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Android Karenina explained Android Karenina, review Android Karenina, trailer Android Karenina, box office Android Karenina, analysis Android Karenina, Android Karenina 1440 Sense And Sensibility And Sea Monsters Co Author Ben H Winters Is Back With An All New Collaborator, Legendary Russian Novelist Leo Tolstoy, And The Result Is Android Karenina An Enhanced Edition Of The Classic Love Story Set In A Dystopian World Of Robots, Cyborgs, And Interstellar Space TravelAs In The Original Novel, Our Story Follows Two Relationships The Tragic Adulterous Romance Of Anna Karenina And Count Alexei Vronsky, And The Much Hopeful Marriage Of Konstantin Levin And Kitty ShcherbatskayaThese Four, Yearning For True Love, Live In A Steampunk Inspired Th Century Of Mechanical Butlers, Extraterrestrial Worshiping Cults, And Airborne Debutante Balls Their Passions Alone Would Be Enough To Consume Them But When A Secret Cabal Of Radical Scientific Revolutionaries Launches An Attack On Russian High Society S High Tech Lifestyle, Our Heroes Must Fight Back With All Their Courage, All Their Gadgets, And All The Power Of A Sleek New Cyborg Model Like Nothing The World Has Ever Seen Filled With The Same Blend Of Romance, Drama, And Fantasy That Made The First Two Quirk Classics New York Times Best Sellers, Android Karenina Brings This Celebrated Series Into The Exciting World Of Science Fiction

  • Paperback
  • 541 pages
  • Android Karenina
  • Ben H. Winters
  • English
  • 06 October 2018
  • 9781594744600

About the Author: Ben H. Winters

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Android Karenina book, this is one of the most wanted Ben H. Winters author readers around the world.

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    3.5 stars Anna Karenina is one of my desert island books 5 stars plus I love it to pieces and have read it four times ages 13, 19, 26 and 34 Instead of re reading it again I was pleased to have found a new interpretation of this book by Ben H Winters.This book was fascinating with its infusion of robots and horror I felt that the author was able mostly to integrate the delicate human emotions with what was happening in this steampunk environment At times it was laugh out loud silly and other times very menacing indeed but underneath it all Mr Winters was able to maintain these characters need for love and admiration despite the societal chaos that went on around them.Would I recommend this book Yes but only if you have read Anna Karenina at least twice as to me the original is one the most wondrous pieces of literary art.

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    My first thought upon finishing Android Karenina was that, had Tolstoy been aware of robots, androids, moon resorts, and magnetic grav trains, this is the book he d have written To my mind, the concept of robotics, with its sense of coldness and hardness and immovable logic, fits in perfectly with the idea of post Tsar Russia where bureaucracy and the welfare of the nation takes precedence over the welfare of the individual where the sense of almost perpetual winter brings to mind the frigidity of metal gears and iron exoskeletons where hidden passions burn just as hotly as the groznium engines driving the mechanical contraptions in this book.As much I enjoyed the first Quirk books, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters, they were quite obviously literary mash ups, which, while amusing, would be somewhat jarring to read when the new storyline was introduced into the old, resulting in the occasional illogical scene Android Karenina, on the other hand, flowed, for the most part, smoothly between the old story and the new If high school kids were given a choice between reading this version and the original, we might be a literate society, or at least literature curious I would hope that anyone who hasn t read the original version would, upon finishing this book, do so, potentially opening the door to the discovery of a whole new world of literary possibilities, as I would hope would happen with all of the Quirk Books.Personally, I have never felt a connection to any of the Russian authors and reading this novel, despite its somewhat secondhand rendition of the original, just reinforced that sense of alienation I have towards them and their literary creations I understand the underlying despair which fuels Anna s story, but I cannot empathize with her The other sympathetic character, Konstantin Levin, has moments of jealously which turn him into a despicable person, which makes me wonder, Are all men so insecure So I can t say I ll be reading the original Anna Karenina anytime soon, but I m not ruling out the possibility of trying it again I used to be a picky eater, but I ve forced myself to try foods I never used to like, only to find that, indeed, they actually taste good Perhaps the same will be true of Russian novels.Android Karenina is quite a lengthy tome, certainly not a casual read, much as is the original But I hope potential readers won t be put off by this fact, as it is quite entertaining and, in my opinion, the best work put out by Ben H Winters and Quirk Books so far.

