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    This was an ambitious project the book covers every execution in Great Britain from 1900 until the death penalty was abolished in 1964 Most of the entries were no longer than a page, and I don t think any ran past four pages It s the kind of book that you ought to keep on your bedside table or toilet tank for years, taking dips as you feel like it, but as it was a library book I had to read it straight through.I was surprised at how ordinary the murders were For the most part, it was just the usual assortment of jealous lovers, drunken husbands, robbery murders and rape murders The book actually starts to get boring when you read too many stories straight through because they re almost all the same The lack of a name index was a major flaw, I feel, although the executions were indexed by the prison they took place in.A good book for death penalty buffs and British history buffs, but not to be read too much at once.I used this book as one of my sources for several of my guest entries on the death penalty blog Executed Today, including the ones for George Joseph Smith, the so called Brides in the Bath murderer, Louisa Masset, the first person executed in Britain in the 1900s, and Wasyl Gnypiuk, who allegedly murdered a woman in his sleep.

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    c2002 Ghoulish and so ordinary in many ways Definitely proof that most murders are committed by a family member and how alcohol played a major part I was a little surprised at the number of people executed for spying and treason Another glaring fact is that there seems to be a lot murders in the north of England than in the South Recommended for those true crime fans in the normal crew Found guilty, Martinez became the last American to be executed at Shepton Malllet and the last man hanged for rape in the United Kingdom

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    I borrowed this from a friend, because it looked quite interesting and it didn t let me down Obviously a lot of work and data collection was done to compile the details, which were presented in a concise and informative way making it easy to read, despite the grisly subject matter Very thought provoking.

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The Encyclopaedia of Executions download The Encyclopaedia of Executions, read online The Encyclopaedia of Executions, kindle ebook The Encyclopaedia of Executions, The Encyclopaedia of Executions 0850427dc1bc This Encyclopaedia Is The Definitive Work On Executions That Took Place In Britain In The Th Century The Hard Facts Of Each Case Cover The Criminals, The Victims, The Trials And, Of Course, The Executions Themselves Each Case Is Covered In Amazing Detail And Brought To Life By The Vivid Descriptions Of The Circumstances, The Motives, And Sometimes, The Remorse John J Eddleston Has Spent Years Researching And Producing Detailed, Gripping, And Authoritative Accounts Of The Executions This Is An Essential Reference Book For True Crime Fans, Criminologists, And Those With A Passion For Historical Fact