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A Fine Passion pdf A Fine Passion, ebook A Fine Passion, epub A Fine Passion, doc A Fine Passion, e-pub A Fine Passion, A Fine Passion 02c4dc12438 The Men Of The Bastion Club Are Powerful, Loyal, And Not Averse To Overcoming Danger If They Must Now, After Years Of Loyal Service To The Crown, They Each One By One Must Face That Greatest Danger Of All LoveThe Last Of His Line, Jack, Baron Warnefleet, Has Fled London After Nearly Being Compromised Into Marrying A Dreadful Female Turning His Back On The Entire Notion Of Marriage, He Rides Home To The Estate He Has Not Seen For Years, Determined To Set In Motion An Alternative Course Of ActionBut Then In The Lane Before His Gate, Jack Rescues A Startlingly Beautiful Lady From A Menacing, Unmanageable Horse However, While He Begins By Taking Command, The Lady Continues By Taking It Back Lady Clarice Altwood Is No Meek And Mild Miss She Is The Very Antithesis Of Thewoolly Headed Young Ladies Jack Has Rejected As Not For Him Clarice Is Delectably Attractive, Beyond Eligible, Undeniably Capable, And Completely Unforgettable Why On Earth Is She Rusticating In The Country That Enigma Is Compounded By Mystery, And It S Quickly Clear ThatClarice Is In Danger Jack Must Use Every Ounce Of His Cunning And Wit To Protect This Highly Independent And Richly Passionate Woman Who Has So Quickly Stolen His Heart

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    4.25 Best of the series Simply perfect This book has all the points I enjoy A strong heroine that takes charge Sexy hero that respects values his strong heroine Great sex Murder, attempted murder, and secret plots Thoroughly enjoyed this read It reminded me of past Stephanie Laurens books and why I fell in love with her writing Now that my faith is renewed, I look forward to the next book in the series

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    A Fine Passion is the story of Jack and Clarice aka Boadicea.Jack, Baron Barnefleet is a member of the Bastion Club and returns back to the country after escaping a devious marriage trap only to run into Lady Clarice, the daughter of an aristocrat whom he rescues.Our heroine been living for past 7 years with her cousin James in a parish after a scandal forced her to give up the gentry life and live life helping out a then absent Barnefleet s estates Soon they are involved in solving the case of James s persecution, while enjoying what starts as a no strings barred relationship, but develops into something much deeper.Kind alpha hero, amazingly strong heroine with a backbone of steel, hot lovemaking as well as crazy stepmothers form this story Loved how ultimate badass the heroine was especially the scenes where she rescues her brothers from the evil clutches of the stepmother and gets them to their love The sex scenes are HOT, and the culmination satisfying.That being said, the first half was too slow and the last half went too quick But overall a good read.Safe4 5

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    Stephanie Laurens at her best This is why I like her books so much likeable and intelligent characters, believable romance and fascinating suspense Exactly what I was looking for.I have to admit that at the very beginning I didn t like Clarice She is so full of herself, always knows better and always has to have the last word But either these features become less exposed, either I got used to them, because after a while I find her a great heroine And Jack is such a great hero I know that s the case with most of Laurens men, but I truly loved him I absolutely loved the dynamics of Clarice and Jack relationship She is a very strong and independent woman and Jack recognizes that and find it precious He just lets her be the way she is supporting her every step That s unique in historical romance, especially that Jack is a strong hero himself Their relationship is really one of a kind I won t be surprise to come back to this story one day as a comfort read.I also really like the suspense part focused on a spy political intrigue It s interesting and take a good part of the book adding some twists to the story It s nice that we can meet some characters from other books I also enjoyed the strand about Clarice brother s and their brides Stephanie Laurens is always a good choice but I find this book particularly great I hope my next read from this author will be as good.

