enjoyed this short sweet Christmas story It s hot and sweet and sentimental, and frankly it had me wiping at my eyes I love how it isn t about two perfect people finding one another it s about two real people finding love Jenny is an amply proportioned woman who feels inadequate, especially compared to Susan, whom she thinks is perfectly lovely But love is in the eye of the beholder, and Jonathan prefers her curves and her warm and loving personality to anything Susan has to offer.This is a great tale to curl up with on a cold winter night, with your favorite beverage, dreams of Christmas bouncing about your head I ve read it twice already It s a definite keeper, good for any time of the year As a bonus, Victoria has included her recipes at the end of the book, although I warn American readers, you ll need a translation.Get a copy for yourself, and buy copies for the people you love who love a good romance

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    Article first published as eBook Review Proving Santa Exists by Victoria Blisse on Blogcritics.Mancunian Rubenesque lady Jenny is the friendly type, so when there s a new guy in her office, she goes out of her way to talk to him and make him welcome A friendship quickly develops between the two of them, and when Jenny finds out what a crappy childhood Jonathan had particularly at Christmas she decides to get him involved in all her English Christmas traditions.When the two of them are decorating Jenny s Christmas tree, they have a sexy moment, which surprises the hell out of Jenny She had no idea that the sexy American felt the same way about her Their friendship quickly evolves into something , and the two lovers enjoy a fun filled, passionate Christmas, with Jenny doing her best to prove to Jonathan that Santa really does exist.Proving Santa Exists is a lovely erotic romance tale, perfect to warm you and your heart at any time of year, not just Christmas It s sweet and sexy all at once, and is packed full of Victoria Blisse s trademarked humour I laughed out loud than once Cooking fans will also appreciate the recipes included in the book that reflect what the characters eat during the story Recommended for erotic romance fans.

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    A lovely Christmas tale that has oodles of heart I adored the detail in the tree decorating scene and how sweet Jonathan was throughout the tale Jenny was so realistic, her hopes and fears, insecurities and desires all made me want her to find her happy ever after Ms Blisse really knows how to crank up the season to sexy when she puts pen to paper for a festive romance and this is a great little read to enjoy in front of a log fire with a glass of mulled wine The bonus of some delicious recipes at the end of the book was a lovely surprise.

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    A heart warming read that once again proves that Victoria Blisse is at her best when telling tales of seasonal romance Her characters are warm and believable, the Plot is that lovely mix of the romantic, the comedic and the enjoyable that has become a real hallmark of Blisse s stories Making for a rewarding read at a great price.

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Proving Santa Exists download Proving Santa Exists, read online Proving Santa Exists, kindle ebook Proving Santa Exists, Proving Santa Exists f43838e101c3 When Jonathan Transfers From The US To The Manchester Branch Of Computers Inc Jenny Is The First Person To Make Him Feel At Home Finding Out About His Bleak Christmases As A Boy, She Makes Up Her Mind To Involve Him In All Her English Christmas Traditions Passion Sparks Between The Two As They Decorate The Christmas Tree Who Would Have Thought Such An Innocent Activity Could Become So Sexually Charged Can Jenny Succeed In Seducing The Hot American And Also Prove To Him That Santa Really Does Exist Includes The Full Seasonal Recipes For Meals Snacks Mentioned In The Story This Is An Extended Special Edition Of Proving Santa Exists By Victoria Blisse