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  • Hardcover
  • 272 pages
  • Bamboo People
  • Mitali Perkins
  • English
  • 15 June 2017
  • 9781580893282

About the Author: Mitali Perkins

Mitali Perkins has written twelve novels for young readers, including You Bring the Distant Near nominated for the National Book Award Rickshaw Girl a NYPL best 100 Book for children in the past 100 years , Bamboo People an ALA Top 10 YA novel , and Tiger Boy, which won the South Asia Book Award for Younger Readers She currently writes and resides in San Francisco mitaliperkins.com.

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    I like this book because it s one of those interesting books that takes place in modern day My review of this story takes place In modern day Burma, Chiko main character is looking for a job, to be a teacher , he tells his mom but she doesn t want him in danger Finally she lets him go, when he s at the city hall he finds out its a trick to get forced into the Burmese army.On the opposite side of the war, a karrani boy named Tu Reh join the army to get revenge on the Burmese for burning his village, on the way they meet and will have to learn how to get a friendship going and do the best for each other.

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    One of my favorite YA novels Perkins explores the tragic and senseless repercussions of war on the border of Burma and Thailand, as told from the pov of two young men on each side The setting is authentic and beautifully rendered, and the characters strong and believable This novel is an important addition to YA literature.

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    In the book The Bamboo People there was a war The war was between the Burmese and the Karreni It s about a Burmese boy named Chiko who wants to be a teacher Chiko instead gets forced into the Burmese army and has to train to be a soldier Chiko meets Tai who is a street kid who becomes his best friend Tai teaches Chiko how to survive the training, while Chiko teaches Tai how to read and write Chiko gets a chance to go home but instead takes Tai s place and goes to war instead, while Tai goes back to Yangon On Chiko s mission something happens to Chiko Tu Reh a Karreni boy who has a decision to either kill Chiko or save him Tu Reh has to make a lot of decisions and the person he admires does nt like his decision When he made his decision he had a lot of problems to deal with I thought this was a great book because I can relate to it I also like this book because I thought it was an interesting book The book was fun to read This book has history about burma but it wasn t boring it was fun history The theme No Hero Comes Back Unscathed was a great theme and it helps with the story The theme goes along with the story really well This was a great book.

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    When I started this book, I got really interested in Chiko s story I think it s a really good story for him, and how he got captured helped me understand on being taken by the military When I got into Tu Reh s side of the story, it really helped me understand how the Karenni were treated, and their reactions on all Burmese the connection between Tu Reh and Chiko, and the story of their people really made this a good book for me.

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    I needed an historical fiction book for a challenge and this was available from the library I would never have picked it up otherwise but it s really good.I m sure it glosses over lots of unpleasantness but it is an interesting glimpse into a period of which I was oblivious.

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    Bamboo People is one of the best books I have read ever I recommend this book to everyone My favorite part of the book is the second part of the book because it is so suspenseful I usually get bored during long books, but this one made me want to keep reading I liked how in the middle of the book, it was written from a different character s perspective than in the first half.Bamboo People takes place in Burma, in the jungles, in today s time Chiko is Burmese, and Tu Reh is Karenni Their people are fighting each other Both are adolescent boys, and both end up being soldiers for their side At the beginning of the novel, Chiko has lost his dad to the government because his dad was a doctor Chiko also gets taken by the government and is forced to train as a soldier He meets a kid named Tai, which is his best friend at camp Tai tries to escape camp so he and Chiko have to carry all the rocks back down to the creek as a punishment Tai figures out how to carry the rocks faster by using buffalo and a cart When the training captain finds out, he makes Tai stay in a little room without food or water Chiko shares some of his food with Tai Tai gets chosen for a special mission, and Chiko volunteers in his place so at the end of the first half of the book Tai gets to go home, and Chiko stays for another mission The second half of the book starts with Tu Reh, instead of Chiko Tu Reh goes on a mission where he finds four dead bodies and one wounded body Tu Reh doesn t want to take the wounded because he is wearing a Burmese uniform, and he remembers the Burmese soldiers burning the home and bamboo fields of his people When he hears the wounded boy cry for his mother, he carries the body to the healer s hut where the healer tries to heal him She can t heal him because it is a very bad cut, and it gets infected Tu Reh says something about his camp, and the next day they leave On the way, they hear something shaking the ground Tu Reh gets in the path of an elephant and makes loud noises The elephant gets scared and runs away They get pretty close to camp when people start shooting at them Tu Reh slung the wounded body over his shoulder and ran all the way to camp The doctor had to cut the person s leg off and give him a fake leg We find out at the end of the book that the wounded person is Chiko from the beginning of the novel.

