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School Spirit (Suddenly Supernatural, #1) files School Spirit (Suddenly Supernatural, #1), read online School Spirit (Suddenly Supernatural, #1), free School Spirit (Suddenly Supernatural, #1), free School Spirit (Suddenly Supernatural, #1), School Spirit (Suddenly Supernatural, #1) b20515c00 All Kat Roberts Wants Is To Be Normal, Or At Least To Look That Way To Students At Her New School But Her Mother Is A Medium, And Not The Kind That Fits In Between Small And Large Kat S Mom Is The Kind Of Medium Who Sees Spirits And Communicates With Them And, Even Worse, Kat Has Just Discovered That She Can See Spirits Too In This First Adventure In The Popular Suddenly Supernatural Series, Elizabeth Cody Kimmel Brings Humor And Heart To The Trials And Tribulations Of Finding Out Who You Are And Who You Want To Be All While Surviving The Seventh Grade

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    So I m on a plane ride from Seattle to New York and wouldn t you know it but I don t bring enough books to read Under normal circumstances I have a problem with overstocking my purse with reading material This time the opposite is true So I pull out anything I happen to have on hand, and most of it is simply terrible I m alternating between bad crazy books and bad depressing books in an effort to simply make the time go faster when I remember that a literary agent I know, who happens to be taking the same flight as me, gave me Suddenly Supernatural not a day before She had assured me that it was great, which I took with a grain of salt or two Of course the book s agent is going to think it s the best single thing since sliced bread No surprises there But the pickings are slim and my flight has been delayed another hour and a half thank YOU, Delta I decide to give the book a go As a children s librarian I ve trained myself to look for certain qualities in my fiction for kids Is it interesting Is it good Does it fall into the usual trips, traps, and snares common to the genre But to my amazement this book sucks me in instantly With a rare combination of readability and genuine middle school trials and tribulations, author Elizabeth Cody Kimmel gives a well placed kick to a genre that deserves a little rejiggering here and a little remastering there A book I can honestly recommend to any kid looking for some great ghostly fare.Seventh grader Kat has a situation on her hands First of all, her mother s a medium And I don t mean the kind that fits in between small and large Rather she s the kind of person who contacts ghosts and spirits for a living Kat s never really had a problem with this job in the past, though certainly it would be restful if her mom sought employment in another occupation No, it s not until Kat realizes that she herself is beginning to see ghosts everywhere that she starts freaking out It s not as if she s the most popular girl at school to begin with, and now she has to keep from talking or even noticing the dead people floating all around her Thank you, but no Fortunately Kat s just made a new friend at school with secrets of her own and the two of them are getting wrapped up in a mystery involving a dead student, a music program, and an old woman who has carried a blanket of shame with her for over forty years This middle school medium may not want to bring her powers to class, but it s clear that there s a reason they re there, and nothing s going to change that.There are plenty of books out there that use supernatural metaphors to describe middle school and puberty Buffy the Vampire Slayer did it on television with vampires Dusssie by Nancy Springer gave menstruation a medusa inspired twist Even Perry Moore s Hero was able to equate superpowers with coming out of the closet The Suddenly Supernatural books are, in a sense, quieter fare than any of these Kat hits puberty and suddenly she can see and hear ghosts And like any teen or tween faced with the unnatural or weird, her instinct is to ignore her powers or do whatever it is that she can to cover them up and seem to be like everyone else As she herself says, I m just not sure how to deal with it I don t know what s expected of me I m in seventh grade, remember Where you re supposed to spend every waking hour trying to be normal The narrative is told entirely in the first person and you grow very fond of Kat and her inner struggle Subplots involving conniving popular girls and the like keep the story moving, but really it s Kat s relationship with her new friend Jac that maintains the reader s interest When it all comes down to it, I really felt that the book held together well It certainly works in different plot points and subplots to a satisfying conclusion Some rote middle school elements are there, sure, but what Kimmel chooses to do with them is solid and original At heart, the story has a lot in common with M Night Shymalan s Sixth Sense Yet one difference between the two is the fact that Kat s mother is a medium and it s not as if she is without support and help along the way Again, it s the relationships that really shine through in this tale Kat s mom is warm and lovely One of those rare not dead not villainous mothers you encounter in children s literature once in a bright blue moon Now with its subtitle firmly in place, I was pretty sure that this book was the first in a series This feeling was later reinforced when Kat encounters a malevolent force that neither explains itself nor, for that matter, does much of anything except look threatening in the book Clearly Kimmel has adventures of her mini medium in store for her fans.Of course, the book series is going to be hampered if Kimmel continues to include an overabundance of pop culture references like the ones found in this book About the time I got to the mention of the latest marriage of Tori Spelling is started to cringe A title like this, marketed correctly and creating a strong audience, could easily go through several reprints and reissues as long as it remains timeless The pop culture tidbits don t really gel with the rest of the book anyway I don t see Kat as just another consumer, so it feels weird to see mentions of this sort scattered throughout the text though I d admit to enjoying one boy s performance of a monologue slash vomitfest from the documentary Super Size Me I know the audience for this book because I once was the audience Back in the 80s I was one of those girls that couldn t get enough ghost stories in my diet I think that I personally sustained the careers of authors like Willo Davis Roberts and Mary Downing Hahn through a steady purchase of Apple paperbacks via Scholastic book fairs, of course Often I get girls at my reference desk desperate for a new ghost story And while Hahn still corners the market on fabulous scare fare, Kimmel is clearly going to carve out a niche for herself With its sympathetic heroine, great characters, and cool concept, Kimmel takes an idea that could have been very rote and familiar and breathes new life into it This is ghostly fare for girls who love books like Shug and Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants A rare genre to plumb, but a genre just the same Ages 8 14.

