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Linked explained Linked , review Linked , trailer Linked , box office Linked , analysis Linked , Linked e563 Linked Barbara Huffert Tori Banks Has Suffered Nightmares Of The Same Two Murderers For Years When She Hears Reports Of Another Killing, She Questions Whether The Others Were Also Real Or Just Macabre Dreams Can She Trust The Tall, Dark Detective Who Makes Her Forget About Cold Blooded Killers And Think Only Of Hot, Screaming Sex Detective Guy Breauchard Is Skeptical When He Sets Out To Meet The Woman Who Sees Serial Killers In Her Sleep But One Look Is All It Takes To Stir His Blood And Have Him Yearning To Fuck Her He Ll Have To Keep His Hands Off The Sexy Psychic If He Has Any Hope Of Keeping Her Safe And Out Of The Hands Of The Chilling Predators Who Have Plans Of Their Own For Her Reader Advisory This Story Contains Scenes Of Extreme Violence

  • ebook
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  • Barbara Huffert
  • English
  • 13 October 2019
  • 9781419920493

About the Author: Barbara Huffert

For Barbara Huffert, reading has always been a favorite pastime A few years ago, she started her first novel after one of the friends she trades books with challenged her to write something better than the last book they read Barbara s been writing ever since With her opinionated cats sprawled wherever is most inconvenient, she now spends her time happily wandering through the worlds of her cha

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    The only reason that this isn t marked DNF is that I am behind on my reading challenge Seriously disliked the heroine for 90% of the book And her revelation that she actually loved the hero was so blink and miss it that I still kinda wished I hadn t bothered.

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    A sexy suspenseful read.Tori is a woman not used to love, happiness, friends, family..just plain normal life She grew up in a crazy family that scared her about relationships of any kind So it takes the friendship of 2 wonderful women to get her to open up about herself and learn to trust a little She finally confesses about her scary dreams and they help her realize she needs to find out if these dreams or real or not Finally agreeing she meets with law enforcement only to meet a sexy charming french police officer..Guy is one strong sexy man who realizes his mistake in calling her a quack and puts his best foot first to win her trust He realizes that she is special and the one for him but he will have a tough road ahead of him..he will need to break dowm her wall of distrust and install some selfworth in her before she can believe in them.Along the way they need to try to solve her scary dreams before people die I liked the idea of this story as it was interesting and absorbing I liked the heat between Guy and Tori I liked Guy s wonderful family and friends and fellow officers Tori at times was kind a whinny brat but once you understand what she had gone through and is going through now and how she keeps getting stronger.she kind is amazing But Guy really is the one that keeps this story going along..he is such a sexy charming Alpha male but also loving, caring, and strong.a real life Prince Charming He is able take on the bad guys but still cry What a man A wonderful entertaining written story.

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