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    This is one of my favorite fantasy books of all time I was stunned and completely entranced by the introduction of the story It starts out in such a unique and impacting way, and then get s better and better It is a page turner for sure, making it extremely difficult to put down.The characters are interesting, complex, and well thought out They definitely add to the reason why this is such a great book There are some characters that I will never forget Such as one of the heroes, Er ril of Standi, whom I instantly fell in love and sympathized with And of course, one of the villains, Greshym, whom is one of the most interesting and bad ass dark wizards of all time in my opinion James Clemens writing is superb If your a writer, you might wish you could write as well as he does after you read this book.As for his fantasy world, it is definitely one that you can get sucked into and wish to be a part of The lands he creates are magical and beautiful and, as always, insert beautiful pictures in your mind.The only thing I had a problem with in this book were all of the unnesessary aposthrephies He uses them a lot in character names Though they aren t distracting, I don t see why they need to be there most of the time.With that being said, this is a worthwhile book to check out If you like this book, then you will most likely enjoy the rest in this series.

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    This book falls into a very unusual category for me Books I don t especially like that I manage to finish Since I only review books I finish this is one of the rare times you ll see a broadly negative review from me.It took me two attempts When I first bought it I tried to read it and gave up about a third of the way through A few months later I uncovered it while tidying up and gave it another shot This time I finished it, but I still wasn t entirely impressed.This is Fantasy by the numbers in the worst possible way Dark Lords, near human races, innocent protagonist with strange powers they didn t ask for and don t want, wise councillors, evil monsters how many times have I read this story under other titles and names Enough that I d like to see something different for once.The characters are interesting enough and there is good dose of plot tension in spite of the clicheness of the story Clemens even pulled off a couple of surprises but the ending and most of the twists were predictable And for some reason beyond the cliches and the predictability it grated on me This I suspect is a personal foible, so if you don t mind formulaic fantasy this might float your boat.I won t be buying the rest of series though Two stars.

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    Wit ch Fire The Banned and the Banished 1 , James Clemens From a brilliant new voice in fantasy comes a band of heroes, a world in peril, and an unforgettable heroine whose unexpected gift of magic awakens an ancient, slumbering evil.

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    Bravo A good fast read now i am hooked This was such a great, easy and creative book i was hooked after the first page The characters were easy to fall in love with and follow, along with the story the author made the mental visions so easy and vivid of the surroundings and the characters actions felt so real.i would highly recommend this author and this book.

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    The synopsis said it grabbed you and wouldn t let you goI didn t find that I ve read a lot of fantasy and I suppose that after a while when you start one there is always a danger that you ll just get the feeling, ya I ve been here before i suppose that might be what happened here, I d seen it all before It just didn t catch my interest.I was in a pretty stressful time when i opened this book, but I was looking for something to read and ready for a good fantasy, a good epic fantasy as it would mean that I had a good long story to look forward to.I got into Jim Butcher s Codex series after starting this and like it a lot.oh well.I don t plan to follow it up with the rest of the series.

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    This is possibly my favorite fantasy series next to Tad Williams and Tolkien and it starts out in a captivating manner The world is entirely original and beautiful and the characters are beyond wonderful and endearing It s been a while since I read them, but my experience with reading these was phenomenal.

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    I read WIT CH FIRE when it was first published in 1998 and loved it I decided to listen to the audio version while on a flight to England, to see if after 20 years if I would feel the same The answer is a definite yes Clemens spin on witches, dryads, trolls, elves, and the world he created was interesting One thing I admire Clemens Rollins for is his ability to create strong and interesting female characters like Elena Granted Elena doesn t start off as a strong woman but a young girl on the brink of womanhood, uncertain, afraid, and dealing with a gift curse she has no understanding of However Clemens shows us there is a core of strength within Elena that eventually will be tempered That s one of the reasons I loved this story The supporting cast of characters, which is pretty diverse, helping Elena on her journey were interesting I didn t realize the first time I read the book that they actually added to the world building, letting me see the land of Alasea from their eyes and experiences It was clever way of doing it without info dumping The magic system is original and unique, especially Elena s power The story was also enjoyable since it was narrated by Jennifer Van Dyck who did a wonderful job with all the voices WIT CH FIRE was a great revisit and it made me want to listen to the other books in the series.

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    Not my usual type of book but the world and characters were interesting enough to keep my attention till the end.

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    I had to debate a lot between two and three stars, but I m coming down on the side of two.Clemens has a pretty beautiful story here, and there are some very interesting races and characters The plot itself is actually pretty involving, except for the how familiar as it feels to fleeing the shire because of the Nazgul errr I mean fleeing the village because of the Ra zak errr I mean fleeing the village because of the Skal tum Talk about recycled The novel suffers though under two things 1 An absolute deluge of characters I m serious, the entire book is filled with introducing characters Since I was a kid I have always read three or four books at the same time, but the sheer number of introductions in this novel made this one hard to follow along with Sick of the author introducing a new character at every major plot point He will step it up by introducing two at a time, then splitting them up Read this with a pad of paper, you re going to need it 2 Sticking an apostrophe into names doesn t make them different The Dw arfs, the El vin, and the Og res are all still completely recognizable, and the gimmick of apostrophes doesn t add ANYTHING to Wit ch Fire.I meant it when I said there is a wonderful plot buried in here to get through I love the Chiric magic system, I love the dichotomy of light and dark, and I especially like the story of the Og re It is some work to get through it though, and I can t say that it would be of average enjoyment to the average casual reader, hence the two stars.I m up in the air about the sequels we will just have to see how my To Read list progresses.

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    I agree with both the positive and negative reviews on this one.It was captivating, or I wouldn t have bothered finishing it I liked several of the characters or at least found them compelling.I was REALLY bothered by the awkward, stiff dialogue and a few writing tics the author has, such as needing to emphasize a point by repeating it He found himself completely immobilized He could not move Like that Grrrrrrrrrr I will be continuing with the series, though, because I am particularly drawn to the idea of a destructive book of power, and a young woman coming into her dangerous powers and not being just 100 percent altruistic about using them Yes, Elena has to save everybody s collective butts, but she actually ENJOYS the feel of power, of making her enemies hurt, watching the baddies squirm That adds a note of complexity that makes me want to keep going and see if Clemens gets comfortable writing dialogue.

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