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The Legend of Blackhurst chapter 1 The Legend of Blackhurst , meaning The Legend of Blackhurst , genre The Legend of Blackhurst , book cover The Legend of Blackhurst , flies The Legend of Blackhurst , The Legend of Blackhurst 5e0648bc0d3d9 Shadows Of Terror Pursued Lovely Young Tracey O Toole From The Moment She Arrived At The Isolated Ancestral Mansion In The Midst Of The Wild Bayou Country, Seeking News Of Her Mother S Whereabouts Handsome Family Lawyer Gabe Guirlande, A Man She Felt Instantly Attracted To, Tried To Warn Tracey Off Before She D Even Set Foot Inside The House Her Cousins Greeted Her With Suspicion And Thinly Veiled Threats, Chilling Her With Stories Of The Family Curse And The Blackhurst Ghost, Who Still Roamed The Plantation Seeking Vengeance For Ancient WrongsBut Tracey Would Not Be Scared Off, Vowing To Remain Until She Learned The Truth About Her Mother S Disappearance And, Choosing To Stay, She Forfeited All Chance Of Escape From A Household Where Death And Madness Were Familiar Guests And Where Tracey Herself Was In Danger Of Becoming The Final Victim In A Pattern Of Evil She Could Not Evade

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