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iWoz: From Computer Geek to Cult Icon: How I Invented the Personal Computer, Co-Founded Apple, and Had Fun Doing It summary iWoz: From Computer Geek to Cult Icon: How I Invented the Personal Computer, Co-Founded Apple, and Had Fun Doing It, series iWoz: From Computer Geek to Cult Icon: How I Invented the Personal Computer, Co-Founded Apple, and Had Fun Doing It, book iWoz: From Computer Geek to Cult Icon: How I Invented the Personal Computer, Co-Founded Apple, and Had Fun Doing It, pdf iWoz: From Computer Geek to Cult Icon: How I Invented the Personal Computer, Co-Founded Apple, and Had Fun Doing It, iWoz: From Computer Geek to Cult Icon: How I Invented the Personal Computer, Co-Founded Apple, and Had Fun Doing It 313380d101 IWoz Traces The Life And Times Of A Brilliant, Gifted Individual Whose Contributions To The Scientific, Business And Cultural Realms Are Extensive BookpageBefore Slim Laptops That Fit Into Briefcases, Computers Looked Like Strange, Alien Vending Machines But In The Most Staggering Burst Of Technical Invention By A Single Person In High Tech History BusinessWeek Steve Wozniak Invented The First True Personal Computer Wozniak Teamed Up With Steve Jobs, And Apple Computer Was Born, Igniting The Computer Revolution And Transforming The World Here, Thirty Years Later, The Mischievous Genius With The Low Profile Treats Readers To A Rollicking, No Holds Barred Account Of His Life For Once, In The Voice Of The Wizard Himself

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    I gave up.Edit To give this a bit depth, let me explain Steve Wozniak is a brilliant man, a kind man, a wonderful man I d love to have him as a friend, family member, coworker I said the opposite of Jobs when reading his biography He just simply cannot write Every page reads like an excited little boy who just came home from school And then I built this project And then I pushed the on button And the lights didn t work But I learned a lot And I tried a new project for the science fair , which I believe Woz still is, at heart That s fantastic That s lovely But it doesn t make for good writing.There is something to possibly be said about the fact that maybe Woz s life is a bit dull for this sort of thing He had no issues with his childhood He loved his parents He s unblemished by his past I m telling you, he s an absolutely excellent guy, but such good naturedness doesn t leave a lot of room for conflict.Then again, I also think there s tons that s interesting about Woz But it would have been better left to an autobiographer to tell, someone who could emphasize the important parts, locate them in the spirit of the times, or at the very least draw out broader thoughts from his subject This leads me to my second problem although this book was published earlier, I read the Jobs autobiography first That means that any of the exciting little stories embedded here the early days of phone phreaking, the Home Brew Club, Apple s early days I had already heard and frequently in much fascinating detail.So, no matter how many times I tried, I just couldn t finish this book Sorry Woz Let s be friends

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    Well, as far as a biography goes, there isn t all that much and what there is, is only adding to the impression of a somewhat disjointed personality.The impression this book left me was an attempt to set the record straight, which is never a good thing in a biography.Writing wise the book is awful Repetition ad nauseam, boasting, etc We don t really get to know the man behind all those achievements, that is, the universal remote control, Apple I, Apple II, Apple III Ahem, sorry, my mistake, this one was invented by a committe lead by Steve Jobs, ah ah.If you re really interested to know the Wozniak s personal take on the invention of the personal computer, go ahead and read it If not, there s already a all bunch of information on the web, where the record is already straight Stick to it.

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    Steve Wozniak Crazy Technical Genius I m glad I ignored most reviews about this book Anyone starting to read this book expecting to be wowed by a literary genius or amazing elaborate stories need to a reality check What I love about this book is that you totally get that Steve Wozniak is a pure bred engineer and anyone who has spent any significant amount of time with engineers would understand that his commentary is not about boasting or arrogance, it s simply the way engineers think He explicitly lays out why he wrote the book and I m glad he did After reading it I felt like doing two things, designing something to create and also pulling some pranks of my own In fact I will