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    Sebagai remaja, tanpa adanya hantu hantuan dan ibunya yang berprofesi sebagai cenayang, hidup Kat sudah penuh dengan masalah Kat bukan gadis yang termasuk gadis populer malah cenderung menjadi bulan bulanan kumpulan mean girls di sekolahnya.Kemampuan melihat hantu mulai muncul saat ia berusia 13 tahun, mau diabaikan salah, mau terus terang kepada ibunya Kat juga masih pikir pikir Tapi di saat hantu perempuan berkepang dua dengan seragam sekolah butut kerap muncul di perpustakaan sekolah, Kat mulai menyadari takdirnya Siapa gadis itu Apa hubungannya dengan Jac, teman baru Kat yang juga adalah seorang pemain Celo Berhasil Kat dan Jac membantu arwah gadis berkepang dua itu Baca sendiri untuk tahu lanjutannya Terus terang, awalnya saya takut membaca buku Suddenly Supernatural, untungnya buku setebal 207 halaman lebih menceritakan problematika Kat sebagai remaja ketimbang menakut nakuti pembaca dengan arwah gentayangan Remaja memang sering kali menjadi tokoh sentral buku young adult Masa remaja adalah masa yang paling menyenangkan, menyedihkan, paling ingin dikenang dan paling ingin dilupakan Kompleks Krisis identitas juga sering terjadi pada usia remaja Sama halnya dengan Kat, pribadinya yang penyendiri dan asumsi teman temannya tentang ibunya yang aneh, mau tak mau membuat Kat menjadi rendah diri Untungnya ada Jac, teman baru yang langsung akrab dengannya malah membuat Kat membuka diri dan bersama sama mereka menyelidiki kasus arwah di perpustakaan sekolah.Serial ini langsung menjadi serial baru favorit saya, perpaduan Malory Towers, The Mediator adalah kombinasi yang pas untuk melukiskan Suddenly Supernatural, seru dan menegangkan Petualangan Kat dan Jac mencari penyelesaian masalah arwah gadis di perpustakaan membuat buku ini sayang untuk dilewatkan, lagian jarang jarang kan ada buku Young Adult mengangkat tema arwah di sekolah Kisah Kat masih dapat kita nikmati karena serial ini di luar sudah sampai seri ke 4 dan dengar dengar sih penerbit Atria segera menerbitkan buku keduanya yang berjudul Scaredy Kat Ketimbang cover aslinya saya lebih suka cover Atria, karena lebih tidak seram pElizabeth Cody Kimmel sepertinya memang menyukai hal hal gothic dan berbau supernatural, ia juga menulis serial Lily B yang kembali mengambil tokoh utama gadis remaja belasan tahun Website resmi Suddenly Supernatural keren juga loh Kita bisa bermain kartu Tarot dan bertanya pada bola kristal, ada yang berminat menjadi penerus Kat 0

