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Borderlines and Borderlands pdf Borderlines and Borderlands , ebook Borderlines and Borderlands , epub Borderlines and Borderlands , doc Borderlines and Borderlands , e-pub Borderlines and Borderlands , Borderlines and Borderlands a77e417e059 From Our Earliest Schooldays, We Are Shown The World As A Colorful Collage Of Countries, Each Defined By Their Own Immutable Borders What We Often Don T Realize Is That Every Political Boundary Was Created By People No Political Border Is Natural Or Real Than Another, Yet Some International Borders Make No Apparent Sense At All While Focusing On Some Of These Unusual Border Shapes, This Fascinating Book Highlights The Important Truth That All Borders, Even Those That Appear Normal, Are Social Constructions In An Era Where The Continued Relevance Of The Nation State Is Being Questioned And Where Transnationalism Is Altering The Degree To Which Borders Effectively Demarcate Spaces Of Belonging, The Contributors Argue That This Point Is Vital To Our Understanding Of The World The Unique And Compelling Histories Of Some Of The World S Oddest Borders Provide An Ideal Context For This Group Of Experts To Offer Accessible And Enlightening Discussions Of Cultural Globalization, Economic Integration, International Migration, Imperialism, Postcolonialism, Global Terrorism, Nationalism, And Supranationalism Each Author S Regional Expertise Enriches A Textured Account Of The Historical Context In Which These Borders Came Into Existence As Well As Their Historical And Ongoing Influence On The People And States They Bound To View Maps From The David Rumsey Map Collection, Visit Davidrumsey

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    Only two reviews Really Because this was a really pretty interesting selection of essays about the margins of the modern nation state There wasn t anything especially groundbreaking here, but in made for a damn fine set of case studies, on, among other places, Palestine, Bangladesh, Kyrgyzstan, and Washington State Sincerely recommended to anyone interested in geography and its implications in the modern world.

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    A great range of case studies on border disputes and their origins Ultimately, the edition fails to move beyond the Westphalian system of sovereign states that it simultaneously labels as arbitrary and inconclusive.

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