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Love in the Afternoon quotes Love in the Afternoon, litcharts Love in the Afternoon, symbolism Love in the Afternoon, summary shmoop Love in the Afternoon, Love in the Afternoon e2e502a4 She Harbors A Secret YearningAs A Lover Of Animals And Nature, Beatrix Hathaway Has Always Been Comfortable Outdoors Than In The Ballroom Even Though She Participated In The London Season In The Past, The Classic Beauty And Free Spirited Beatrix Has Never Been Swept Away Or Seriously Courted And She Has Resigned Herself To The Fate Of Never Finding Love Has The Time Come For The Most Unconventional Of The Hathaway Sisters To Settle For An Ordinary Man Just To Avoid Spinsterhood He Is A World Weary CynicCaptain Christopher Phelan Is A Handsome, Daring Soldier Who Plans To Marry Beatrix S Friend, The Vivacious Flirt Prudence Mercer, When He Returns From Fighting Abroad But, As He Explains In His Letters To Pru, Life On The Battlefield Has Darkened His Soul And It S Becoming Clear That Christopher Won T Come Back As The Same Man When Beatrix Learns Of Pru S Disappointment, She Decides To Help By Concocting Pru S Letters To Christopher For Her Soon The Correspondence Between Beatrix And Christopher Develops Into Something Fulfilling And Deep And When Christopher Comes Home, He S Determined To Claim The Woman He Loves What Began As Beatrix S Innocent Deception Has Resulted In The Agony Of Unfulfilled Love And A Passion That Can T Be Denied

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    ON THE FAVORITE SHELF IT GOES I had things to do this weekend, but instead I mistakenly started this series and spent four days straight sitting on my couch Laundry Fuck it Pets My fianc can feed them Grocery shopping That would require me to change out of sweatpants Cleanliness Who cares I ll shower when I m good and ready, damn it Up until this point I haven t even been able to properly review these books Well, I probably could have BUT I DIDN T WANT TO BECAUSE THERE WERE MORE HATHAWAYS TO READ ABOUT And then we have this book I have to review it It focuses on Bea, the youngest, most eccentric, and by far my favorite Hathaway Bea is an animal lover like myself , she rescues creatures big and small and brings them to the dinner table like myself Everyone around her puts up with it because she doesn t give them a choice like myself She s also the youngest of five children like myself , and she s not afraid to speak her mind and challenge social conventions like myself IT S LIKE I HAVE MY VERY OWN HR Bea s best friend Prudence is a thundercunt And so when the young man she was flirting with departs for the Crimean war, she moves on Because she s a thundercunt When he writes her a letter from the front lines, clearly shell shocked and in need of some normalcy, she decides not to write back, because who wants to read about someone complaining about losing their best friend Or being penned in by enemy soldiers and barely escaping Also, she s a thundercunt She gives Bea the letter to read Bea, who is the opposite of Prudence in every way imaginable, decides that it can t go unanswered She writes Captain Christopher Phelan back in Pru s stead, pretending to be her So begins two years of correspondence Bea becomes his lifeline, his guiding star, his reason to survive the hell he s living in And hell it is I loved that Kleypas didn t sugar coat the Crimean war You can feel Christopher s pain, his horror, his loss of humanity What was even impressive is how she handled his PTSD I have friends with combat related PTSD and I can tell how much research Kleypas put into it Several of the scenes in this book could have been taken straight from their lives The Christopher sent home at the end of the war a decorated hero is a drastically different man than the one that left His mission is to find the woman who he s come to love, Bea, but who he thinks is Prudence, the thunder cunt Bea knows that she should have confessed the truth to him but was too terrified of outing herself because before he left for war, Christopher didn t like her Prudence, the thundercunt, is fine with keeping up the fa ade because the recently returned war hero is now a national treasure, he s set to inherit a fortune, she might even get to dine at Buckingham palace if they marry I hate her This is where everything could have gone to hell Kleypas could have dragged out the pseudo love triangle BUT SHE DIDN T This book isn t made up of that type of petty drama This book is made up of two people that love each other, trying to make it work when one of them is just a shell of their former self It s a story about recovery, self discovery, acceptance, and above all, LOVE YOU SHOULD READ IT BECAUSE IT S FUCKING AWESOME.Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest

