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Oogy: The Dog Only a Family Could Love quotes Oogy: The Dog Only a Family Could Love, litcharts Oogy: The Dog Only a Family Could Love, symbolism Oogy: The Dog Only a Family Could Love, summary shmoop Oogy: The Dog Only a Family Could Love, Oogy: The Dog Only a Family Could Love bbe5f1e0 In The Bestselling Tradition Of Rescuing Sprite Comes The Story Of A Puppy Brought Back From The Brink Of Death, And The Family He AdoptedIn , Larry Levin And His Twin Sons, Dan And Noah, Took Their Terminally Ill Cat To The Ard Animal Hospital Outside Philadelphia To Have The Beloved Pet Put To Sleep What Would Begin As A Terrible Day Suddenly Got Brighter As The Ugliest Dog They Had Ever Seen One Who Was Missing An Ear And Had Half His Face Covered In Scar Tissue Ran Up To Them And Captured Their Hearts The Dog Had Been Used As Bait For Fighting Dogs When He Was Just A Few Months Old He Had Been Thrown In A Cage And Left To Die Until The Police Rescued Him And The Staff At Ard Animal Hospital Saved His Life The Levins, Whose Sons Are Themselves Adopted, Were Unable To Resist Oogy S Charms, And Decided To Take Him Home Heartwarming And Redemptive, OOGY Is The Story Of The People Who Were Determined To Rescue This Dog Against All Odds, And Of The Family Who Took Him Home, Named Him Oogy An Affectionate Derivative Of Ugly , And Made Him One Of Their Own

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    I really wanted to love this book it had all the traits of a tearjerker abused puppy left for dead by dog fighters, rescued by a kind hearted veterinarian s assistant, adopted by family, and is the most loving dog despite the past abuse And the story is quite touching However, I couldn t get past how it was written, too many needless details It was like the author read a how to write a memoir book and threw in all the techniques start with foreshadowing, then rewind and tell the story, incorporate details to make the reader visualize what happened But the details are what made me skim over pages I don t need to know what the coffeemaker sounded like I don t need to know what sound the gauze made when it hit the trash can when you were in the veterinarian s office Just tell the story Also, I am a little tired of authors writing lovingly about their dog s misbehavior oh it is so cute when my dog jumps on other people climbs on the table eats food out of the fridge it is not cute and just because he was abused does not mean you shouldn t provide discipline TRAIN YOUR DOG Overall,I liked the concept of this book and by the way, the dog is NOT a pit bull apparently but I couldn t get past the way it was written.

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    Sweet story, but not a great book Author spends way too much time in the first half of the book talking in far too great detail about things other than the dog on the cover Don t get me wrong, I don t mind hearing about the author s children a bit, but it quickly got tedious and dull I really don t read books about dogs to find out how you put a child s car seat in your vehicle Also, I get what the author was going for with the first chapter, showing his morning routine with Oogy and his family, but it suffered from far too much detail Overall, I found the writing to be pretty sub par I had the urge to skim the text frequently.Most of the book does concentrate on the story of Oogy, which was interesting enough, though little of the author s thoughts seemed all that new to me And it was very frustrating to read about the author making so many mistakes raising his dogwithout every acknowledging most of them He came off as a complete canine newbie who is barely any educated by the end of the book But it all turned out okay, so I m not pulling my hair out TOO much Still, I cannot stand the idea that the author seems to be operating under that there is no other way to raise a dog besides either with fear, pain, and deprivation which he equates with the concept of discipline, showing his unnuanced and wrong headed education on the subject or, as the author does, to give the dog no discipline, no boundaries, and pretty much let the dog run roughshod over the house and almost constantly dictate the behavior of the human part of the family I also found it utterly frustrating that after Oogy slips his collar and runs off the author apparently doesn t ever change to one of the styles of collar a dog can t slip free from, because a few chapters later the dog has slipped free again This seems utterly stupid to me And it isn t so small a thing unless your dog is trained to without fail freeze on command, slipping loose can be very dangerous in a city full of cars, people who steal dogs, and people who fear any pit bull looking dog and can t read canine body language, and might esp without the dog s owner present misinterpret an overexcited friendly dog as an aggressive one A type, sadly, that so many people the author talks about throughout the book seem to be Thankfully, they also happened to be the unarmed type.It was, however, very cool to read about a breed I had never heard of before, and Oogy does seem like a very cool dog.There are also parts of this book, where the author talks about public life with a dog perceived to be a pit bull, that I found affecting I m not new to the level of prejudice and ignorance that people have about this breed, but this was a fairly depressing reminder So if you like this sort of book it s worth a readif you ve already read the other, better books for one amazing book, I recommend Last Dog on the Hill The Extraordinary Life of Lou by Steve Duno in the dog story genre I m glad I checked this out from the library it isn t a one to buy.