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    There have been a batch of these books lately You know girl discovers her incredible psychic powers and begins solving mysteries Usually there s a kooky but wise relative with similar powers, or a quirky shop that she works in, and usually a cute boy to fall in love with.Luckily, Elizabeth Cody Kimmel is a deft writer and her book stands on its own merits Her characters are younger than usual they re in 7th grade, so the boy angle isn t in play at least not in this first volume There are the usual catty girls at school but the central figure is not the usual all baddy, and the meanest mean girl has her funny moments The various plot elements all work together and there s a bit of foreshadowing for the next volume All in all, good reading for middle schoolers.

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    Seventh grade is hard enough, but when you re already struggling to find your niche in the popular crowd, it certainly doesn t for the cool kids to find out that your mom is a Medium But the reality for Kat is that nothing escapes the eyes of Shoshanna, Brooklyn and their omnipresent Satellite Girls, so she s just about ready to exile herself into the seventh circle of social ineptitude But then she makes friends with the new Cello Girl, Jac, so called for dragging a less than trendy instrument through the halls every day Kat and Jac s blossoming friendship is put to the test when Kat inherits her mother s spirit sight and, in need of someone to confide in who isn t her mother, she tells her best and only friend Kat has a secret, too, and as these girls battle to find their niche and get past some not so average teen issues, they find that together they can help a young ghost who has been trapped in the school for a very long time and maybe this ghost has something to offer the girls as well Suddenly Supernatural is a sweet coming of age tale that, while wrapped in social cliches and soon to be passe pop culture references, will surely intrigue plenty of middle school girls Kat and Jac may lack some of the depth that can be found in other young adult favorites, but their cute, spooky story doesn t need much than these two girls who, ultimately, learn to love themselves for who they are The book sets up for a sequel, and I am certainly curious as to the hijinx and horror that these girls might get themselves into in future volumes.

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    dengan makhluk dari alam lain merupakan hal terakhir yang ingin kulakuan.Sepertinya bukan rahasia lagi jika aku paling takut dengan mayat.karena bagiku mayat mengeluarkan hawa yang membuatku tidak nyamanSuatu saat aku nyaris pingsan di bemo saat melihat seseorang ikut menangisi sosok yang terbujur kaku di hadapannya si mayat merupakan korban tabrakan Seperti sinetron mendadak angin bertiup dan membuat koran yang menutupi wajah sang mayat sedikit tersingkap Ternyata sama dengan wajah orang yang tadi kulihat menangisItu alasannya kenapa aku tidak bisa menjadi dokterbagaimana bs menjadi dokter jika kelas anatomi sudah dipastikan gagal totalItu juga alasannya kenapa aku jarang menunjukkan simpati dengan cara mendatangi rumah seseorang yang berduka, selama masih ada sosok yang tak bernyawa disana lebih.

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    I was in the library browsing books when the cover of this book caught my eye I had already a pile of books in my basket and started to walk off telling myself, Look dumb dumb, you have enough books that probably equals the weight of 20 to 30 pounds, leave it for next time , but I couldn t resist and circled back to get this book as well as the 2nd book next to it on the shelf What can I say, when a book says, PICK ME PICK ME , you listen, lol.I m so glad I did because I really enjoyed this book and can t wait to read the 2nd book I also couldn t help ordering the series Kat s mother is a medium and sees and communicates with spirits All Kat wants to be is normal, but after she turns 13, her worst fears are upon her and her hopes of being normal go out the window when she herself starts seeing spirits.As if her troubles weren t bad enough, popular girl Shoshanna has gotten a look inside her house at the creepy things that went on during a school project they were meant to do and that weighs on Kat s mind of Shoshanna blabbering to the whole school what happened.But all isn t bad when Kat and the new girl, Jac become best friends which leads both of them to help out a spirit who s been trapped and unable to cross over.I really loved the characters and the story It s a great story about not fitting in and that being what makes a person stand out in the best way It s about friendship and coming together and also about loss and finding yourself.The ending was heartfelt and I can t wait to see what happens next with Kat in the series as well as Jac I hope as well.Great read