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    Picked up this book on a whim, years after I chucked the only other Stephanie Laurens I attempted to read away five pages in Actually very pleasantly surprised by this Probably mainly because Clarice is just my kind of heroine and I really felt engaged by her story The mystery was involving without taking over from the romance I want to read the next one in the series now The love scenes were not too samey and I felt a real sense of satisfaction on completing it Very pleasantly surprised

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    The storyline is fairly interesting and the heroine Clarice has an interesting background as the unfairly disgraced daughter of a marquess living in the country as, essentially, the housekeeper of a cousin of hers who is a parish rector and military historian The hero Jack is a baron who returns to his country estate, near the house where Clarice lives, after 13 years away at the wars, although he spent the war as one of those dreaded Regency spies Clarice and the rector get inadvertently involved in some obscure scheme by an unnamed traitor I guess this guy is only unmasked in the last book in the Bastion Club series and Jack is of course the perfect guy to save them from this plot There were a few things that really bothered me with the book, but I managed to finish it anyway First of all, in typical Laurens fashion, Jack and Clarice are super humans Clarice is constantly and annoyingly described as having regal stature this is one of the things that apparently Jack admires about her the most However, most of the queens of England in the last couple of centuries have been tiny in stature Victoria, the current queen Elizabeth II, her mother Elizabeth if regal stature , i.e well above average height, was a requirement for being a queen, they would be disqualified Secondly, Clarice and Jack engage in a great deal of boringly and lengthily described unprotected sex, with no mention of the possibility of pregnancy, and with Clarice having no intention of marrying Jack until near the end of the book This just put me right off the concern of possible pregnancy would surely have been at the top of Clarice s and Jack s mind considering the time period of the story, and should have been dealt with by the author instead of being completely ignored Maybe Jack and Clarice, being super human, could just decide mentally that pregnancy won t happen unless they want it to happen Thirdly in several places in the book the author ascribes Jack and Clarice s attractiveness and super humanness to their class, i.e the English aristocracy In one sense this is correct for the time period England was an extremely class based society at that time and still is, but to a lesser extent , so it s very likely that neither Jack nor Clarice would consider as a colleague or friend or romantic partner anyone who was not born into the aristocracy But to say that the hero and heroine are attractive and wonderful in all ways because they are aristocrats is ridiculous and rather ugly in the 21st century.

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    I like this entire series, but this one was pretty much the favorite Mainly cause I like managing females, probably because I tend to do a bit of managing myself Tho mostly I manage cats and they laugh at my futile posturings and then sit on my head at 3 3o in the morning when they think the kibble bowl needs topping up It is an ongoing management project really Plus I am a HUGE fan of Boudicea, and Clarice had that demeanor down pat Plus Jack was a sweetie, so I even forgave the name I even like the evil step mother trope, tho honestly I do have to ask what kind of lurve mojo motilator control skills these Norman Lord Conqueror s have I also have to confess that I am against William winning in 1066, I was rooting for Harold Godwinson but I blame reading Morgan Llywelyn at an impressionable age for that However the way these boys seem to operate, the French must have thought it was Henry V and Agincourt all over again so no wonder they are so determined to get these H s I mean none of these ladies ever gets preggers before the wedding and trust me, these folks are not holding back on the daily dose of love in a mist or a hedge or a spare room with a chair or the back entrance to the hotel, really Awesome I am in truly in AWE of their mighty Clubs of Lurve and really HP H s should take a Tardis and learn a thing or two their h s turn up preggers if the H just breaths half a continent away This is the kind of wallpaper historical I want to read There is the flavor of the era, but nobody has to deal with distressing smells or boring balls they don t want to be at, the waltzes are always divine and show stopping and there is even a spy plot to catch the infidels when we need a break from the purple passion The love scenes are frequent and NO ONE ever gets caught Even in the middle of a formal ball unless of course they want to The proposals are always romantic and really this is the just the kind of fantasy historical to take you away to the beach with the Captain in the middle of cranky cats and sink full of dishes These books have got it all and they are a great way to have your historical cake and eat it too, so carry on Ms Laurens, this is what a good read is all about.

