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  • Hardcover
  • 256 pages
  • The Summer of the Danes
  • Ellis Peters
  • English
  • 24 October 2019
  • 9780773724822

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    Brother Cadfael travels back to Wales to serve as translator for the young Brother Mark, a former helper of his Cadfael ends up a prisoner of the Danes along with a young Welsh woman in a dispute between a pair of Welsh brothers I will say no since there is a book description, but to say that even at book number 18 I m still enjoying these novels The setting and story make for a different type of story than most as well.

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    The Brother Cadfael mysteries may be my current favorite set of mysteries The Summer of the Danes is the 18th in the series although I haven t read all of the previous books and certainly am not attempting to read them in order They are not roller coaster thrill rides, as modern mysteries often are they are easily described as historical fiction this one is set in the summer of 1144 , during which one or unexplained deaths happen Those deaths are rarely the central focus of the story.In fact, there is rarely a single focus to the story In this case, Brother Mark is sent on a diplomatic mission to Wales He asked Brother Cadfael, who speaks Welsh, to join him Of course, Cadfael does It is a blessed thing, on the whole, to live in slightly dull times, especially after disorder, siege and bitter contention But there was still a morsel somewhere in Cadfael that itched if the hush continued too long Loc 46 47.Their first stop was to see Bishop Gilbert, a newly installed Norman bishop in Welsh territory, who doesn t understand Welsh rules or cultural norms They picked up Heledd and her father, Meirion, who was canon to a Norman bishop Imagine the discomfort to most that Meirion had had a wife and family as had been acceptable Canon Meirion apparently loved Heledd and she him but she was, erm, inconvenient, so he had decided to marry her off He apparently found a worthy choice for her, but then as now, not everyone wants their father s choices The storm builds slowly, but it does not explode Although there were several battles, probably fewer than ten soldiers died It was a kinder and gentler time And so it goes a murder, war, kidnappings, betrayals, an escape, some answers But these are only the stage for Cadfael to observe and to muse These are opportunities for us to consider human nature and life He meant nothing but good He is a good man But not a wise one Loc 679 680 Ms Peters world is not a dichotomous one peopled by pure good and pure bad The enemy, at least those we meet, were wise and acted with honor Some of the good guys were disloyal, expedient, and foolish others were loyal, but had their values misaligned Cadfael and Peters enjoy watching events roll out in a somewhat unpredictable manner, although step in as needed Will, for example, Heledd marry Ieuan ab Ifor, one of the other men interested in her, or choose her own destiny Will Owain Gwynedd reconcile with Cadwaladr, his charismatic and disloyal brother Is Meirion so power hungry that he will fail to acknowledge and appreciate his so deserving daughter Wait and see view spoiler I joined Cadfael in watching Heledd I probably rooted for her openly , especially as Peters allowed her to be who she was I like that Peters offers generally happy endings.And she she had what she wanted, and she was where she wanted to be, and not where others had found it convenient to place her Loc 3558 3559 hide spoiler

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    I do not spoil what I wish to sell, agreed Otir And when I collect what is due me, it will be from the debtor Outside the Main Sequence of Cadael stories, but a rollicking good tale Whenever Cadfael has leave to get close to his Welsh roots, murder and mayhem are sure to follow Here Cadfael must solve a crime with international implications or what passes for order in northern Wales may be overturned Wonderful what riches a man can bestow who by choice and vocation possesses nothing Many of the usual suspect in type, if not in person inhabit this chapter of the chronicles If anything, the tale is populated with too many characters too similar In addition to the usual murder mystery and romance, Pargeter reflects on matters of humility, duty and honor There is no one who cannot be hated, against whatever odds Nor anyone who cannot be loved, against all reason Though maps are provided, a good map of northern Wales would be a handy supplement for those readers who like to stay grounded in the geography of the tale The descriptions are such that no ones gets lost, who doesn t want to But when it comes down to it, as roads go, the road home is as good as any Cadfael series excellent historical fiction Ellis Peters draws the reader into the twelfth century with modern story telling but holds us there with a richness of detail which evokes a time and place which might as well be mythic Though the foreground of each chronicle is a murder mystery, behind it a nation and a culture are woven in a wondrous tapestry.

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    Cadfael gets the opportunity to return to Wales again, this time in the company of his former novice Mark, now a cleric on an embassy between bishops As always, there s soon a murder to unravel and this time a war to get involved in However England, Wales and Ireland of the 12th century is a kinder gentler place under the hand of Ellis Peters and both warring princes are wise and noble men, looking to minimize the body count and restore peace This is another great installment in the Cadfael saga and contains all of the hallmark elements of this series It s once again a pleasant way to spend some hours in a place that this reader loves to visit Another great read.

