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The Silver Blade summary The Silver Blade, series The Silver Blade, book The Silver Blade, pdf The Silver Blade, The Silver Blade 8d5cf057b1 A Touch Of Magic A Daring RescueMysterious Yann Returns To Revolutionary France InTo Smuggle Out Aristocratic Refugees Who Will Otherwise Face The Guillotine His Darling Sido Is In England, Safe From The Reign Of Terror But While The Two Are Apart, Yann S Gypsy Origins Prejudice Sido S Guardian Against Their Marriage, Spoiling Their Longed For Reunion When Sido Is Kidnapped Under Strange Circumstances, However, Yann Must Use All His Strength And Courage To Outwit The Fearful Count, Rescue Sido, And Help Save All Of France

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    I think this one comment sums it all, Gardner just keeps getting stranger and better The Telegraph The sequel to The Red Necklace certainly does not dissapoint This one is darker in tone and there is even dread of death upon everything Seriously, I almost felt like I could smell the blood Yann Margoza has become a Robin Hood of sorts He uses his extraordinary powers to help people escape the unforgiving guillotone and becomes to be known as the Silver Blade Sido on the other hand is safe in London, but is not as safe as everyone assumes And as most people guess I m sure this really isn t a spoiler that Count Kalliovski still roams the catacombs of Paris.The plot to this story is very intricate so it s important to pay attention to names I actually had a hard time remembering who was who sometimes Sometimes I d have to flip pages to jog my memory It may have been because I didn t read it in one stretch, but again I urge future readers to pay attention You get sucked in so easily in this world Gardner s descriptions are just so rich and fit this time period The French Revolution is often painted as something relatively heroic and as a reader I learned just how much went wrong even after the nobles were overthrown Extremes of anything never work.Yann is such a character I now really understand why people use that phrase now He s such a flawed hero and you root for him anyway I was bit let down when we didn t get to see so much of Sido, but really this is Yann s story Though of course a big part of why and how he does things is because of her.The ending is just right, even if it isn t totally explained I think it s that way to give you the sense that the gypsy magic is still suppose to be a bit of a mystery to us One part that irked me was how Anselm s part played out and there is this one character that I believe was only used to make a point That aside though, do pick up the book You won t be able to compare it to something you have read before it really is delicioulsy different.

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    3.5 stars Love the love letters sigh

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    3.5 Stars, read 16 17th November, 2009Sequel to The Red Necklace, and the conclusion of Gardner s French Revolution series.The story picks up approximately 18 months after the ending of The Red Necklace Yann Margoza has been in France all this time rescuing people from the guillotine and the atrocities of the Revolution, risking everything in a dangerous bid to save lives following the tradition of the Scarlet Pimpernel Yann has come to be known as the Silver Blade and it grows ever perilous for him and his companions to continue their operations.Meanwhile, Sido has been in London with her Aunt and Uncle Laxton Her separation from Yann weighs heavily on her soul and she just wanders through her life, bereft of comfort and purpose, feeling ever trapped It is not until she and Yann begin to exchange letters that she starts to live again With the exchange of these missives, the communication of thoughts, desires, ideas, Yann and Sido fall deeper in love until Yann declares himself to Sido.Of course, at this point, things take a horrible, nasty turn toward doom and the total ruination of our leading cast s hopes and dreams For Count Kalliovski survived, in a manner of speaking, and is hell bent on obtaining Yann s powers To that end, he abducts Sido, who carries Yann s talisman Yann must face the truth of who his father was and find a way to save Sido, while around him Paris is collapsing as the Reign of Terror bears its final bitter fruit As before, I enjoy Sally Gardner s style It is highly visual and vivid Just thinking of her description of Count Kalliovski s catacomb residence gives me the chills because I can picture it all too clearly But I would have liked backstory on Anis and Kalliovski What did actually occur between them Did Anis ever love him He was obsessed with her, but did she willingly carry his child Was she forced Then he killed her in a rage when she told him his future She told him he had a choice, two roads I wish that had been fleshed out I also wanted a logical, solid set up for how Kalliovski was defeated All we have is a Gypsy story about a dog the devil s own, a shell and an abyss Huh And I still think Sido would have benefited from personality being shown.For all those concerned, there is the usual gore, bloodshed, brutality and inhumanity associated with this tragic time period, as well as a scene of implied sex.Also, the original ending was lost due to a computer mishap and rewrote,so it would be very interesting to see how it would have differed.