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    ing pet stories Even when they don t die from old age at the end, they still make me cry Oogy was no different This story was so sweet you could rot your teeth out but no matter I was still sucked in by the story of Oogy Oogy was abandoned after being a bait dog for dog fighting at 2 months old Bleeding and injured for 5 days, he was brought to an ER vet and thought to be a goner But the doc knew he was special and wouldn t let him die, and some time after recovery, he was discovered at the vet s office by Larry Levin and his adopted twin sons, and they knew a kindred spirit when they saw one.I thought the book was simply sweet most of the way through, but this was the pull quote that really got me near the end from a friend of Levin s Stories about fighting dogs that have happy endings are rare Stories about fighting dogs that are inspirational are nonexistent And that s really true despite the horrors that had been done to him in the dog fighting circles, Oogy, from the very beginning, was a loving, cheerful, happy dog, with people and other dogs alike How s that even possible Levin mentions starting to certify him to be a therapy dog, and what better purpose could he serve Despite his massive facial disfigurement and missing ear, all things that happened to him as a result of a trauma that wasn t his fault, he s still a sign of hope and love Truly, he s inspirational, and I know how eye rolling that word can be.If he does nothing else but inspire people to adopt strays or shelter dogs, AND bring light to the vicious results of dog fighting, he s done his job.

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    What if every person carried with them a tiny piece of what makes Levin and his family so great A tiny piece Would that be so hard Imagine the difference that would make for the animals in this country In the world I finished this last night and I hope I get to meet Oogy someday I d get in my car and drive to the Levin s today if presented with the chance He truly is remarkable Oogy s story may be one of the rare ones but people should be aware there are others If not in exactly the same situations Look up Firu on FaceBook for example It scares me to think how much worse these animals would have it if it weren t for people like the Levins, the people who came into Oogy s life at the animal hospital, myself, other rescue workers, pet owners who go above and beyond , etc It s funny but we never look at it as above and beyond it s just what people should do Oogy s story needed to be told All of their stories need to be told I had one main problem with the book and aside from that my comments will all be personal My main problem Levin s writing I ve tried to not think too harshly because after all Levin isn t an author I find it kind of amusing that when I read the first few pages I immediately thought to myself that Levin had to be a journalist or a lawyer He s a lawyer But his writing is very detailed Far too detailed Far, far, far too detailed Like, I don t care that he sleeps on the left side of his bed, or that he turns his doorknob to the right I don t care that he sleeps using 3 4 of a blanket I know he microwaves his coffee for 50 seconds I don t want to know that I don t want to know that much about my own kids life Good God It makes me wonder, since I know nothing about how publishing works, if maybe someone okay d the book and gave him a minimum page count But no, I think this is just him Which is fine but it doesn t work extremely well in written form His writing is very bare I think it would have done good to have had someone helping him along with this I don t like flowery, overly descriptive writing and it s the reason I stay away from certain kinds of fiction You usually don t meet up with that in this sort of book Unless this is something that would bother you to great extremes I say try it It s quick, just over 200 pages, and it s meaningful I don t agree with everything Levin writes about but a true animal lover he is And I also want to point out, in case he ever reads this, he has multiple reasons to be proud of those boys of his I m sure he knows this but if what s written about them here is true, wow I can only hope my daughter is like them when she s their age I almost forgot, does anyone think color photos were left out for a reason Because of Oogy s looks I wish they d been included Oogy isn t scary looking to me I d be hesitant to go up to him by myself or with my daughter without first asking permission but we do that with every dog That should be done with every dog If the owner said it was okay I d be all over him and so would my daughter I think he s beautiful About the personal stuff One of the doctors involved with Oogy s care had a young boy come into his hospital years earlier Or what I m led to believe was years earlier it doesn t actually say The young boy had a torn up pit with him, was crying, and said his dog was attacked Dr Bianco fixed the dog up, handed him back and went about his business If he did this without charging the child, which I have to assume by the info here, he should be commended, that s rare as hell these days Several months later the kid came back Same dog, same injuries, same act Dr Bianco stepped to the kid and told him he knew he was fighting the dog So what did he do Did he take the dog Call the police Even call the kids parents He fixed the dog up again handed him over and told him to not bring him back There is nothing included here about him trying to talk to the young boy, maybe to school him on dog fighting and what happens, etc Nothing One can only think of what that dogs time after that entailed I m sure his time on this earth ended by now Not very professional IMO but certainly nothing having to do with the writing of this book Something I wanted to mention Whenever I hear someone talk about how a dog can t, or they think they can t, understand certain words I laugh While certain breeds are capable of learning and understanding, most, if not all, dogs will understand some words at some point My Lab knows all of the usuals, want to go for a ride , treat , bone , walk , ball , toy , shake He knows an insane amount of non usuals like belly scratches , medicine , Julia , mailbox , ham , cheese , apartment , and I could keep going And these are all words that are not associated with anything Not with any special time of day, activity, mood, nothing He knows the words I don t consider that all that crazy myself Maybe because I ve been around dogs all my life Aren t animals as a whole fairly intelligent This makes me want to write down a complete or as complete as possible list of all the words Scooter knows Just to see it in front of me I may have to do that now.I want to meet Oogy I want to drive to his town and sit somewhere until he walks by I want to pet him and I want to look in his eyes I want to give him a kiss Maybe one day I ll get to do that Until then I ll be happy that he s made it to where he is now, that he s surrounded by love and great people, and that I got to know a little about his life.