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    Re read Nov 19 I ve thoroughly enjoyed rereading this series Still big 5 stars I really hope Lisa Kleypas revisits these characters some day I d love to read books about their kids Favorite book order this time around 1 Seduce Me at Sunrise2 Mine Till Midnight3 Married By Morning4 Love in the Afternoon5 Tempt Me at Twilight Original rating review July 2010 5 stars Historical RomanceThe vivacious, eccentric, loving Hathaways have utterly, irrevocably stolen my heart, and it s with bittersweet affection that I wish them all a fond farewell as they live out their HEAs wipes eyes, blows nose into hanky What I loved most BeatrixShe s one of the funniest, most spirited, nonconforming, okaypeculiar, and lovable heroines, ever The poignant letter correspondence between emotionally lost, haunted Christopher and compassionate, steadfast Beatrix was deeply moving and achingly romantic AlbertThe rambunctious, fiercely loyal man s best friend nearly stole the show The volatile, often humorous battle of wills, explosive sexual tension, and lusciously sensual, deeply passionate romance between Beatrix and Christopher.What I didn t like That it ended much too soon wipes eyes, blows nose into hanky again But in all seriousness, I thought the issues facing Beatrix and Christopher, especially his PTSD, were wrapped up rather abruptly, and I wanted a detailed, longer epilogue involving the entire family I m really hoping Kleypas will write a Hathaways novella, similar to what she did with A Wallflower Christmas, at some point in the future Still, big 5 stars Hathaways series summary list of favorites Favorite books 1 Seduce Me at Sunrise, Tempt Me at Twilight, Married By Morning all tie for 1st place 2 Mine Till Midnight3 Love in the AfternoonFavorite heroes 1 Cam 2 Leo3 Harry4 Merripen5 Christopher Favorite heroines 1 Beatrix2 Winnifred3 Poppy4 Catherine5 AmeliaFavorite animals 1 Dodger The adorable little rascal and cunning troublemaker is one of my favorite things about the series 2 Albert

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    I m stumped Writing reviews for books you enjoy is soooo much harder than for books that were a disappointment Phrases like I loved it seem so inadequate So I m sort of dragging my feet figuring out what to say I m also delaying because this was the end of a wonderful series, and I feel like I m leaving a bunch of good friends behind, and that makes me a little depressed.What sort of surprised me about this book was how much I loved the character of Beatrix I ve always liked her, but in the previous books there was something about her that made me thinkshe wasn t all there Maybe she seemed a bit too immature, too quirky, too much of a free spirit, too in her own world for me to see her ever having a chance for a HEA Boy was I wrong In Love in the Afternoon Beatrix Hathaway came into her own, and she proved to be an intuitive, charismatic, engaging, compassionate force to be reckoned with She was the kind of girl who you would want as your best friend although why she was ever friends with shallow Prudence Mercer is beyond me Anyway, to sort of summarize, Beatrix now 23 is the last remaining unmarried Hathaway, living at the family estate in Hampshire with oldest sister Amelia s family And with her menagerie of unusual pets that no one else wanted hedgehog, three legged cat, mule Beatrix, although quite beautiful and charming, knows she s headed for a life of spinsterhood, because although she doesn t want for male admirers, none are eager to propose marriage Her family background is suspect being on the fringe of society , and most people find her a bit unusual, if not downright strange But that s okay with Beatrix, because she much prefers the company of animals over humans She has a few close female friends, and one of them is a shallow, vain girl named Prudence Mercer.Prudence is on the hunt for a husband, and the richer, handsomer, and popular the better She begins corresponding with one of her suitors who s off to war in the Crimea, and one of the most popular bachelors in Hampshire, Captain Christopher Phelan age 30 But Prudence is bored with Christopher s rather melancholy letters about the war, and she shows one to Beatrix Beatrix knows Christopher, but ever since she overheard him telling a friend that she s better suited for the stables than the drawing room, she has a grudge against him She thinks he s the most arrogant man in England But after reading his letter, something touches her heart She feels great compassion for what he is going through on the battlefront, and urges Pru to write back to him Prudence has no interest in doing so, and insists that Beatrix does it Bea knows it s wrong, masquerading as the beautiful Pru, but she can t help herself Christopher needs someone to care about him So Beatrix and Christopher correspond, with Christopher telling about how the war has changed