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    Usually when it comes to sequels, I like the first book better, but in this case, I would have to say that I found The Silver Blade much action packed and gripping than its predecessor That s not to say that The Red Necklace is boring, but this book has a much amplified story It s a teen version and generally less boring version of The Scarlet Pimpernel and I have reasons to think that Sally Gardner intended it that way at one point in the story, a character is surprised at the hero s appearance, saying he expected him to be older and an Englishman Then at the end, there is a scene almost exactly like the finale in Dickens A Tale of Two Cities i mean, ALMOST EXACTLY I found the similiaries charming and kind of tongue in cheek, but that s just me I read many reviews before diving into this sequel, and so I was expecting the continuing love story between Yann and Sido to be wishy washy, but I was surprised by the quality of writing on the author s part to make me really care about what they re going through I found their letters sweet and touching, instead of annoying I just really like characters who are true to each other, so I found these two to be quite refreshing There is way magic, or whatever you want to call it, in this book, and that s not altogether a good thing It s like Sally Gardner is so desiring to keep her readers in the dark until the last minute, she doesnt give us enough clues as to what exactly she s talking about This book is directed at MS HS age readers, and I m in college, so my age should have given me an advantage in deciphering what exactly she was talking about, but it didnt help, and throughout the story I remained a bit flabbergasted as to what was going on The Gypsy magic part of the story just seemed really confusing and vague, and I still am not entirely sure how orders of events were worked out And there s one aspect of the story in particular that just doesnt sit well with me a character discovers secrets about said character s father and mother, but the relationship between the father and mother is never fully detailed, so it makes me wonder if the mother was a victim, or a word that rhymes with tank I dont know, it was just weird The explanation given never really made sense, nor did it completely satisfy So I don t know BUT Gardner did a better job in the historical department Danton, Robespierre, and other real life figures are adequately explained in this story, and I greatly appreciated the many references to the National Guard, the Concierge sp and other aspects of history The ending if there s ever a part of a story in which I am at my most critical, it s over the ending I am about 89% happy with the way the last 100 pages were handled, but I think that at one particular time, Gardner s priorities got a bit out of sync I ve given my THIS IS A YA BOOK, SO YOU AUTHORS SHOULD WATCH WHAT YOU WRITE speech on other reviews, and I hold to my ideas The event in question was not handled in a bad or explicit way, and perhaps not even in an inappropriate way I m still perched on the fence about it, I just wish it could have been placed closer to the ending, that s all I don t want to say that it wasnt necessary, but I think it just happened at the wrong time So all in all, it was quite an enjoyable read With a bit of editing, I could see myself reading this book and The Red Necklace to my future students, and in the meantime, I would certainly recommend this book and its predecessor.

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    I m glad I read this even though I liked the first better Very interesting, great writing, and certainly informative in the French Revolution aspect The book starts a couple of months after the first ended Yann and his crew are helping people escape France Sido and Yann are in love still and have sent letters to each other though it is dangerous.I believe that the villain in this one is scarier, a plus point for me I must say he is really really bad, and evil, and wicked I mean literally, his lair is made up of bones human bones It is mentioned quite a few times Also his motto is Have no mercy, show no mercy Not exactly original and a bit of overkill There are a few other things that I felt were emphasized than they should have and just gone on with the plot Kind of like a joke that had a good punch line but then the comedian just kept adding on to it when it really would ve been better if they just bowed out with everyone laughing That was mostly what I had a problem with about the book I liked that this had action and suspense Lots of tension on Yann s side of the story Sido doesn t play as big of a role as I hoped she would, but Yann s side of the story is interesting most of the time anyways That is until he starts getting really all melodramatic and mournful The point of view is switched between quite a few characters I forgot if this happened in the first but I m thinking it did Not as great as I was hoping but honestly not a bad read.