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    Read a memoir or narrative nonfiction book.I actually read this months ago but forgot to mark it as read or write a review for it Which probably says something.I am a dog lover I think I ve made that clear I enjoy stories about animals and about their own stories of hope I myself have a big 95 pound monster that I don t know how I could live without, and thinking of him being hurt is like thinking of my kid being hurt So I understand why people get crazy about their animals And this is the second animal memoir I ve read Both of them dealt with the everyday life of dealing with a pet that was both a rescued and b disabled in some way I enjoyed this book better than Homer s Odyssey partly because I am a dog person and partly because this author was far less irritating.Larry Levin really writes his memoir about himself and his family and their eventual adoption of Oogy into that family so the book was not only about the dog, which I think helped with my enjoyment of it He and his wife adopted twin boys several years before adopting a disabled dog He spoke very openly about his fears of fatherhood and the idea that his kids may not feel as accepted because of the fact that they were adopted However, this family I read about had such warmth and life to them I couldn t help but fall a little in love with all When they finally adopted Oogy, the twins found a kindred spirit with him immediately, perhaps owing to their own adopted status The way they all accepted and loved this dog right off the bat was very heartwarming.Larry and the twins meet Oogy when they took their beloved cat to the vet to be put down They were devastated and emotional, but on their way out, saw this dog that they instantly fell in love with He was missing an ear and part of his jaw, looked beat up and mangled, and was perhaps the ugliest dog they had ever seen But the energy and the love given off by him was immediate and sucked them in All three knew that he was theirs.And so begins life with Oogy, filled with funny stories, touching memories, and lots of obstacles in the road Oogy was a Dogo Argentino similar to a pit bull but larger and friendlier puppy that was used as a bait dog in an underground dog fighting ring When the raid happened that broke up the ring, Oogy was completely mangled and clinging to life A veterinary surgeon saw something in the pup that was worth saving, and refused to give up on him, saving his life, nursing him back to health, and providing countless hours of therapy in the hopes that he could have a somewhat normal life There really are still good people in the world.The story of where Oogy came from really broke my heart, especially since knowing that these types of things happen all the time And Oogy was really one of the lucky ones So many innocent pups die all the time because greedy humans use them for their own selfish means A rage unlike anything I ve felt hovered over me constantly as I was reading about Oogy s recovery It is amazing how little humanity some humans can have sometimes.All in all, I enjoyed this story very much It was not the most action packed or page turning story in the world, but it definitely tugged on my heartstrings Seriously, how could you not love this

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    Lufu, the Old English word for love, is why Larry Levin chose Oogy when the badly disfigured pit bull puppy jumped into his own adopted boys laps and lives Levin s lufu is profound and we are all so much better off because of Oogy.

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    Oogy is such a heartwarming tale I have never heard of the breed, Dogos, before reading this book and the author did such a nice job of making this dog jump off the pages The story begins with the adoption of twin boys, the death of a beloved cat and finding the love of Levin family s life in the form of an abused dog I have read many stories about dog fighting but didn t really know much about the use of bait dogs since I would guess the majority of them don t survive Oogy is a very special dog to have survived this traumatic experience and the Levins are a very special family to see through the ugly appearance of this wonderful animal.Dogs can really become part of the family and you love all of your family no matter what they look like Oogy s personality triumphs over any outward defects This is truly a book of courage and love I recommend it to any dog lover