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    When I agreed to be part of the Android Karenina blogsplosion, I knew it was going to be an interesting experience I ve read the PP inspired books and obviously am familiar with PP so I got the in jokes and the references, and could compare it to the original With this, I haven t read Anna Karenina and am generally not big on the Russians, save Pasternak s Dr Zhivago , so I knew that I would have to approach this mash up differently.On the one hand, I wouldn t be biased comparing it to the original because I wouldn t know what was the original, and what was not save the robots pretty sure that s all Tolstoy p At the same time, though, there was a potential to be greatly confusing, and for me to wonder if there was some significance to the addition of robots.Basically, the latter is what happened Even though the writing flowed smoothly for me and I couldn t really tell where Tolstoy left off and Winters began, I still found myself wondering what it was all about Was the insertion of robots really necessary Was this needed in literature, did it add something to the story Basically, what s the point I found I kept asking myself this The thing is, I think there may have been a subtle reason I remember reading once about Anna s dream of beaten iron a famous scene from the original and assume that this was Winters in for the story he created there s a groundwork for the horror in Anna s metaphor And I think there were times when the cruelty exhibited toward the robots as at Princess Tverskaya s house, when the Iron Laws are tested did add a layer of humanity albeit at its worst that made the robot aspect a bit believable and linked the desperation of their case with Anna s They also seemed to act as mirrors of their masters, externalizing the internal, which was interesting though I found myself wondering if this took away from the beauty and subtlety of the original of course, not having read it, I have no idea It was just one of the many wonderings The somewhat steampunkish element was interesting, too I wouldn t call it straight steampunk note to purists but that mash up aspect was there, and I liked it Ball gowns and polished copper faceplates just work for me, I guess Also, the idea of a float was fabtastic What is a float, you ask A float is what happens when technology enables you to ramp up the excitement of a formal ball you simply puff jets of air on the ballroom floor to lift dancers off of the ground, creating new and even difficult to master dance steps Genius But I still found myself questioning I kept wondering what the point was, and how it fit into the big picture, and I kept feeling like I was missing something I think, had I read the original, I may actually have enjoyed this I did enjoy it on a somewhat forgettable level, but I may have found it compelling if I were familiar with the story, which is not the fault of Ben Winters I think he did a good job from what I can tell, but I feel like I m in a place where I just don t know what to do with it I m missing the in jokes, so the humor seems like it s just detracting from the famously sad and serious story, which leaves me with a feeling of a weird tone and confusion I think if you re reading it because you ve read Anna K and are curious, it may work for you if you re reading it in place of Anna K, it may not.One last note the illustrations did nothing for me Sorry, illustrator

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    I think of Android Karenina s ideal audience in terms of Venn diagrams that mysterious place where fans of Anna Karenina and science fiction readers who love reading about machinery and robots overlaps Many of Winters s variations on Tolstoy s themes are very clever particularly his Karenin and Quirk did well to choose AK for a steampunk mash up Still, I thought the book dragged a bit, particularly in the middle I should admit that I think Anna Karenina drags a bit in places, too I do thank Winters profusely for adjusting Levin he annoyed me far less in Android Karenina than in Tolstoy s book It was novelty rather than characters that kept this AK moving for me but, over all, despite not being a big fan of robots or sci fi, I found this AK moderately entertaining Quirk Books provided me with a review copy of the book.

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    There were a few parts that were difficult to get through, but overall I feel that Ben H Winters did an amazing job at transferring the spirit of Anna Karenina into Android Karenina Though there were times that I felt something was ridiculous, I still greatly enjoyed it The human emotion in this story was also captured beautifully and so accurately There were many times that I understood exactly the mix of emotions that was described and could completely empathize with characters even if I didn t agree with them That takes talent as an author or authors in this case.

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    I gotta confess..I don t get these Mash Up books.I really wanted to like this book, given that the source novel is a classic and one of my favorites But this book just left me cold.5 stars for the source material, 3.5 stars for this hybrid.