him, and damaged his soul, and Beatrix reminding him of what s waiting for him back home When Christopher relates a story about his loyal battlefield companion, a scruffy terrier named Albert, the reader knows that Beatrix and Albert are destined to meet My vision of Albert All this gets a bit tricky, when Beatrix feels herself falling for Christopher, and Christopher declaring his feelings for who he thinks is Pru Christopher is surprised that there is a deeper side to the superficial Pru, and he s delighted, never suspecting that it s really Beatrix Hathaway who he s writing to When Christopher makes it home from the war, eager to court the woman who stole his heart and gave him a reason to live, will it be Pru waiting for him who takes a renewed interest in him when Chris becomes a war hero , or Beatrix I have to say that Beatrix stole the show in this one Don t get me wrong, I liked Christopher, and by the end of the book I loved him, but he was rather uptight and a bit stuffy in the beginning I didn t like his attitude towards Beatrix and I wanted him to realize that it was Bea who he loved and not that airhead Pru It sure took him long enough to figure out that the woman he was courting was not the same as the one who wrote such heartfelt letters But to his credit, when he came around, he really came around Christopher was quite the tortured hero, suffering from some post traumatic stress and survivor s guilt regarding a terrible choice he had to make in the heat of battle War was a lot different in the 1850s up close and personal, so my heart broke for what Christopher went through And Christopher absolutely detested being regarded as a war hero he grieved for the lives that he took in battle It would take a very strong, loving and patient woman to help Christopher deal with his problems, and I was so happy when he finally realized that Beatrix was the woman he was looking for, the woman who would stand by him always, make him smile again and be able to put the past behind him.I also enjoyed all the scenes with Beatrix and her cast of unusual pets Beatrix would be a hot commodity in this day and age because she has all the makings of an outstanding pet whisperer I loved how she was albe to turn poor Albert around from a fearful, on the edge dog even dogs can suffer from PTS , into an obedient, happy pet I thought it was interesting that she could use these same talents on Christopher to help calm and center him.The love scenes Very hot and well done although not as hot as Married By Morning Although Beatrix was a virgin and a bit naive, she was an eager and willing pupil, ready to learn all that Christopher could teach her I just loved their romantic honeymoon night I think that s when I really fell for Christopher , and I was hoping that Chris would really open up and trust Beatrix like she so desperately wanted him to It took a while before Chris was ready to take that final step, and there were a few bumps in the road and a bit of suspense thrown in, but the reader knows that this couple is in it to the end.Once again we get a return or the mention of all the Hathaways and their offspring Amelia and Cam get the most page time, followed by Leo God this guy is witty and Catherine, a mention of Harry and Poppy who contributes something sinful for the wedding night , and a late arrival from Ireland of Merripen and Win I just love when the quirky and irreverent Hathaways get together I think LK should do what she did with the Wallflowers and write A Hathaways Christmas She did leave us with a couple of cliffhangers that could surely be resolved in a Christmas novella So I finished this series with a lot of sadness, knowing that I may never read anything about them again IMO, each book in this series was a winner, filled with plenty of humor and romance, each hero sigh worthy, each heroine feisty and likable It would be very hard for me to recommend one book over another, or one character over another, but of all the Hathaway sisters, it was Beatrix who won my heart And that totally surprised me 5 big stars for the entire series

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    Ok, this book has many of the things I love most in the books I read, regardless of the genre To help keep from rambling on and on, I m going to lay it out for you like this What I loved 1 A fantastic start It was pure writing genius on Lisa Kleypas part to let us read the correspondences between Christopher Phelan and Beatrix Hathaway because in just a few short pages we were able to see their relationship grow from one of dislike to one of deep love Granted, Christopher didn t know he was writing to Beatrix, which was a good thing because it allowed him to see past his preconceived notions of the kind of woman she was and get to know the real her And the sketch of Albert that was included in the letters was just too, too cute