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The Omega Game chapter 1 The Omega Game, meaning The Omega Game, genre The Omega Game, book cover The Omega Game, flies The Omega Game, The Omega Game 4c8af3191d722 Imagine Yourself Waking Up In A Hotel Room Overlooking A Beach You Have No Idea Where You Are Or How You Got There You Have No Means Of Communication With The Outside World You Are One Of Twenty Strangers Who Have Been Chosen To Play The Game No One Knows How To Play Or Win The Game But One Thing Is Clear You Lose, You Die

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    Frankly, kind of a stinker What should be a relatively easy premise to fulfill rewrite of the most dangerous game or the tenth victim or any number of variants of a group of strangers are in a mortality musical chairs plot had the following problems weak characterization, particularly difficult to empathize or develop a reader s attachment to anyone very uneven plotline, jumped around suspense squeezed out with tepid pace Try battle royalle or the hunger games instead of this.

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    This was a pretty straight forward mystgery novel Good weekend read but not much substance I couldn t help thinking the whole time that the story has already been done, and much better, by Agatha Christie in and Then There Were None.

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    I LOVED this book Just like the Most Dangerous Game Where do you find like this

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    The book has a very interesting premise and a good anti hero protagonist.

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    It was a good reading.

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