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    Judul Suddenly Supernatural, Arwah Di SekolahPengarang Elizabeth Cody KimmelPenerjemah Barokah RuziatiPenyunting Ida WajdiPenyelaras Aksara Fenty NadiaPewajah Isi AnizaISBN 978 979 024 467 2Penerbit Atria an imprint of PT Serambi Ilmu Semesta Jln Kenang Timur Raya No 16, Jakarta 12730Cetakan 1 Februari 2011 Buku ini menceritakan anak dari seorang medium,Kat tokoh utama novel ini mempunyai ibu yang seorang medium, itu loh, yang bisa menghubungkan para arwah dari dunia sana dengan dunia sini atau juga yang bisa manggil arwah dan tentu saja melihatnya Sebagian orang berpendapat mungkin kedengarannya keren, tapi TIDAK buat Kat Bayangkan saja, disaat Kat yang bisa dianggap kurang populer di sekolah, tapi sangat pintar tiba tiba kedatangan Shoshanna, yang merupakan makhluk paling populer di sekolah buat Saat mereka sedang mengerjakan tugas, awalnya memang berjalan dengan lancar dan bahkan Kat dapat ngobrol tentang masalah yang populer dan natural dengan orang yang populer dan normal, Shoshanna malah merasakan hal hal yang kurang populer dan supernatural di rumah Kat Hawa dingin yang mencekam, suara teriakan yang memecahkan gendang telinga dan hal hal mistis lainnya Tentu saja Shoshanna malah jadi ketakutan dan Kat tidak bisa lagi menyembunyikan hal yang SEHARUSNYA dapat disembunyikan itu Bahkan yang lebih gawatnya, Shoshanna berniat untuk menyebarkannya di sekolah dan membuat Kat menjadi makhluk supernatural di sekolahnya Kat merasa sangat terancam dan ingin menyalahkan Ibunya, tapi Kat gak bisa karena Ibunya yang super pengertian dengan Kat Akhirnya Kat hanya dapat pasrah dan berdoa semoga Shoshanna tidak menyebarkan rumah berhantunya di sekolah Untungnya Shoshanna tidak masuk selama satu minggu denger denger neneknya meninggal dan tentu saja memberi angin segar buat Kat Disaat masa masa damai Kat, ternyata ada murid baru yang bernama Jac Sebagai seorang yang pernah merasakan menjadi murid baru selama enam bulan dan menjadi salah satu bagian dari kumpulan orang yang kurang populer, maka dimulailah pertemanan Kat dan Jac Sebagai seorang teman mau tidak mau kita pasti harus berbagi cerita dan hal itu membuat Kat sangat takut Bagaimana nanti reaksi Jack kalau dia tahu ibunya seorang medium Kat takut kalau Jac menjauhinya, takut kalau Jac tidak mau lagi berteman dengannya, takut kalau Jac malah memusuhinya Padahal Kat sudah nyaman berteman dengan Jac Hal ini diperparah ketika ulang tahun Kat yang ke tigabelas Ketika pertama kalinya Kat menyadari bahwa dia tidak hanya mempunyai ibu yang seorang medium, tapi dia juga mewarisi bakat ibunya, karena Kat dapat melihat arwah arwah itu juga Saat itu juga Kat ingin menyalahkan ibunya, tapi mungkin saja malah ibunya merasa senang dan untuk sementara Kat harus menyembunyikan bakatnya itu dulu dari ibunya wajar saja di saat orang orang bangga dengan bakat mereka di bidang akademik, olahraga atau musik seperti Jac, Kat malah mendapatkan bakat di bidang supernatural yang jelas jelas Kat tidak menginginkannya Kat yang sudah sangat akrab dengan Jac dan saling berbagi cerita minus cerita supernatural , Kat mengalami kejadian supernaturalnya di perpustakaan bersama Jac Mula mula hawa dingin yang mencekam, album kenangan yang walaupun sudah diletakkan kembali ke rak tapi jatuh lagi dan parahnya Kat melihat arwah perempuan yang fotonya ada di album kenangan sekolah yang berulang kali jatuh tadi Wajar saja Jac jadi penasaran kenapa peristiwa peristiwa ganjil itu bisa terjadi di sana Mau nggak mau Kat harus menceritakannya semuanya mulai dari ibu nya yang seorang medium hinggga Kat yang mewarisi bakat ibu nya Yang ditunggu jelas reaksi Jac, apakah Jac malah mendukung dan masih mau berteman dengannya atau malah Jac berbalik memusuhi dan takut dengan Kat Masalahnya, arwah yang menampakkan wujudnya tadi itu, ada hubungan erat dengan Jac mereka sama sama seorang musisi yang berbakat Tentu saja, dengan sangat berat hati Kat harus membantu sahabat yang sudah sangat dekat dengan dia itu.

