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Lucky Goes to Sea chapter 1 Lucky Goes to Sea , meaning Lucky Goes to Sea , genre Lucky Goes to Sea , book cover Lucky Goes to Sea , flies Lucky Goes to Sea , Lucky Goes to Sea 78dce12076dc3 In Lucky For Me , Frank Robson And His Partner, Leisa Scott, Rescued Lucky, A Mischievous, Cream Coloured Terrier From Death Row, And Embraced Him As The Third Member Of Their High Spirited, Boat Mad FamilyNow, Frank Relates How A Curse Seems To Hover Over The Three Of Them As They Try To Set Out On Their Long Planned, Open Ended Cruise Instead Of The Adventure Of A Lifetime, There Is Bad Weather Outside, Bad Blood On Board, And Bad Luck Besetting Them At Every TurnBut When The Trio Do Finally Escape Land, There Are Beautiful Islands To Explore And Plenty Of Escapades To Be Had With A Motley Crew Of Colourful Characters, Crocodiles, Feral Cats, Sharks, Snakes, And Even A New Love Interest For Lucky Lucky Goes To Sea Will Take You On An Unforgettable Journey, With A Four Legged Hero Guaranteed To Make You Laugh And Steal Your Heart

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    A quick and entertaining read I want to buy a boat, find my own Lucky and sail around Australia.

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    This is the second tale of Lucky the wonderful, mischievous and high spirited terrier, by his owner Frank Robson Lucky For Me introduced us to Lucky, and told how he was saved by Frank and his wife Leisa from death row now he continues the story of the boat mad family and their travels on the trip of a life time aboard their yacht, Tradewind.The adventure they have been planning for years sees them sailing up the north coast of Queensland, in amongst the islands and atolls fighting the authorities about Lucky not being able to go into the National Parks, the bad weather and storms, the engine problems with Tradewind, and Lucky himself, and how he can talk to his humans, how he gets between them when they argue, and his absolute hatred of cats But along with all the problems they encounter, they also enjoy the beautiful islands, and meet some colourful characters, plus you will laugh at Lucky s antics along the way He is sure to steal your heart, as he is a very devoted and loyal member of the crew, and will let nothing come between him and his beloved humans.A truly delightful doggy tale

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    Since I now have my own puppy I have been drawn to books about dogs, mainly stories of other people s dogs, especially cute ones I discovered this book when a reader returned it to our library, and the cover immediately drew me in a photo of Lucky wearing a life jacket This is a very pleasant story written by Frank Robson who is a a journalist known to me through his columns in the Sydney Morning Herald Lucky adapted to life on a sail boat whilst cruising the beautiful islands off Northern Queensland, meeting an assortment of colourful characters, mainly other sailors escaping the city and fulfilling their dream of a life at sea It s an easy read and a nice departure from heavy and depressing tales.

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    This was a quick read, as it wasn t a very long book I think I would have enjoyed it if there was..welljust MORE of it to read Still, it is a good read The author obviously loves, appreciates and understand his dog, and goes onto describe some of the adventures he, his partner and Lucky have on their sailing trips off Queensland Thanks to family who live up in the area the author describes, and the fact that they have a yacht, I was able to relate to some of these adventures, having been to some of these places No dog was involved, however, and I have to say, if there was, I would have been worried sick over he she coming to strife Sounds to me as if Lucky is living life to the full Read this book if you love dogs, a bit of an adventure, and can appreciate a good sense of humour Oh, and the best bit This is a book about a beloved animal companion where the animal doesn t die in the end of the book Long live Lucky

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    A gentle journal memoir about a journalist couple and their extraordinary little foundling dog, and how his presence and behaviour impacts on their sea faring lives Sequel to Lucky for Me , also a gentle read.

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    A really enjoyable read.

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    Fantastic to find a book focussed on a dog s adventures, and in Australia too Fun read, although the first half was filled with a lot of angst.

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    This is a sequel book to Frank Robson s Lucky for me Not quite as good as the original, but lovely to read a book where the dog doesn t die at the end

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    Follow up to Lucky For Me.

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    Oh I am in love with this dog The sequel to Lucky Like Me , this book centres on its four legged hero and all his quirky behaviours Read in just over a day as it should be read

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