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Murder Remote pdf Murder Remote, ebook Murder Remote, epub Murder Remote, doc Murder Remote, e-pub Murder Remote, Murder Remote bb2899ffe39 Original Title Murder Remote For Elizabeth Cranston, It All Started When She Discovered That The Little Fishing Village Of Mourie In The Scottish Highlands Was Not The Peaceful Refuge She Had Expected A Search For Sunken Treasure Off Mourie S Beautiful Shore Had Stirred Up Greed And Suspicion And A Strange Death Struck The Quiet Village When Elizabeth Stumbled Across The Key To The Mystery, She Knew With Chilling Certainty That Her Own Life Would Be ThreatenedMoving Quietly Behind The Scenes Was Crane Maclean, Wealthy Laird Of Mourie House His Bold Good Looks And Penetrating Dark Eyes Disturbed And Excited Elizabeth But Could She Trust This Enigmatic Stranger What Secret Role Did He Play In This Sinister Plot Was His Irresistible Charm Just A Mask Of Deceit And A Trap For Betrayal Then One Day Elizabeth Stepped Through The Door Of Mourie House Into A Whirlpool Of Danger And Love

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    Janet Caird isn t well known in the 1960s 70s gothic novel universe, and in my opinion, two of her other books In a Glass Darkly and Perturbing Spirit are pretty dreadful However, this offering then makes up for any problems the other two had, and is probably one of my favorite gothics ever.Within the first 5 pages, The Shrouded Way takes the reader on a harrowing ride along the misty Scottish Highland mountain passes, and into murder Elizabeth Cranston has left her Peace Corp like volunteer work in India, and is on her way to visit her favorite aunt Jenny in the small village of Mourie Elizabeth s final leg of the journey finds her stopped at the top of a foggy mountain pass A road roller is along the road side The deep silence is cut by a cry, and when Elizabeth goes to investigate, she finds the very fresh dead body of a young red headed man inside the road roller Footsteps nearby announce the murderer s presence Can Elizabeth make it back through the fog to her car in time Well, of course she does, and the next 200 pages are a very intriguing blend of gothic suspense, evocative scenery, and a touch of romance There s a hidden treasure or two , murder, kidnapping, a wise woman who knows too much, village secrets, a seige, and a great coming together of the residents to save their beloved village of Mourie Caird uses a deft hand to write about the Scottish Highlands, and there s some pretty broad Scots dialect from the itinerent tinker clan to sort through The pace is even, the plotline is intriguing, and the chills are definitely there.This book, first read by me back in the late 1970s, still entertains 30 years later.

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    For me, this book has it all Its based in Scotland which I loooove so you have the atmosphere Think fog and craggy seaside cliffs, a small village where everyone knows everything about everyone and everything, ha And throw in an old churchyard, a crazy old woman, itinerant gypsies, lost treasure and sunken ships..oh and don t forget the old house, a murder or two, kidnapping, cave passages and old wellsyou would THINK that it would all be just TOO MUCH going on but it s not Somehow, the author works it out and it seems perfectly reasonable.Then there s two or three love interests, but if you think this book is going to get sidetracked into ponderous snogging you re mistaken I think I counted two kisses Which is WHY yes i need to vent. I am most disappointed in my cover art This delightful cover you see here on GR is NOT the hideous monstrocity I got saddled with thanks to buying used books online Mine is a red cover with two people smooching Looks like a really cheesy harlequin and if I saw it in a shop I wouldn t even have picked it up Thankfully I knew differently and didn t let it deter me Because the story is excellent One puzzlement to me is that the gypsies spoke in broad Scots dialect which to me is a delight to read but the villagers spoke the voice of the narrator And yet all were Scottish And all should have spoken pretty thickly The gypsies were Glascwegians and the village ers up by Eige and Mull Just a puzzle My guess is that it would be too tiring for the reader or the author to have a whole book full of dialect CONTENT SEX None PROFANITY Two or three mild cussesVIOLENCE There are a couple of murders Nothing graphic.PARANORMAL ELEMENTS An old woman is whispered to have second sight Shes just an old woman.MY RATING Mild PG Suitable for YA

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    3.5 stars It was a quick, delightful read Heroine had no sense and I sometimes rolled my eyes at her ability to paint herself into a corner and place herself in danger numerous times by her independence I still enjoyed it.

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    Five stars easy Now, how can I review this without giving it all away Think Nancy Drew for adults What can be a better place for a holiday than a visit to her auntie in a remote, lazy town Elizabeth, is all set for a cozy vacation, until she is just pulling into the outskirts of the village and a deep fog sets in Stopping by the road side she finds a body of a man with red hair dead Soon she s on the run from a murderer, who s somewhere hidden in the fog, and the worst of it is, it could be anyone Elizabeth doesn t know who to trust, should she look to the school master for help Her aunt trusts him, but does she, Elizabeth Then there s Crane, a dangerous stranger who none of the town trusts, and he gives them little reason to trust him Instead choosing to be secretive As the danger mounts, and the fog thickens, Who, will she trust, who can she Will she find the murderer, or will she only just escape with her life This was one of the most page gripping Gothic Thriller books I have ever read As good as The Lock was, this was way better I can see myself rereading this again and again.Although there is murder in here it s never detail in a gory way It s perfectly clean, and has maybe one swear I d give it a G

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    I swithered between three and four stars for this one and decided to be generous I enjoyed the beginning and the end but for me it dragged a wee bit in the middle If you enjoy a Scottish setting and an adventure mystery then you ll probably like this one.

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    I really wanted to like this since it seemed to be exactly my type of book, but honestly I can t give it than three stars The beginning is very suspenseful and sucks you right in, the plot moves at a fast pace and is relatively unpredictable for this type of book The Scottish landscape adds an atmospheric backdrop But I think the author tried to put too much into this small volume, and to me it read like a summary than a fully fleshed out story Also I had a hard time keeping track of all the characters Most of the time we only get a name because the story moves so fast and there seems to be no time for than scant characterization Unfortunately I had a hard time connecting to any of the characters because of this.I think this could have been a lot better had the author cut some parts of the plot and spend a little time fleshing out the scenes and dialogues between the main characters.Overall it s not a bad book but I had higher expectations.

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    The main character was rather annoying and the romance was silly.

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    Points for well done suspense, but the body count ended up being too high for me I prefer stories with villains whose bark is worse than their bite, so this story felt pretty bleak to me.

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