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    WozOne hell of a big ego, almost too mich to bear Although this book is an interesting glimpse at the early Apple days and the Apple I and II, many of Woz s claims did not ring true for me.I was with Digital Equipment Corporation DEC from 1973 to 1983 2nd largest computer company at the time and many of the 1sts or breaktgroughs claimed by Woz had been already done by DEC and others In my opinion, Apple s world game changer was the Lisa Its graphics windows user interface and its subsequent use on the Mac completely changed how humans interact with computers I was working at DEC s home office in the early 80 s as we were struggling with creating a common user interface When I saw the Lisa announced and demoed at a Philadelphia computer conference I reported.back to DEC that I had seen the future and its name was Lisa I stated that when the price could be reduced from 10,000 to the 3k level that it would sell in volume, and it did with the GUI implemented on the Macintosh.Microsoft Windows 95 lagged way behind when launched at a later date, never to catch up with the elegance of the Mac I bought the first model It was my 2nd PC, DEC s Robin being the first And, of course there was DEC s PDP 8, having most of the features in the late 60s that Woz claims to have invented Remember that one This mp3 in my case book is an interesting story of Apple and its early computers, but is primarily an inside look at Apple co founder Steve Wozniack s significant technical and prank talents, personality and view of life by his not so humble self.There are many bright engineers and many good ideas Those who happen to succeed the first time around forget that with all the other ingredients equal, what makes 90% of the difference in becoming rich and successful is timing and luck Woz is smart not smarter, but his main component of success was that he was lucky at the right time And had the and ego to prove it OK for a speed read and then toss it Yuk.

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    Steve Wozniak is one of my heros He s a brilliant engineer who changed the world just by doing what he loved to do and doing it well His sense of humor is legendary and wonderful I love me some Woz So I pre ordered iWoz as soon as I heard about it and couldn t wait for the box to arrive at my door Boy was I disappointed The writing for this book is atrocious It uses small words and basic, repetitive sentence structure It s boring to read The stories are interesting but definitely needed the skills of a professional writer iWoz actually has a with Gina Smith writing credit, so I don t know what happened I didn t even finish the book Every sentence is mind numbing and I just couldn t do it any.Ah well In the end, Woz has a little bit of my money which he can use to buy another Segway I m okay with that I m just a little disappointed.

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    This book is a very difficult read I have tremendous respect for Woz, but this book was so poorly written and had such a conceited narrative that I struggled big time I can t believe he had a co author This book grates on my nerves because of the writing style I ve tried to read it twice now unsuccessfully iWoz is pretty arrogant and annoying.

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    Delicate, wonderful, inspiring biography Review tonight

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    One of my favorite literary genres is the origin story How did a great thing get invented, how did a great person become great This one is the story of how Steve Wozniak invented the personal computer at a very young age, and helped found Apple Computer.This is a very breezy read, pretty obviously dictated and barely edited It s like sitting in a room with Steve Wozniak as he tells you his life story, with some diversions and some humorous anecdotes thrown in I finished it in a weekend, and I m a slow reader.The primary purpose of the book appears to be Woz claiming his place in history as the inventor of the personal computer It s a major achievement, an amazing piece of engineering history, and Woz puts it into an understandable context His father was a very high end engineer, and brought home equipment that few people had access to By the time Woz was 11, he was building rudimentary electronic counting machines for the school science fair, at a time when few people had seen an electronic calculator His Apple I computer was a hobbyist s dream, but the amazing achievement is the Apple , which was years ahead of anybody else And Woz put it all together himself, a one man show.Woz makes it clear that he had very little interest in forming a company, and he left Apple for the most part right after computers got too complicated for one individual to build them.The story doesn t get much deeper than that, but you do come away from it with a sense that you ve met Woz and he s told you his best stories, and you could do worse than that Postscript It s not a great book, in itself, not impressive at all But it is filled with interesting tidbits about the history of computer technology, I find myself a few months later quite glad I read it.

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    iWoz was a good autobiography of an interesting man Many comments in other reviews mention the self centered and or patronizing sound, but it may not be his intention, and for those who know him, it may not be seen that way Maybe the editors should have told him how it was coming off to strangers, but I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt It may be that he possesses genius of a level that crowds out some social conventions, so he doesn t know that explaining things that are very technical, on an elementary level can be off putting to some who have a little knowledge of computers It could be worse Some talk over the heads and readers get lost, when the subject could be quite entertaining I enjoyed hearing about the inside of the initial success of Apple I enjoyed hearing about Steve s Woz s life and his passions including, but aside from engineering computers He WAS a totally different man that the other Steve, and he acknowledges that it took the combination of the two to make Apple what it was, when it started I enjoy hearing the story from the source, and Woz set the story straight on a few things It is worth listening to, even if your education level is high school and above Most of the information is worth knowing, even if you have to work at not being offended by the delivery.

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    Ok, I do have to admit that I haven t finished the book nor do I want to at this point but someday I may pick up where I left off I was first interested in reading this because I thought that the guy who invented Apple must be a pretty interesting guy Maybe he isbut it doesn t come across in this book He comes across as the most arrogant, self centered, self important person EVER I know that autobiographies are about one s life but I guess I am drawn to people who can give and share credit, who approach life with a team oriented mindset, and who aren t self absorbed I think in the first 10 pages of this book I read the words, I am the smartest, or I am the best, or I am the greatest, than I can even count Don t get me wrong I am thankful that there are those as smart as Mr Wozniak, but I guess I am not intersted in them as people afterall He should stick to inventing computers, and stay away from writing about his life.Just my opinion

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