Seriously, when I turned the page and there was this adorable terrier looking back at me, I said, Ohhhhhhh, how sweet 2 An incredibly tormented hero Christopher came home from the war a changed man He had seen too much death, too much brutality, to remain the carefree 2nd son that he was when he left Nightmares that haunt him during both his sleeping and waking hours have left him certain that he can t be a man loved, or in love But doesn t he know that this is a Lisa Kleypas novel, so anything is possible 3 In this book we were blessed with two tormented souls Albert was just as messed up as Christopher was and needed every bit as much love, attention and healing, as his master did 4 A great supporting cast The Hathaways were, as always, a real treat to revisit They bring such down to earth, humorous insight to just about any situation and they were no different in this book.5 Cute scenes throughout Funny, endearing moments that had me smiling and even laughing at loud from time to time 6.A nasty bitch who gets her comeuppance I didn t like Prudence from the beginning, and was thrilled to see her kicked to the curb I only wish it had happened sooner.Ok, so now what I didn t like so much.1 I had expected there to be a little tension when Christopher discovered the lie that Beatrix and Prudence had perpetrated on him While I didn t want him to hate Beatrix, I had expected a bit turmoil and it somehow didn t feel right the way it worked out so quickly But then again, Christopher was no dummy, so likely he wasn t about to let Beatrix, a woman he loved as he had no other, get away.2 The abrupt ending I felt some loose ends were left hanging, but I m going to hold on to the hope that they ll be tied up when if she continues a series that begins where Hathaways left off, like she so often does.3 The thing that upset me the most Not a single mention of Dodger I had so hoped he d find his happily ever after in this book, but alas, he did not and I m quite saddened about it.Now, what I m hoping for.I d love to see Lisa Kleypas begin a new historical romance series, posthaste, picking up where Hathaways left off I want to see the story of Marcus Bennett and Audrey Phelan be the start of the next series because I really, really want to watch Audrey cure Marcus war injury LOL Marcus has the makings for an amazing character Favorite scene There were so many, but this one brings a smile to my face each time I think of it Last chance, he said in guttural voice Get out, or get in my bed Is there a third option Beatrix asked weakly, her breast throbbing beneath his touch.For answer, Christopher picked her up with stunning ease and carried her to the bed She was tossed to the mattress Before she could move, he had straddled her, all that sleek, golden power poised above her Wait, Beatrix said Before you force yourself on me, I would like to have five minutes of rational conversation Only five Surely that s not too much to ask His eyes were pitiless If you wanted rational conversation, you should have gone to another man Your Mr Chittering Chickering, Beatrix said, squirming beneath him And he s not mine, and She swatted his hand away as he touched her breast again Stop that I just want to Undeterred, he had gone for the button placket of her shirt She scowled in exasperation Alright, then, she snapped, do as you please Perhaps afterwards we could manage a coherent discussion Twisting beneath him, she flopped onto her stomach.Christopher went still After a long hesitation, she heard him ask in a far normal voice, What are you doing I m making it easier for you, came her defiant reply Go on, start ravishing Another silence Then, Why are you facing downward Because that s how it s done Beatrix twisted to look at him over his shoulder A twinge of uncertainty caused her to ask, Isn t it His face was blank Has no one ever told you No, but I ve read about it Christopher rolled off her, relieving her of his weight He wore an odd expression as he asked, From what books Veterinary manuals And of course, I ve observed the squirrels in springtime, and farm animals and She was interrupted as Christopher cleared his throat loudly, and again Darting a confused glance at him, she realized that he was trying to choke back amusement Beatrix began to feel indignant Her first time in a bed with a man, and he was laughing Look here, she said in a businesslike manner, I ve read about the mating habits of over two dozen species, and with the exception of snails, whose genitalia is on their necks, they all she broke off and frowned Why are you laughing at me Christopher had collapsed, overcome with hilarity As he lifted his head and saw her affronted expression, he struggled manfully with another outburst Beatrix I m I m not laughing at you You are No, I m not It s just He swiped a tear from the corner of his eye, and a few chuckles escaped Squirrels Well, it