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Wuthering Bites chapter 1 Wuthering Bites , meaning Wuthering Bites , genre Wuthering Bites , book cover Wuthering Bites , flies Wuthering Bites , Wuthering Bites 02bea83f524de When A Young Orphan Named Heathcliff Is Brought To Wuthering Heights By The Manor S Owner, Mr Earnshaw, Rumors Abound Yet The Truth Is Complicated Than Anyone Could Guess Heathcliff S Mother Was A Member Of A Gypsy Band That Roamed The English Countryside, Slaying Vampires To Keep Citizens Safe But His Father Was A Vampire Now, Even As Heathcliff Gallantly Fights The Monsters Who Roam The Moors In Order To Protect Beautiful, Spirited Catherine Earnshaw, He Is Torn By Compassion For His Victims And By His Own Dark Thirst Though Catherine Loves Heathcliff, She Fears The Vampire In Him, And Is Tempted By The Privileged Lifestyle Their Neighbors, The Lintons, Enjoy Forced To Choose Between Wealthy, Refined Edgar Linton And The Brooding, Increasingly Dangerous Heathcliff, She Makes A Fateful Decision And Soon Heathcliff, Too, Must Choose Between His Hunger, And The Woman He Will Love For All Eternity

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    from the back cover boldface mine when a young orphan named heathcliff is brought to wuthering heights by the manor s owner, mr earnshaw, rumors abound yet the truth is complicated than anyone could guess heathcliff s mother was a member of a gypsy band that roamed the english countryside, slaying vampires to keep citizens safe but his father was a vampire now, even as heathcliff gallantly fights the monsters who roam the moors in order to protect beautiful, spirited catherine earnshaw, he is torn by compassion for his victims and by his own dark thirst.AHHHHHHH yes yes yes a thousand times yes how could this go wrong ohhhhhh, like that.so this is my first venture into the literary monster mash up genre i cannot turn down a wuthering heights adaptation, nope it s funny, because seriously, the day before this came out, i was lamenting to john petrie that there were so many zombie mummy werewolf vampire retellings, and not one had been attempted for wuthering heights, which seems to me like it would be such a natural conflation heathcliff and a vampire i mean, duh, right and then blammo the next day, there it was and i bought it and began reading it that very night overall, i m not sure how i feel about this trend i can see why it makes sense to add monsters into jane austen just to have something interesting happen oh snap and here s where i duck from elizabeth s right hook i kid, i kid but on the other hand, you wouldn t think there was an elegant way to wedge vampires into the plot, despite the already vampiric qualities of heathcliff and the bizarre actions of some of the characters which could be easily explained by massive blood loss but that part of the book is fine the addition of vampires there are huge pockets of emptiness in w.h heathcliff s missing three years, his origins, that whole period where heathcliff is living in the house with hindley and hareton, unsupervised, unobserved there are plenty of places to slap a vampire or two.it explains why lockwood wouldn t want to cross the moors back to thrushcross grange in the beginning, it explains the multiple wasting sicknesses and pale countenances and the swooningi mean, you could do a really good job writing vampires into this book, people.my problem is with all the rest of it i m not sure how the other ones work but it is my understanding that the austen alcott twain text is reprinted in full, but that scenes are added in the style of the author s writing that comically or shamelessly based on your particular opinion reimagines the text but this reads like an outline of w.h the tone is just off and it may not even be apparent to a casual fan of the heights but i freaking love that book and it s like looking at a 3d movie without those glasses even in the cases where the words are practically identical like heathcliff s deliciously melodramatic i can love my murderer but not yours speech it just seems wrong.part of it might be that the inserted material is mostly of nellie dean s perspective, and it s pretty folksy it adds a lot of humor to a story that should in no way ever be humorous seriously, vampires could have made the already dark plot of w.h even darker, and genuinely scary, but she chose to go a different route, and for the record, i HATE the constant referring to the vampires as beasties that s what you would call a mischievous hedgehog, not a bloodsucking killer.i just pity the people who will read this before wuthering heights because this is a poor introduction to a truly haunting love story yeah, i said it, what it didn t suck chortle, chortle , but i really didn t enjoy it, so i have to give it a sad two stars but three for effort come to my blog

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    I read Wuthering Heights as a teenager and I really struggled to feel for any of the characters but I think reading this book has made me want to go back and try again.Y know what I don t know where to begin with Wuthering Bites but I honestly don t think Emily Bronte would be offended at this remodelling of her work I stayed with it for as long as I could and sometimes I got a pay off for my efforts and sometimes I didn t I cried a bit at the end, it was a bit cheesy but sometimes a cheesy, emotional end is needed I think with all the pain and suffering in our world, when a book comes along that reminds you that you can choose your own path, be it to run after a wagon or end it all, that is a book worth reading I certainly will be recommending it to some special people in my life as I think they may feel the same once the tale has been told.All in all, this book has helped me these past few months through a bereavement and I suppose that s the main point I am trying to make Its made me feel empowered again through my own darkness If anyone ever reads this, put in the effort to read Wuthering Bites as I think it may have something its trying to tell you, as it has told me.

