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Rough Trade summary Rough Trade , series Rough Trade , book Rough Trade , pdf Rough Trade , Rough Trade a3dce9243e Rough Trade Once Signaled A Risky Encounter With Dangerous Straight Men Who Were Gay For Pay In The Almost Forty Years Since Stonewall, Rough Trade Has Come To Mean Everything From S M To Wrestling To Violent Rough Sex Some Of The Top Male Erotica Writers Have Penned Their Own Hot, Sexy Versions Of The Term, Producing Some Of The Hottest, Nastiest, And Most Dangerous Fiction Ever Published Jonathan Asche, Dan Boyle, Bill Brent, Dale Chase, M Christian, Todd Gregory, Greg Herren, Adam McCabe, Kelly McQuain, Christopher Pierce, Neil Plakcy, Nic P Ramsies, Max Reynolds, Jay Starre, Cage Thunder, Aaron Travis, Greg Wharton, And Logan Zachary

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    The rating is based solely on the first story by Aaron Travis Holy shit, not for the faint of heart.However, they were all good, some so than others Skimmed over the last few Will come back to those later UPDATE That 1st story has made me obsessed with everything written by Aaron Travis.

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    I didn t read all of the stories in the books since the ones I did weren t all that compelling I did skim through all of them, however I would describe these stories as disturbing, rather then erotic, but perhaps that is to be expected considering the theme of the collection The stories are all very well written, but not what I would describe as literary The Fratboy and The Faggot by Aaron Travis is typical of the collection focusing on the sexual pleasure a gay man derives from being used and debased by a at least in theory straight frat guy who sees the gay man as merely an object to be used The chief emotion the story invoked in was pity, followed by distaste A lot of the stories deal with prostitution Tricked by Jonathon Asche was my favorite of the ones I read It was about a man who thought he was hooking up discovering he was the trick of an derisive prostitute and how he got his revenge It was hot and very disturbing and captured what I think this collection was trying to do.

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    Some good Some not so good All very well written At times it felt too far fetch to believe but fun none the less would have enjoyed danger in the stories They sometimes felt too clean cut to be rough trade I enjoyed them Favorites include Under the Table, Frisco and Blueboy.

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