may be humorous to you, but it s a very serious matter to the squirrels That set him off again In a display of rank insensitivity to the reproductive rights of small mammals, Christopher had buried his face in a pillow, his shoulders shaking What is so amusing about fornicating squirrels Beatrix asked irritably By this time, he had gone into near apoplexy No , he gasped Please I gather it s not the same for people, Beatrix said with great dignity, inwardly mortified They don t go about it the same way that animals do Fighting to control himself, Christopher rolled to face her His eyes were brilliant with unspent laughter Yes No That is, they do, but But you don t prefer it that way Considering how to answer her, Christopher reached out to smooth her disheveled hair, which was falling out of its pins I do I m quite enthusiastic about it, actually But it s not right for your first time Why not Christopher looked at her, a slow smile curving his lips His voice deepened as he asked, Shall I show you So there you have it Short and sweet well, maybe not short, but Love in the Afternoon is most definitely a very sweet book, with a happily ever after worthy of Beatrix and Christopher.

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    What a lovely conclusion was that I m really sad that this series came to an end, but i m really happy because they ended with a magnificent story For the last time, i will tell you that i love the Hathaways and i enjoyed every single moment of their storiesAnd finally i can inform you that even though i love all of them for different reasons, my favorite couple is this one Beatrix and ChristopherTheir beginning was odd but lovelyEverything started with a letter Beatrix s friend, Prudence received a letter from one of her suitors Christopher Phelan He was a soldier on the war and he was a man that Beatrix dispise since he heard him tell nasty things about her and her unusual pets in the pastBut when Prudence show her his letter, Beatrix was touched by the ugly conditions that he was living somewhere away fighting for the countrySince Prudence wasn t plan to answer him back, Beatrix ask her to write him herself but with Prudence s name And with that action, started a lovely communication which lead in unknown and scary pathsThose two fell in love with each other by the words And what words were they They made you melting and sigh heavilyBeatrix discovered a different man A man that wasn t cocky and arrogant as he used to be A man that he had lived too many tragedies and he was suffering silently And those letters took by surprise Christopher because of the depths of Prudence s character He didn t think that she actually could talk about other things except dancing, gossiping etcAnd he was right about that, but he just didn t know it, yet After a while, Beatrix was afraid of her deception so she stopped the communication with him since her feelings were having take a dangerous turn and she knew very well that Christopher will never become hers That was her last letter to him When Christopher returned, his path collided very often with Beatrix Hathaway s and the reason was a lovely dog, named Albert Although he couldn t admit it, he was drown by her, but he was determined to marry the woman who wrote him those letters and that woman wasn t BeatrixHe needed a right honorable woman by his side and peculiar Beatrix Hathaway wasn t what he was seeking forBut his heart had a different opinion from his mind So, as you can understand a weird story of passion and love had startedI have to say that i loved fiercely Beatrix She was lovely, kind, passionate and very sweet.She was bound with nature and with all the creatures upon the earth Every miserable animal was finding protection under her wings She was brave, clever and she had her own opinionAnd when she was loving someone she was utterly devoted to him And her greatest love of all became Christopher A man that he used to snob Beatrix and her oddly manners, but after all those things that he had to witness in the battlefield, Christopher became a different manAfter his return Christopher looked like a wild wounded animal and Beatrix s ability with all the creatures made her to approach him right and to provided him the calmness that he was needing so badly With her by his side he managed to control his demons and to banish the nightmares that they hunting him ruthless all the time She was the only one who had the power to save him I loved Christopher fiercely also and i think that together was a perfect match This is a great, lovely and passionating story This is a wonderfull story that will make you laugh and cry, but above from all it will make you believe that there is hope out thereLisa Kleypas, your characters in those books were unique and admirrableI will miss them so badly but i ll always remember them with love and a warm smile on my faceThank you for these shiny gems Guys, you should really try this series They will remain unforgetable in your minds

