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The Dancers at the End of Time (Eternal Champion, #10) chapter 1 The Dancers at the End of Time (Eternal Champion, #10) , meaning The Dancers at the End of Time (Eternal Champion, #10) , genre The Dancers at the End of Time (Eternal Champion, #10) , book cover The Dancers at the End of Time (Eternal Champion, #10) , flies The Dancers at the End of Time (Eternal Champion, #10) , The Dancers at the End of Time (Eternal Champion, #10) 6936f926fc1ab The Dancers At The End Of Time Is A Series Of Science Fiction Novels Short Stories Written By Michael Moorcock, The Setting Of Which Is The End Of Time, An Era Where Entropy Is King The Universe Has Begun Collapsing Upon Itself The Inhabitants Of This Era Are Immortal Decadents, Creating Flights Of Fancy Using Power Rings Which Draw On Energy Devised Stored By Their Ancestors Millions Of Years Prior Time Travel Is Possible Throughout The Series Various Points In Time Are Visited Revisited Space Travelers Are Also Common, But Most Residents Of The End Of Time Find Leaving The Planet Distasteful Clich D The Title Of The Series Is Itself Taken From A Poem By A Fictitious Th Century Poet, Ernest Wheldrake, Which Mrs Amelia Underwood Quotes In The End Of All Songs

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    A delightful romp through the past and the future If you like some romance and humor with your fantasy, quirky aliens, and a civilization of decadent and self indulgent immortals, you will enjoy this wonderful and unusual story.

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    Oscar Wilde Would Have Loved It Michael Moorcock is one of the most literate and witty fantasists of the twentieth century His Elric Saga took the sword and sorcery epic far beyond standard tropes and created a literary tour de force The Dancers at the End of Time, which is a part of the Eternal Champions series, is full of the kind of wit and social satire that Oscar Wilde would have written.Jherek Carnelian is one of the glittering, amoral denizens who inhabit the world At The End of Time Magic and technology are inseparable, and life, such as it were, goes on like there s no tomorrowwhich of course, there won t be Jherek meets and falls madly in love with Mrs Amelia Underwood, a very prim and proper Victorian wife, who finds herself in his future Thus ensues a comedy of manners, morals and philosophical leanings reminiscent of the social changes that rocked England in the late nineteenth century.Not to mention that I loved the Thomas Canty cover art If anything, buy the book just for that alone

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    10 down 4 stars.

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    I have to admit, because of the last few books I ve read by Moorcock, I didn t have very high expectations for this book I was pleasantly surprised Some of the things in this book were a little ridiculous, but I expected that What really made this story interesting was the simplicity of the main character, Jherek Carnilian He lives in the society at the end of time, and has no concept of any negative emotion other than boredom He is the only one who wants a greater understanding of virtue To offset his simplicity is another simple character, Amelia Underwood She is a creature of her time, the late 19th century The love story that develops between these two is very intriguing You find yourself rooting for them, but also sympathizing with the reasons they did not get together at first I think this book is good because Moorcock doesn t take himself too seriously I hope he continues to take this spirit into the works that are not comedies.

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    Poor hedonist Jherek Carnelian, forced to travel back and forth in time to woo his beloved and prim Mrs Underwood All this as a backdrop to allow Michael Moorcock s characters to philosophize about everything from architecture to parenting I wanted to like this book so much than I actually did An Alien Heat and The Hollow Lands were marvelous, great characters, nice paradox But then the End of All Songs was about 100 pages too long Once the sexual tension between Amelia and Jherek was released, the book sort of jumped the shark for me It turned into a way too goofy Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Although it did manage to have a nice end tacked on.It did have a lovely dust jacket by Thomas Canty.I can t believe others would place this before Hawkmoon, Elric, the Steampunk novels, or my personal favorite, Von Bek.

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    The denizens of Earth in it s final days have everything they want Michael Moorcocks best trilogy Funny, irreverant, and always on point.

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