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    First, READ WUTHERING HEIGHTS If you have not read it in a while or you have never read it, it is pretty much a prerequisite to this story since the two are so closely intertwined That said This book really surprised me I was really drawn in by the clever title than anything else, but in all honesty I was really quite shocked at how much I actually enjoyed it Wuthering Heights, is a beautiful, dark, haunting tale full of Gothic torment and mysteryquite clearly the perfect setting for a vampire novel as vampires are, in essence, Gothic, tormented, mysterious, etc.The attempts made by the author to try to stay as close as the original was not nearly as cheesy and I thought it would be I orginally borrowed this book from a friend for a laugh, Laugh was on me as it was just what it promised to be Wuthering Heights, with a small vampire backstory woven in to the fabric of the plot If I were to judge this as a completely stand alone piece and not compare this to Wuthering Heights and really, how could you not I would have to say that this was one of the best vampire novels I ve read in a while which surprised mewhat surprises me even is that I have not heard buzz about it or that people aren t reading it

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    I have read Wuthering Heights I enjoyed it So beings I like Vampires, I figured with this book I d get the best of both worlds rightso wrong I was bored I MADE myself finish this book If you read the original, then you most likely had the same ideas as to where this book could have gone, but it didn t Read the real Wuthering Heights, it s better.

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    re read December 2016 original review 2010Where do I begin This book rather surprised me I was shocked at how much I actually enjoyed it in the end Wuthering Heights is probably one of my favorite novels of all time. one of the best classics of all time, in my opinion It is a beautiful, dark, haunting tale in itself Wuthering Bites while I honestly thought the title was a bit cheesy, and I m sure the title was given as a marketing ploy and in order to try and stay as closely matched with it s original wasn t near as awful or comedic as I thougt it would be It was basically Wuthering Heights, with a bit of a vampire story tossed along in it At times, I did feel it mocked the original some, or came off as a bit too comedic in some areas most especially when the author kept referring to the creatures as beasties , but the overall piece held my attention and I did actually enjoy it very much This Monster Mash Up genre in general sort of intrigues me I only hope that it compels readers to read the original classics as well In all honesty, I didn t feel it necessary that Wuthering Heights was written into this, as it was already a dark, beautiful and haunting tale And at times this author of Wuthering Bites did nothing to add to the atmosphere I m a huge, huge fan of Wuthering Heights So this didn t change my love for it one bit If anything, it made me want to rush to my bookshelf and read my old original copy once again If anyone reads this, I do highly recommend reading Wuthering Heights as well, lest you miss out on a truly great classic.If I were to judge this as a completely stand alone piece and not compare this to Wuthering Heights and I m sorry, but I have to compare because that s what it s meant for , I would almost say that this is one of the best vampire pieces I ve read in awhile.I m rather surprised honestly that it seems this book hasn t been getting a little recognition than I feel it should.I give it 4 stars A pretty great rating from me.

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    Wuthering Bites is an awesome Halloween time read Wuthering Heights has always been one of my favorite books and, in my opinion, the addition of vampires makes it even better I have read other beastly versions of classics, such as Pride and Prejudice and Zombies but they just don t compare to this one.In this book, I really liked that the presence of the beasties in the story are so prominent The addition of vampires actually changes the story slightly, unlike others I ve read in which a zombie attack is tossed in occasionally and all else is exactly the same as the original This book kept me interested from cover to cover not just because it is a spinoff of one of my favorite classics, but because it kept me guessing what the fate of the main characters would be I was always wondering who might be taken by a vampire next, and who might possibly be a vampire in disguise This book was well written, and it s clear that some thought was put into it I was thoroughly impressed, and I ll be reading it again.

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    I didn t enjoy this mash up as much I liked Jane Slayre The Literary Classic with a Blood Sucking Twist, which I also recently read It was a fun read, but the vampire elements could have been incorporated in a thorough way Some of them, especially toward the end, felt very tacked on In a really good mash up, we don t see the seams.

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    Hmmm not bad, but not great This is virtually word for word Wuthering Heights, only with Vampires thrown in Heathcliff is part Vampire, because of his mother, There s not much to say, apart from, if you want to read it, borrow it from the library,, glad I did

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    I found this version better than the original I guess because the characters in the original were so obtuse The vampire twist made sense to the characters once added into their overall personalities I really enjoyed this version and laughed out loud on occasion.

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