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    Rating 4 1 2A delightfully passionate tale of strong willed individuals born to the highest echelons of society defying the odds to be true to their nature and to what they find together This was thrilling to read Clarice and Jack have electrifying chemistry and there is a hint of intrigue and dastardly characters to bring them just a bit closer As a heroine, Clarice is likable and admirable in that she defies the ton and is respected for it Jack is an outsider in ways that are hidden Clarice s are visible but for different reasons Like his colleagues, he is a throwback to an age that no longer exists and a man seeking a woman who can embrace all that he is He finds this and with his warrior queen.The Bastion Club series is a spin off set in the universe of the Cynster saga The Cynsters don t make an appearance but memorable supporting characters pop up now and again.The hunt for brides by the retired gentlemen spies is on Can t wait to read the next book.I recommend this series to anyone who enjoys Regency with amazing historical details and assertive characters The end goal of The Bastion Club is to find and wed on their own terms and it is great fun discovering the women that they meet There is always a mystery to unravel and they are up to the challenge, including keeping unwanted aggressive types at bay.

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    Author Stephanie LaurensFirst published 2005Length 425 pagesSetting Gloucestershire and London, 1816 Regency.Sex Explicit Frequent Varied A magic vagina that cures headaches through lovemaking.Includes Excerpt from The Truth About LoveBook 4 and it s feeling like of the sameA different story, different characters, but the same, frequent sex that takes over half of the book Same positions Same desire for control.In A Fine Passion the sex is less integral to the story she leaps into bed and abundant sessions and positions within a couple of days of meeting him, and never really leaves it It has very little to do with relationship or story propulsion It s just sex Hot sex Mature adults indulging their whims But not in the least necessary to the story and, IMO, without it the story would be stronger.Overall, it s a really good Regency story Well paced and well plotted As a heroine, Clarice is a bit difficult to take she s the arrogant Alpha of the story who likes to take control When seen with Jack s intelligence, respect and protectiveness, though, we get a complementary couple who have a mature, knowledgeable relationship built on mutual respect and trust And lust.It s just that all the sex isn t necessary And detracts Bastion Club Series Prequel Captain Jack s Woman 1991 Miss Kathryn Kit Cranmer and Lord Jonathon Jack HendonBook 1 The Lady Chosen 2003 Tristan Wemyss, Earl of Trentham and Miss Leonora CarlingBook 2 A Gentleman s Honor 2003 Anthony Blake, Viscount Torrington and Alicia PevensyBook 3 A Lady of His Own 2004 Charles St Austell, Earl of Crowhurst and Lady Penelope SelborneBook 4 A Fine Passion 2005 Jack Warnefleet, Baron Warnefleet of Minchinbury and Lady Clarice Altwood Book 5 To Distraction 2006 Jocelyn Deverell, Viscount Paignton and Phoebe MallesonBook 6 Beyond Seduction 2007 Gervase Tregarth, 6th Earl of Crowhurst and Madeline GascoigneBook 7 The Edge of Desire 2008 Christian Allardyce, 6th Marquess of Dearne and Lady Letitia RandallBook 8 Mastered By Love 2009 view spoiler Royce Varisey, 10th Duke of Wolverstone hide spoiler

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    Semakin sering membaca karya author, semakin sulit membedakan karakter H H nya yg nyaris mirip semua Kali ini Clarice dan Jack Warnefleet Clarice digambarkan sbg wanita cerdas nan pemberani bagaikan Ratu Boadicea Dgn masa lalu kelam penuh skandal, dgn 3 kali pertunangan yg gagal semua ke pelaminan Kebetulan ada skandal yg menimpa James, sepupu Clarice, sehingga memaksa mereka berdua ke London Setibanya mereka di London, Clarice hrs berhadapan dgn Moira, ibu tirinya yg seorang social climber dan manipulator ulung Moira sengaja menjegal pernikahan kakak kakak lelaki Moira demi menggolkan ambisi pribadinya.Sangat disayangkan ending cerita masih menggantung, siapa dalang di balik semua ini belum terungkap Capek deh Kebanyakan narasi angst bikin lelah juga krn novel ini tergolong tebal juga utk ukuran HR Yg membingungkan saya kenapa nyaris semua H H di seri Bastion ini hampir kembar kepribadian semua Alias tawar tawar saja Yg menolong novel ini adalah love scenes yg lumayan royal ditulis oleh author Scene kipas kipas ini lumayan membantu melibas kebosanan akut di novel ini.

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    Onward with the Bastion books After some searching, I decided to cast William Levy as Jack view spoiler hide spoiler

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