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    Love forgives all things Dearest Christopher,I can t write to you again.I m not who you think I am.I didn t mean to send love letters, but that is what they became On their way to you, my words turned into heartbeats on the page.Come back, please come home and find me.Finally, I finished this series Love in the Afternoon is the fifth and the final installment of The Hathaway series It was an unforgettable love story of Beatrix Hathaway, the youngest of five siblings, and Captain Christopher Phelan.Their love story started with a letter Christopher joined the military at the age of twenty two and then he went off to war With his marksmanship skills, he was promoted to a captaincy in the Rifle Brigade During that time, he had to experience the cruel of war and it definitely impacted his life He felt distressed and miserable, so he wrote to Prudence, Beatrix s friend, in hopes that she would write him back a few lines of comfort But Prudence wasn t interested She was shallow and cared too little about his letter so she gave it to Beatrix and asked her to write him instead.At first, Beatrix didn t want to do that considering she had no liking for him She once overheard him tell his friend that she had suited to the stables than the drawing room She was angry with him and since then, she had tried to stay away from him But after reading his letter, she felt great compassion for him What he said in the letter didn t seem like something that came from an arrogant man she used to know All she could feel was his need, his fear, and his vulnerability.Finally, Beatrix decided to write Christopher a letter, pretending to be Prudence She thought that at least he deserved sympathy and he needed to know that someone cared for him From then on, they began to correspond, sending letters back and forth to each other Christopher never once doubted that it wasn t Prudence who wrote him As their correspondence continued, their feelings for each other grew deeper and stronger with each passing day Beatrix felt guilty for deceiving him and then made a decision that it was time to stop this masquerade She couldn t pretend to be Prudence any.When the war was over, Christopher returned home and looked for Prudence, a woman whom he was longing for Every letter she sent him was the only thing that saved his sanity during those depressing months But before he got a chance to see Prudence, he ran into Beatrix He had always thought that she wasn t the right girl for him She preferred the company of animals to people and she would rather spend time outdoors than dance or chat with people in the ballroom She would never be able to cope with the sophistication of the women who had been raised to be the aristocrat But the he got to know her, the he began to feel attracted to her.However, the war changed him completely What he experienced during that time left deep scars in his soul But with Beatrix s kind heart, she understood how he felt and knew that whatever he had been through totally broke him inside and only time could heal his mental wounds Although she knew it with every corner of her heart that she loved him, she already gave Prudence her word that she would never tell him about the letters and she certainly wouldn t break her promise So what would happen if Christopher found out the truth And how could she fix this broken man I loved almost everything about this book Lisa Kleypas never fails to impress me with her excellent writing Her characters are always endearing Beatrix is so adorable and she is one of the most straightforward heroines I ve ever read Christopher is such a sweetheart despite his agony of PTSD The romance between them was beyond beautiful My only complaint was the lack of excitement and heartbreaking drama I expected the drama that could move me to tears but sadly, it didn t happen In my opinion, there weren t enough heart wrenching moments.The ending wasn t what I thought it would be, yet I was satisfied with how the problems were all solved I can tell that it was a very, very happy ending.Even though this wasn t my favorite in the series, I did enjoy the book for the most part, and it was absolutely a good and captivating read Epistolary romances are my thing so I m very happy I picked up this one Fans of historical romance novels shouldn t miss out on this series