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    Fifteen year old Burmese teen, Chiko, wants to be a teacher, but the government wants him to be a soldier Forced against his will to join the army, Chiko learns to survive with the help of his street wise friend, Tai In the book, Bamboo People, by Mitali Perkins the issues of human rights and prejudices toward minorities are explored in the country of Burma Myanmar.Chiko is an intelligent, kind boy whose father, a doctor, has been imprisoned for resisting the government Tai who befriends Chiko has also benn forced to join the army against his will Tai has been living on the streets with his sister and knows how to survive against bullies such as those at the military camp Chiko teaches Tai to read while Tai teaches Chiko how to fight The two develop such a close bond that they consider each other brothers and are willing to sacrifice their own life for the others.This is part one of the book In part two, we meet Tu Reh who hates the Burmese for persecuting and killing his people, the Karenni When Tu Reh finds an injured Chiko he must decide whether he will kill him or help him to live.The writing in the book has short chapters with terrific descriptions of what it is like living in Burma The plot is full of tense moments and life or death situations The characters go through internal and external conflicts making it a page turner The ending did not resolve all the issues and wrapped up too quickly I thought that Nya Meh had been in contact with Chiko s dad when they told the story of her being taught medicine by a Burmese doctor when she was captive and when Tu Reh said that the photo of Chiko s dad looked familiar Also, the story of how Tai ended up in Yangon should have been explained It was glossed over.Many of the boys are interested in the girls in this story While nothing happens, Chiko and Tu Reh think a lot about girls and what they like about the the two that have caught their eye The book is violent with children dying and a bully who is a captain The recruits handle the bully well and support each other There is also hints of verbal and physically abuse toward young teenage girls such as when Tai worries about his sister, Auntie Doctor doesn t want Ree Meh to come with to the clinic because she fears for her safety, and Nya Reh when she was imprisoned by the Burmese Nothing graphic is explained.

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    In Bamboo People, Mitali Perkins tells the story from the point of view of two Burmese boys, Chiko, 15 years old, and Tu Reh, 16 years old The first half of the book, told in Chiko s first person perspective, follows Chiko as he is answering a want ad and going for an interview to become a teacher However, he is tricked, captured, and recruited into the Burmese Army to defend against the Karenni tribe The Karenni tribe is a group of freedom loving rebels who are fighting against the oppression of the Government This is where the second half of the book picks up and is told from the point of view of a young Karenni tribesman named Tu Reh.During a military mission, Chiko was badly wounded by a land mine Tu Reh finds Chiko dying on the ground and Tu Reh s father urges him to do what is right and endure great dangers to save the dying Burmese soldier One redeeming quality of this book is that the author uniquely tells the story from two perspectives By doing this, the reader sympathizes with both protagonists in the book who are on opposing sides The author also spends much time illustrating the confusion Tu Reh feels with regard to helping Chiko But Tu Reh preservers and continues to do what is right The story continues with the development of their friendship through all the hardship While it is a great story to read to be entertained, at the same time the author educates the reader about the oppressive Burmese government If I had to improve anything in the book, I would have expanded the ending and tell about the continuing lives of the two boys I find myself hoping for a sequel The main messages of the story are forgiveness, love and friendship I rate this book 5 5 stars I enjoyed reading a different genre than I normally do I can connect to Tu Reh, struggling with tough decisions, but I cannot connect to what it feels like to be in war I would recommend this book to males and females ages 13 and up Younger kids would not enjoy all of the violence in this book Also many young children probably don t understand war and they wouldn t be able to comprehend how that impacts the characters and their decisions This book moved at a good pace and I always wanted to keep reading to find out what was going to happen next Overall, this is a book that I can see myself reading again in the near future.

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    This novel, set in modern day Burma, is about two child soldiers both from very different backgrounds who are forced to take part in the military s action against the Karenni people, an ethnic minority in Burma The first part of the story, told in first person narrative, tells the tale of Chiko, a boy from an educated middle class background whose father has been imprisoned by the government Chiko is forced to join the army and train to fight the soldiers of the Karenni resistance On a mission to spy on the Karenni, Chiko is injured by a mine In the second half of the novel, we are introduced to a new narrator, Tu Reh, a member of the Karenni tribe, who finds an injured Chiko after the explosion and must decide whether to kill him or to rescue him The book contrasts the very different worlds each character inhabits and highlights the political struggle of the Burmese people.Themes addressed in the book are prejudice against ethnic minorities and the difficulty in making courageous decisions that go against these prejudices There is also a strong theme of Christian forgiveness in the book.Although I enjoyed this story and appreciated the book s themes of courage and defying prejudice, I found this one to use stock imagery the red sun described as blood and bamboo hats as upside down bowls Although the characters are teens, they seemed younger, perhaps because the writing is pitched to a younger reader The character development is decent, but not exceptional.

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    A really interesting story narrated by two young boys from both sides of the conflict in Burma Myanmar.

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