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    2.5 stars

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    Do you ever pick up a book and actually shake with the anticipation of it being as good as the author s previous books and then as soon as you start reading it you never want it to end Well, that s how I felt about The Silver Blade In this sequel to The Red Necklace, we are reacquainted with Yann Margoza, the young Romany magician and Sidonie de Villeduval, the young aristocrat orphan as well as a host of other familiar characters we have grown to love or hate, including the dwarf Tetu and the formidable Count Kalliovski It is March 1794, in the midst of the Reign of Terror where distrust and degradation prevail It is indeed the best of times , the worst of times and Sally Gardner succeeds in portraying the best and worst of human nature in this dark, magical tale The best is represented by the selfless heroism of Yann who helps aristocrats escape the spectre of the guillotine whilst the worst is the very palpable evil of Count Kalliovski who resides in a twilight world in the catacombs under the city, spinning his dark threads and relishing the depravity and corruption which pervades post revolution Paris.It s a story about good versus evil, a love story, a story about friendship and loyalty and it also gives us an insight into an historical period of great turmoil and change There is magic, romance, a hint of gothic coupled with vivid vignettes of Parisian life in all its post revolutionary squalor The writing is beautiful, never forced and everything is cleverly woven together like an intricate tapestry.I would urge any fans of well written historical fiction aged 9 to 99 to read The Silver Blade and to succumb to the seduction of this master storyteller It could be read as a stand alone but you will get a much richer reading experience by reading The Red Necklace first.

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    The Silver Blade is an excellent ending to the Red Necklace I m so sad there won t be any in this series Sally Gardner is now on my favorite author list.

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    With his beloved Sido safely in England and the Reign of Terror at its height, Yann Margoza returns to revolutionary France to smuggle out refugees When Sido is kidnapped under strange circumstances, Yann must outwit the evil Count Kalliovski, rescue Sido, and help save all of France.I thought this book was OK, but it certainly didn t live up to Gardner s usual standards Of course, it was still an enjoyable read, but I think it did admittedly have a few issues I ve had trouble sorting out whether it s the book s fault or my own In the end, I suspect it s a mixture.We ll start with the fact that there was a little too much magic used in the plot There was a small amount of it in The Red Necklace which improved the story , but in The Silver Blade I think there was far than necessary, and it made the plot too far fetched and hard to follow At the point where Balthazar somehow came back from the dead for the third time, I got totally lost and fell asleep instead of continuing to read.I also didn t like the all perfect angle Yann had taken on and it kinda annoyed me because there were so many comparisons between how wonderful he was and how stupid other people were They occurred constantly when he saved a wig maker from two drunk citizens when he was compared to Basco as a much better actor when he was thought of as being either honest or a brilliant actorthe list goes on and on.For all that, though, this was not exactly what you would call a BAD book It was both stunning in terms of imagery and in the depth and intelligence of emotion It was an epic love story that transcended all barriers Further, Gardner created a wonderfully mystic magic in the form of light threads and their counterparts dark threads through which objects can be manipulated but it was in the creation of life like manikins that are able to speak and move called automata that her sheer brilliance was illustrated This dark, foreboding sense of power is wonderfully creepy and tantalizingly real.There are plenty of people who think this is a great book, and a few who think it s not so great I m somewhere in between those two groups However, compared to Gardner s usual standard of writing, it fell lower than usual But honestly, it wasn t that bad a read I would rate it 3 5 stars

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    There is no terrifying sight in all Paris than that of the guillotine Paris, 1794 A single word is enough to betray someone to death by guillotine Everyone is suspicious of everyone else, no one can be trusted Sidonie deVilleduval Sido , an aristocratic orphan, is safe in London longing for Yannick Margoza Yann Yann is in Paris, using his various gifts and skills to save French aristocrats from the guillotine.The evil Count Kalliovski has designs on both Sido and Yann He wields his power from his lair deep within the Parisian catacombs, assisted by ghosts and his demonic dog, Balthazar Sido is captured by Count Kalliovski s minions Can Yann overcome his own demons to rescue her This is the past What has been done is done No tomorrows can unpick history This is an engrossing story which portrays the best and worst of human nature Can good triumph over evil Can Yann and Sido find happiness together despite the barriers between them Ms Gardner writes an entertaining and engrossing story It s aimed for young adults, but this much old er adult enjoyed it as well Just the right mix of heroism and magic.I read The Silver Blade knowing that there was an earlier book The Red Necklace which I have not yet read I will read it at some stage because I m keen to know what took place earlier However, The Silver Blade is so full of action that I didn t really have time to wonder about the earlier book I closed this book wanting .Jennifer Cameron Smith

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