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    As always, I enjoyed this next book in the Brother Cadfael series This one was a bit different in that Brother Cadfael is on the road into Wales the murder isn t really the story I continue to appreciate the author s skill in developing the story in the context of time place.

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    Unusually for Brother Cadfael, he takes a backseat here and lets events unfold rather than be in the midst of it as an amateur sleuth If anything, his former apprentice, young Brother Mark, takes centre stage here, being on a diplomatic mission of some importance Author Ellis Peters presents us with an adventure story, a head to head of two Welsh princes who have the power to plunge Wales into civil war Both are very different men, one wise, brave and honourable, the other impulsive, proud and foolish, something of a coward, too.Although a murder occurs fairly early on, the foul deed takes a backseat here in favour of the stalemate between the two Welsh princes, Owain Gwynedd and his treacherous brother Cadwaladr The latter has invited Danes from Dublin to force his brother Owain into submission Will the Danes rape, plunder and pillage the Welsh countryside, come to the aid of Cadwaladr and take back what he believes his rightfully his The sub plot involves a young woman called Heledd, who is being forced into an arranged marriage by her horrible priest father Hoping for clerical advancement at a time when the Church has changed its mind yet again about celibacy for churchmen, Heledd s father wants rid of her, for she is a thorn in the flesh of the new breed of churchmen who frown upon married priests of the old order Counting the days until his wife dies, Canon Meirion, Heledd s father, discusses shipping his daughter off into a convent with his superiors However, Prince Owain intervenes for the sake of the girl, but the best the Prince can do at short notice is to recommend marriage to a good and comely young man from Angelsey Heledd, however, has other ideas and runs away in the middle of the night, the very evening when a supporter of Prince Cadwaladr is murdered in the camp of his liege s brother, Prince Owain Did she have a hand in the killing or her father Canon Meirion, who was none too pleased about the attention the murder victim paid to beautiful Heledd Before Brothers Cadfeal and Mark can complete their diplomatic mission, before a fleeing Heledd can reach her mother s relatives, everybody gets kidnapped by the Danish fleet that has arrived at the Welsh shores near Angelsey Not a murder mystery then, but a lesson in the right type of kingship, one that is honourable in all its dealings, even with its enemies It is also an interesting study into loyalty while some are fanatical fans, utterly blind to the follies of their adored leaders, others keep their wits about them and only give loyalty and respect where it s due The Summer of the Danes is one of my favourite Cadfael chronicles, even if it s not a typical murder mystery A thought provoking summer adventure at the lovely Welsh coast Brother Cadfael and his favourite apprentice Brother Mark reunited Heaps of frightfully good looking Vikings What could you wish for

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    This is one of my three most appreciated of the incredible Brother Cadfael series The characterization of the young girl, wary of her father s forcing her into an arranged marriage, set in an era of invading Danes is fascinating This is true both from the historical standpoint and the interactions of the various characters The Welsh royalty comes into focus here as well, and characterizes two well known princes of the time The weaving of the different story lines into one, and the humane yet stark treatment of the ways of warfare of the time are amazing.

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    I recently reread this, aloud It s one of the later Cadfaels, and one in which Peters seems interested in exploring the a romance set against a Welsh historical background than really getting deeply into a mystery Cadfael is present as an observer than an actor in events As with all of her writing, though, the prose is lyrical and flawless Read it as an historical romance and a glimpse of a might have been moment in Owain Gwynedd s Wales than a whodunit , though.

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    Not much of a mystery for Cadfael here, but those interested in Welsh history will enjoy.

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About the Author: Ellis Peters

Edith Pargeter.Edith Mary Pargeter, OBE, BEM was a prolific author of works in many categories, especially history and historical fiction, and was also honoured for her translations of Czech classics she is probably best known for her murder mysteries, both historical and modern Born in the village of Horsehay Shropshire, England , she had Welsh ancestry, and many of her short stories and books both fictional and non fictional were set in Wales and its borderlands.During World War II, she worked in an administrative role in the Women s Royal Naval Service, and received the British Empire Medal BEM.Pargeter wrote under a number of pseudonyms it was under the name Ellis Peters that she wrote the highly popular series of Brother Cadfael medieval mysteries, many of which were made into films for television.