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Legacy of Shadows summary Legacy of Shadows , series Legacy of Shadows , book Legacy of Shadows , pdf Legacy of Shadows , Legacy of Shadows d1f4e9ff5e SHE FIRST BEHELD HIM IN A DREAM And Her Emerald Eyes Blazed With Desire He Was Tall And Bronzed, With Hair The Color Of Gold, And He Moved With All The Swagger And Dash Of A Conquering Hero Morgana S Young Heart Wept With Longing, Yet She Knew One Day That They Would Meet, For Hers Was The Legacy Of Seeing Beyond And Now In The Wet Green Grass Of An Irish Meadow She Knelt By, His Side The Sable Haired Girl Who Served The Druids And The Viking Prince Wounded In Battle Against Her Countrymen To Love Him Was Forbidden, But When He Held Her With The Blue Fire Of His Nordic Gaze, Morgana Knew Her Destiny Lay In His, Arms Soon She Would Be Branded As An Outcast In Her Own Land And Forced To The Silvery, Snowcapped Lands Off The North There To Show Him She Was No Moonstruck Maiden, But A Woman Consumed By Passion, A Woman Born To Love

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    Morgana was a Celt with the sight and saw in a vision her life intertwined with a Viking Her vision came true when Brander, a viking prince, was wounded in battle in her lands She hides him and heals his wounds and ends up going with him to his country Will their love triumph over the treachery they encounter there

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