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    I remember reading this book in the seventh eighth grade I forgot the title of the book and then weeks later, I was scrolling through the books that I might ve enjoyed I saw this book and remembered hey, that s the book that I remembered when I was in middle school Unfortunately, the rest of the books weren t in my classroom library.Anyway, this book was written for middle schoolers, and I happen to be a eighteen year old.I happen to understand living in haunted houses I m not a medium, so I can t relate to that Footsteps, being called to even though no one called you, seeing people that you knew weren t there before, the sink being turned on even though no one could ve turned it on that sort of thing.I remember that my middle school didn t have that popular, goth, jock, or cheerleader group I think there was a group that wore black clothes I guess everyone gravitated to each other and formed their own group.Despite being in the first person point of view, I wasn t annoyed at Kat It didn t seem like she was whining, she was quirky, and had her flaws I mean, forcing your best friend up to the stage to play a cello that she didn t want to do in the first place is kind of flawed and mean.At least she admits that she s not exactly nice and admitted that she can be rude Kat felt guilty of using her medium skills to pull a prank on Brooklyn and actually goes to her mother for help She tried to keep the fact that she s a medium a secret but feels bad for hiding it She s the type of person that wants to fit in but decides who cares and be herself If she existed in the real world, she would be the person that I want in a friend.They mentioned the song Lady Marmalade, so I decided to look the song up I tried to find a lyric video, did, but no sound I looked up the music video The video so to speak was yeah There was French in the song.This part Voulez vous coucher avec moi ce soir Voulez vous coucher avec moi This other part Voulez vous coucher avec moi ce soir Ce soir, what what what Voulez vous coucher avec moi One for the road Voulez vous coucher avec moi ce soir Ce soir Voulez vous coucher avec moi All my sistas, yeah Voulez vous coucher avec moi ce soir Ce soir Voulez vous coucher avec moi Come on Uh It could be the Google translation, butThat roughly translates to Do you want to sleep with me Do you want to sleep with me, tonight There s also wine and sex mentioned in the lyrics.No wonder the school decided not to allow SEVENTH GRADERS to sing that song Or at least dance to it like the video, or wear some of the clothing from the video.So if you like paranormal mediums spirits non romance type of book, you can read this book It s a fun little read, I read it all in one day since I got this book.Now, off to the second one.