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    I made a shelf for Yahtzee books books I use as a solid surface for my Yahtzee score sheet that I read when it isn t my turn As a Yahtzee book, Oogy is a five stars A solid book Bearing down on Oogy, my pencil marks were sharp and clear As an actual book, Oogy is Dullsville It s a happy little story about a rescue dog who lives There also tons of unnecessary details Have you ever wondered how long a boring lawyer microwaves his coffee in the morning Or what his morning routine is Or how he cooks bacon Spoiler in the microwave If so, this book is for you This is Larry Levin s only book, besides some lawyer self help book no one has read When the book isn t tediously detailing how Larry cares for and walks Oogy, it s filled with statements about how much he loves his family Writing 101, which Levin has not passed with this book, is show, don t tell The family scenes in this book are all telling One thing I have learned about people and their writing, is that generally what they say is the exact opposite of the truth That makes me wonder about Larry s family life He says he and his family are this close loving family unit, yet he is always avoiding his sons and his wife is never home in the few scenes he writes Instead, Levin prefers to spend all his time with the dog because Oogy loves and appreciates him unconditionally Unlike his family What is the point of this book The cynical part of me i.e 95% of me thinks it s a book that someone would write to show his kids and wife and say, See See how much I love you I wrote a book about it Levin is a well off attorney and constantly talks about how no one ever charges him for Oogy s treatment I hope he donated all proceeds of this book to animal rights charities Levin preaches about how people should do everything for their pets, which yes, I agree, but he never reflects on how lucky he is to have the time and the money to devote his entire life to Oogy s well being.The subtitle The Dog Only a Family Could Love is insulting It insinuates that dog fighters are poor, black, and from broken homes, and therefore don t deserve to have dogs or families Only rich, white people should have kids or pets There is a scene where he asks his son how he feels about being adopted, and his son says, and I m paraphrasing because I didn t bring this Yahtzee book home with me, It s a part of me Like how I m a Caucasian male I never think about how my life would be if I wasn t, because it s a part of me I understand that no one picks up Oogy expecting an insightful introspective critique about one s own privilege But I don t do heartwarming I m instantly skeptical The reason this book is happy and sweet is because it ignores any details that aren t This book is like reading someone s Facebook feed Levin posts only the happy memories and he crops out all the sadness So I focus on the details that the author glosses over, like the fact that the dog he had before Oogy BIT A KID S FACE OFF what happened to THAT dog, hmm That gets about two paragraphs More space is devoted to Levin imagining what Oogy dreams about Oogy dreams of Larry, naturally I considered giving this book two stars because Oogy is cute, but no Levin wrote this book and he cooks bacon in the microwave so it gets one star If it were written from Oogy s perspective, I may have rated it higher That would be a better book.

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    Oogy s story is a dog s ability to rise above human cruelty and still show love, forgiveness and sweetness His early abuse as fighting dog bait is mercifully brief and can only be guessed at I liked how the author was open about his family relationships, his twin son s adoption and Oogy s health and behavioral issues It was a nice change that Oogy was still alive at the end of the book and an afterword shared letters from an affected public For animal lovers

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    At first, I thought this book was going to contain a lot about the author s family and history, and that he was going to tell a lot about how his sons came to him and about their lives growing up I was happy though to learn about Oogy, and all he went through He sounds like a very special dog, and after what he went through and still being able to trust in people shows that he was even special than most Most dogs that are used as bait I wouldn t imagine being able to trust a human automatically if ever, but Oogy did One thing I don t like about this book is the title about a dog only a family could love I have never met Oogy and I love him, and I think that everyone who reads this book will love him too I think that if the story had been told from a family perspective, as not just the author, but his wife Jennifer, and his sons Noah and Dan had each told a little of what Oogy means to them in the story, it would have really made for a great story about a family that took in a dog that was looking for a family to love him, and how that dog became one of the most important pets they would ever encounter The fact that Oogy went through so much in his life before he was adopted by the Levin family, is why I gave this book five stars Oogy sounds like a truly inspirational dog, and I think that his story will hopefully inspire others to give a dog who is in need of someone to love them a chance to be loved and to give love in return I also have to add that I wish people wouldn t be afraid of pit bulls I have a dog that has some pit bull in him, I am not sure how much, and he is as gentle as a teddy bear He rarely barks, never shows his teeth, in fact he is always looking for petting and loving I am not saying that some dog breeds are not aggressive, but I believe that the owners of a dog contribute the most as to whether the dog is aggressive or just plain loving I had to laugh at what all Oogy tore up in his puppy hood, I have to say my Great Dane Violet has on him than that dog She has chewed up doors, ate holes in walls, tore up furniture, and she too learned how to open the refrigerator and get whatever it is she wants to eat out of it.

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