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    My taste in books runs to the ilk of Cold Mountain I haven t read one single vampire book I never read the Harry Potter Books and I never could get into fantasy books including the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings I guess I m just a snob When I began reading Ben H Winters mash up of Android Karenina, my hopes were not high for a quick, light or funny read Oddly enough, it was all three Mash ups are the latest thing in the literary world, mixing classics with new world monsters and demons It s not really all that new the music world has been doing it for ages Mad Magazine used to rewrite the comics as written by, If Al Capp wrote Brenda Starr.Tolstoy s Anna Karenina is the original high maintenance drama queen She falls in love with a dashing soldier, deserts her husband and child for him and complains when he doesn t dote on her every minute of the day We all know that Russian novels tend to have a gazillion characters, so what does Winters do He adds The author introduces us to the Robots made of Groznium There are Class I robots acting as toys, candles and self extinguishing ashtrays Class II robots perform the functions of domestics, train drivers and miners Upon reaching their majority, the upper classes receive a Class III, a beloved companion robot That robot is part alter ego, part Jiminy Cricket, part personal valet maid They provide a memory bank and communication, as well as protect, groom, mimic, nudge and commiserate with their human counterparts Eventually, we meet the humanoid Class IV robot, the ubiquitous toy soldiers.Count Vronsky s Class III is shaped like a wolf Anna s is sveltely shaped but still robotic Anna s husband, Alexei, has a robot that takes form as a partial face, a la Phantom of the Opera It is quite clear from the beginning that the face will be not only urging but also dictating Karenin s actions Alexei is extremely important in the Higher Branches of the Ministry of Robotics He controls all the robots and protects the populace from the UnConSkia terrorists, former state scientists who threaten Russian s utopian way of life The true marvel of this mash up is the way the author flips the events thoroughly and seamlessly from Czarist Russia to something akin to 1984 The religious enthusiasts are now Xenotheologists who believe They will come for us in three ways and those ways are in the form of hellhounds to delight any fan of Star Wars sand creatures Vronsky s English stallion, Frou Frou, becomes an exterior, a sort of suit of armor, for the cull a steeplechase in which the contestants must eliminate each other Anna will still destroy herself, not under a train, but beneath the Grav, which runs on an electrical force across a magnetic field Ben H.Winters, playwright, librettist and author of the immensely popular Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters connects all of Tolstoy s dots in the cleverly bizarre world he has created and he transforms a Russian novel into a reasonably demented work of science fiction.

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    I came to this book and this Mash up genre with an open mind There are many great examples of Post Modern re contextualisations of classic artworks Shakespeare productions set in during the second world war, Wagner s ring cycle set against a backdrop of industrial socialist revolution, Derek Jarman s quirky anachronisms These clever works re frame and re present classic stories within a contemporary context refreshing sometimes stale ideas for new audiences I was hoping Android Karenina would do this for a Russian Great.I was not a great fan of the original, with its tedious self absorbed characters and their petty bourgeois morality I couldn t wait for the revolution to come so they d be lined up against the wall and put out of their long suffering miseries and I ve always suspected that was the point of Tolstoy s master work Behold life before the revolution watch the annoying twats carry on like spoilt children over a failed marriage Hey it couldn t get any worse dressing them in Steam Punk vogue and adding a couple of robots.could it Android Karenina is puerile rubbish of the lowest sort, it s a crayon moustache graffiti ed on the Mona Lisa Was this meant to be funny If so, I don t get the joke This book is meant to be the best example of the mash up genre There are heaps of 4 and 5 star ratings from Goodreads reviewers There s no accounting for taste There are a lot of boguns out there I need to avoid this genre like the clap if this book is representative.The standard of prose is bad fan fiction without the camp humour of slash.High emotional points in the original story are defaced by absurd encounters with aliens, wormholes and poltergeist pyrotechnics, with all the subtlety of Vaudeville drum and cymbal boom tish joke punctuation.The Steam Punk themes are a hack role call of popular SF stories with robots, Asimov, Terminator etc, all dressed up in clockwork drag.The central premise of a culture based around companion robots is NEVER explained, and this absence sticks out like a bad graft on Frankenstein s monster, as every other laboured line in this turgid tome explains every tedious detail of all the other relationships, barring the most important one in that society the human machine bond Even the illustrations are clumsy uninspired ugly renderings, with robots looking like they came out of the Futurama factory At least Bender had a sense of humour.At a whopping 541 pages, this is a single joked stretched so thin the plot leaks and makes a mess on the carpet.One star because if if gave this a Zero like it deserves, you d think I d forgotten to rate it.

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    I reserve 5 star ratings for books of extraordinary creativity, skill, craftsmanship, and lasting impact to the reader Of course there s that personal enjoyment variable, too.Android Karenina meets every criteria I ve got Quirk Classics has yet to miss the mark on creativity, and Ben Winters molds words I could read or listen to all day in this work My first three criteria have been met with each of the three previous Quirk Classics released, and I expected nothing less.I expected humor than humanity from this, though The humor was there, masterfully done, but the confusion and intensity of the human experience overwhelmed me Somehow, works about machines say of mankind than of machines I ll read this again in the winter when I indulge in my annual Russian winter thing, and I ll add the original Anna Karenina as well.

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    Anna Karenina on which this is based was the first grown up book I read for lack of a better term I think I was 8 or 10 or so Yes, I was a strange child, and no, maybe I shouldn t have been allowed to read it I remember thinking it was engrossing, but I can t say with any certainty how well I understood it.But anyway, as a science fiction fan I have a high standard for books involving robots Actually I am fairly particular generally While I get the sense this is a better adaptation of the source material than Pride and Prejudice and Zombies was, I kept thinking I d rather be reading the original.

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