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Moondragon pdf Moondragon , ebook Moondragon , epub Moondragon , doc Moondragon , e-pub Moondragon , Moondragon d3cffbfc05e MOONDRAGON Where The Marriage Of East And West Gave Birth To Unearthly Beauty And Unholy TerrorFrom The Moment Lovely, Dark Haired Deirdre Fennora Came To The Manor Of Moondragon On The Wild Coast Of Ireland, She Found Herself In A Bizarre And Extravagant Realm Far Removed From The Victorian World She KnewAwaiting Her In The Place Of Oriental Splendor And Occidental Intrigue Was Kindness In The Form Of The Bewitching Mistress Of The Manorpassion In The Amorous Advances Of A Dashing Soldier Of Fortunemingled Dread And Desire In The Overwhelming Presence Of The Powerful, Tormented Moondragon Heirdanger In The Twisted Affection Of The Hulking Half Wit Who Ran Wild On The Vast Estateand Above All, Monstrous Menace In The Tantalizing Lure Of The Fabulous Necklace That Gleamed On The Neck Of A Woman Long Dead And Lit The Way To The Grave For The Living

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    Back in the day circa 1970 1980 , when pretty much all I read were books in the old school gothic genre, Moondragon stood out amongst the slew of other, forgettable contenders So much so that I kept it all these years Re reading it now along with my GR buddies Diane Lynn, Misfit and Joanne , it s easy to see why it wasn t consigned to the give away bin long ago This is a little gem of it s genre.Not to say it s a life altering work of fiction these books never are But as to delivering on what gothics do best, it s clearly near the top with regards to writing style, characterization, reader empathy and entertainment value.The classic gothic takes a young woman usually a young Victorian miss and thrusts her into a menacing world of mystery, a dark, foreboding locale, a situation with supernatural overtones, a cast of secondary characters sympathetic, psychotic, and sycophantic and last but not least a sinister yet sexy alpha male hero our heroine hates but can t resist Moondragon has all these things yet Our young Victorian heroine isn t quite so young any, and she s certainly not your typical swooning, vaporish miss Deirdre has a mind and a mouth , and she uses both to out think and out wit wit as in funny ha ha her friends, love interests, and enemies There is mystery a hidden family treasure in need of discovering a la Sherlock Holmes in The Adventure of the Musgrave Ritual The locale is certainly menacing enough, but this time it s not a dark manor house or a crumbling castle on the moors, but a fantastically splendid Chinese styled house on the coast of Ireland The story involves a well crafted supernatural element in the form of a beautiful Chinese ghost She s not just there for thrills and chills, she s got a purpose, and her connection to our intrepid heroine is interesting and well thought out The cast of characters is developed and varied, with slight nods to Jane Eyre and Rebecca with regards to character types and plot Secondary characters are there to be loved Lady Elizabeth , admired Captain Vreeland , adored Owen , pitied Hannibal , despised Victoria , and feared the indomitable Mrs Danvers Ling But Nicholas never Nicky, dear , mind you is Dierdre s bete noire, so of course you realize she ll argue, fight and battle it out with him all the way to the altar and eventually the bedroom This battle of the sexes is where author Noel Vreeland Carter departs from the pack, and introduces an unconventional element in the typical gothic genre Deirdre and Nicholas go at it from the time they meet over a flying ink pot, during the kerfuffle with a lilly pad note holder, until they do the deed in a fade to black sentence at the end of Chapter 12 Carter infuses their convos with wit and humor then is usually found in the pages of a gothic, and that s where this book really shines Actually, anytime you ve got Deirdre talking or thinking , it s bound to make you crack a smile In addition, there s one or two twists that will probably surprise you, and a nicely poignant epilogue to round off this charmingly entertaining and suspenseful read.5 stars 30 years ago.5 stars today.

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    Who would have dreamed that I, Deirdre Fennora, priggish, proper Irish spinster of modest means and rather intellectual pretensions, should find myself, but two months an orphan, locked in the library of a bizarre and haunted palace in the solitary company of a half Chinese opium eating That pretty much sizes up what happens in the first 100 or so pages, and that s pretty much all you need to whet your appetite for this long lost gem of a book and a must for fans of the Victoria Holt romantic suspense gothic mystery Although Deirdre s no doormat and doesn t let anyone walk all over her like a Holt heroine does I really couldn t have asked for in a book, a mystery, a hunt for an ancient Chinese treasure, a ghost, and of course a pair of lovers who don t know they re in love and spend all their time swapping barbs and tossing ink pots and whatnot Don t miss this one Worth every penny and or swap point.

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    4.5 starsExcellent romantic suspense with the exotic flair of the Orient..mystery, humor, the supernatural, and romance combine to make Moondragon a highly entertaining and page turning thriller

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    An intelligent orphan heroine with a temper A sea voyage A Chinese mansion in the middle of an Irish field A lost treasure A handsome, grumpy, half Chinese, half Irish heir A love hate relationship between the heroine and the hero Balls Murders Mysteries A secret passage A half wit boy A beautiful ghost.

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