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    A very well written piece of work, The Emerald Mountain is definitely a short story worth reading At first, I was slightly confused What is going on , I don t get it definitely came to mind, but I kept reading The point of view shift early on didn t help either, but on second read, it made sense why Mr Banis wrote it as such This is definitely a deep story, and worth several reads in order to fully comprehend the why s and the reasoning s For instance, the fact that Mr Banis wrote most of the story in first person narrator in order to focus on the actual main character of the story, Simon, really drew me in I feel that this is a wonderful representation how a first person narrator can make a story come to life than a third person narrator would As on par with some of his other books, Mr Banis beings some magic into the everyday world Nothing as flamboyant as say Harry Potter, but enough for the reader to do a double take and think wait that could really happen before shunning the idea as being preposterous A man who can bring people back to life and cure terminal diseases is pretty far fetched, yet it is written with such clarity and simplicity that it is really easy to just buy into the story.There isn t even an overly gay theme present, which I find fits right in If Simon was worldly and, I hate to use the term, normal then it wouldn t work, but because he has this aura of mysticality around him, it just works The focus in The Emerald Mountain isn t on relationships between two men, but rather on relationships between all people It teaches a lesson without being obvious, it provokes thought without forcing and it evokes feelings of hope without actually knowing what you re hoping for Definitely read this.

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    Gives one something to think about.

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    Interesting story with lots of play on Christian symbolism mainly Had fun during and after trying to get theory of what in the world was going on Had a laugh over jaded narrator.

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  • 27 pages
  • The Emerald Mountain
  • Victor J. Banis
  • English
  • 13 January 2019