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    Frank and Brad are living the perfect life now that Brad has recovered from his motorcycle accident, new house, nice furniture, life is great until Frank gets a letter from his parents saying they re coming to visit He totally freaks but won t tell Brad exactly why, just rants and raves about how awful it will be but Brad tries to be positive, after all they accepted that they are together so it can t be that bad In the lead up Frank gets and freaked out and when his parents arrive well, lets just say his nerves were justified It s a classic tale of the in laws from hell told from Brad s perspective It s actually a humerous story, it s not that they are evil, but are the quintessential crazy in law stereotype So it was pretty funny to read the guys reactions to the guests from hell.

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    I wrote a review, and then the server crashed before I could save it Alas Quick recap Loved the characters and would like to see their full story that back history about the motorcycle crash and recovery Not much happened It is a story about overbearing family coming to visit It has humorous and cute parts, illustrating the strength of an already established relationship Heat level zero off screen sex, kissing and flirting only Would read by this author.

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    Stars 2.5 5Overall A cute, funny story about a guy whose grandparents visit him and his partner Even though Frank doesn t want them to visit, his partner tries to be excited, until they actually arrive and we see how overwhelming they are A touching, amusing and free story.

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    Cute, short story Would love The grandparents were hysterical and I loved the MC s reactions.

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    I loved the characters and it s a very funny story

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    Funny little story with crazy folks D

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    Has inplied sex and no sex scenes

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Crimes of Passion summary pdf Crimes of Passion , summary chapter 2 Crimes of Passion , sparknotes Crimes of Passion , Crimes of Passion 9b4eaad Just When You Thought The World Was Perfect Brad And Frank Have Built A Great Life In LA Brad Was On The Bike Racing Circuit And Frank Came West To Work In The Music Industry They Met At The Track, Before The Crash That Ended Brad S Racing Days And Frank Has Some Skeletons In The Closet That Are About To Come Rattling Out And Refuse To Be Stuffed Back In At Last Comedy, Keegan Style

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About the Author: Mel Keegan

A self confessed science fiction and fantasy devotee, Keegan is known for novels across a wide range of subjects, from the historical to the future action adventure Mel lives in South Australia with an eccentric family and a variety of pets Every Mel Keegan book is strong on gay or bisexual heroes also, often, on gay villains , and some of these heroes are the most delicious in fiction Jarrat