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    Kat hidup berdua saja dengan ibunya di sebuah rumah yang sering diterangi lilin, hawanya tidak menentu, dan terkadang terdengar bunyi bunyian aneh Kat sudah terbiasa dengan kondisi rumah itu karena ibu Kat adalah seorang medium Beliau membantu orang orang dengan menghubungi arwah orang terdekat yang sudah meninggal Buat Kat yang ingin mengalami kehidupan normal di sekolah, profesi ibunya harus dirahasiakan karena ia tidak ingin menjadi orang buangan Sayangnya, gadis paling populer di sekolah, Shoshanna, malah datang ke rumahnya dan mengalami sendiri pengalaman menakutkan di sana Sejak itu Kat pergi ke sekolah dengan was was menanti kapan Shoshanna akan menyebarkan gosip yang bisa membuatnya menderita.Masalah Kat yang kedua adalah, dia mulai bisa melihat hantu sejak ulang tahunnya yang ke 13 Ia belum memberitahu siapa siapa soal ini, bahkan dengan ibunya Kat merasa kalau ia membicarakan bakat ini berarti ia harus menerimanya Kat tidak siap untuk menerima bahwa seumur hidup ia akan bisa melihat hantu dan mungkin akan menjadi medium seperti ibunya, bekerja membantu orang orang Satu hal yang jelas, Kat merasa kalau ia tidak akan bisa membantu orang sebaik ibunya Masalah nomor tiga ada hantu di sekolah.Untungnya, Kat mendapat teman yang membantunya bertahan di sekolah Namanya Jac Gadis berbadan mungil yang selalu membawa selo ke mana mana ya, selo ternyata bentuk terjemahan baku untuk cello Sebagai ganti rahasia yang diceritakan Kat, Jac memberitahu bahwa ia adalah pemain selo yang sangat diharapkan, tapi sejak demam panggung di audisi beberapa minggu sebelumnya, ia tidak bisa lagi bermain Jac tampak sangat menyenangkan dari sudut pandang Kat Perasaan sayang antara dua sahabat itu sungguh sangat jelas dan diperlihatkan di seluruh buku Salah satu hal yang bikin betah baca buku ini Suddenly Supernatural tidak menceritakan masa kegelapan di mana hantu hantu berkeliling mengganggu orang bukan, itu sih buku Supernatural yang lain XD Buku ini menceritakan seorang remaja dengan ibu dan sahabat yang menyenangkan yang kebetulan punya bakat untuk melihat hantu Dan seekor anjing yang sangat keren.Masalah yang mereka hadapi didiskusikan dengan menarik dan tampak mengalir begitu saja tanpa dipaksakan Bagian favorit saya adalah penutup bagi si hantu di perpustakaan Pintar juga Kat, bisa menyelesaikan beberapa masalah sekaligus Anda mengerti, kalau membaca buku yang ditujukan untuk anak kita sering mengeluh setidaknya saya sering kenapa mereka bisa nggak sadar sih kalau ini Nah, buku ini berhasil menjaga kesabaran saya karena tokoh tokohnya cerdas dan cepat memahami permasalahannya Nggak bikin frustasi.

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    Peringatan jangan dibaca di kala malam Jangan dibaca kalau kau penakut atau baru saja mengalami kejadian supernatural di rumah sendiri di rumah orang lain atau di mana sajalah pokoknya.Yah itu yang terjadi sama aku Awal awal baca buku ini ada kejadian aneh di rumahku Ga usah diceritainlah gimana Ntar OOR out of review ngasal Kat adalah murid SMP yang punya ibu seorang medium Medium di sini bukan ukuran baju Tapi maksudnya semacam penengah perantara antara arwah dan manusia Pekerjaan ibunya bikin Kat jadi ngerasa semakin minder Selain dia udah ga populer di sekolahnya, punya ibu medium menurut dia juga ga keren sama sekali Namun nyatanya bukan itu saja yang mesti Kat hadapi Karena di ulang tahunnya yang ke 13, Kat pun mengalami hal yang sama Dia mulai bisa melihat sosok sosok gaib.Awalnya penglihatan itu hanya membuat Kat dilema akan kehidupannya selanjutnya Apakah dia akan menjadi aneh seperti ibunya Akankah dia sanggup menghadapi penglihatan gaib seperti itu terus menerus Hingga ketika dia bertemu Jac si pemain selo, kemunculan gadis pirang berkepang dua, dan hal hal misterius yang berpusar menyertainya.Aku suka buku ini, walau tiap bab misterinya satu demi satu terkuak, aku selalu bergidik Tapi aku suka suka dengan persahabatan Kat dan Jac Suka dengan terjemahannya yang luwes Walau banyak typo dan kesalahan cetak Tapi ga masalah Ketutup sama seramnya cerita hehe.BTW aku penasaran dengan Shoshanna D D D

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