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    I took a multiple year break between this and the rest of the series It was intentional This was the last book before Ms Kleypas started her hiatus from historical romance I didn t want to not have one if I needed an LK fix Even after all those years, I fell back into the world of the Hathaways, like a worn in pair of shoes They feel like real people to me, just as quirky as real relatives Beatrix earns a special place in my heart as heroine She is such a wonderful, sweet person, but has a very thoughtful and wise beyond her years core Many times I didn t feel like Christopher deserved her in the least I love animals much in the same way as Beatrix, so I really connected to her in her animal and nature love.The romance seduced me, even when I didn t really like Christopher I felt bad for his experiences, but his superior and somewhat shallow behavior initially was a turnoff I like that he did evolve as a character I was sorry for the way he suffered in the war, and it took that to help mature him I am sure it didn t help that his mother was so mean to him and made no mistake about favoring John his brother.As always, the Hathaways charm the socks off me It was lovely to see how the years have evolved the various siblings and their spouses I did miss seeing Harry and Poppy It was awesome to see the next generation of Hathaways.Lisa Kleypas has such a wonderful voice and her historical romances are sensual in a way that goes beyond sexuality Her descriptions of the setting stimulate all the senses in a delightful way And the letters that Beatrix and Christopher exchange are heartfelt and deep.Other than Christopher starting out as a jerk, I can t say I disliked anything about this book I love that he realizes before it s too late what a treasure he has in Beatrix, and he truly is like many of her charges, wounded and striking out in anger, but deep down in need of love and care.Another wonderful Hathaway novel by Ms Kleypas A treasure to read.

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    I ve never seen the appeal of Victorian love letters, not that I have read too many Mostly my idea of such a letter involved sheltered little ladies, penning beautifully calligraphed epistles, letting loose the odd sigh or two But then, those ladies of course weren t Beatrix Hathaway.Never having quite managed to feel at home in high society, Beatrix has given up on trying her luck at yet another season Given how much happier the Hampshire countryside made her, the family has also quietly relegated her to eternal spinsterhood However, as we have seen from the prequels, our crafty heroine is always ready to throw life a curve ball, and thus ends up corresponding with a lovesick soldier under an assumed identity But she didn t really mean any harm, you know Instead of the love filled epistoles, we get some very interesting insights into taming depressed dogs, some lovely descriptions of the Hampshire countryside, and this totally cute and heartwarming Christmas card.And my excitement continued when Christopher returns from the war, intent on wooing Beatrix s friend, yet finding himself oddly attracted to Beatrix, with all her peculiarities.Score 3.3 5 starsBarring a much too lenghty ending, and some annoying quirks in Beatrix s character, I couldn t really find any fault in this book I m rather sorry now for having given away my pretty paperback copy of the book.

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    I didn t mean to send love letters, but that is what they became On their way to you, my words turned into heartbeats on the page What a wonderful book Magical, charming, endearing, funny, heartwarming and absolutely amazing Beatrix is the best heroine ever And Christopher is perfect for her.The book starts with their correspondance and I thought it would be dull and I couldn t have been wrong Christopher is a charming rake before leaving for war War changes people, and it changes him There is definitely a serious note to a very charming novel It has a Pride and Prejudice feeling, and it is awesome This book is so much fun Beatrix is an adorable heroine who takes care of wounded animals and wounded spirits She is the youngest of the Hathaways sisters, and in a way the most odd No one would match her with Christopher but despite it all they are a match made in heaven I haven t decided yet Leo frowned and took a sip of port He s not someone I would pair Bea with Whom would you pair her with Hanged if I know, Leo said Someone with similar interests The local veterinarian, perhaps He s eighty three years old and deaf, Catherine said. The Hathaways are adorable I just love the Hathaways siblings and it is very sad that this series is coming to an end I want Lisa Kleypas to start a new historical romance series that revisits the Hathaways And Cam He is my favorite hero of all times Captain Phelan, Cam asked, choosing his words with care Have you come to ask for our consent to marry Beatrix Christopher shook his head If I decide to marry Beatrix, I ll do it with or without your consent Leo looked at Cam Good God, he said in disgust This one s worse than Harry Who else has a pet hegdehog Go read this wonderful gem but if you are new to Lisa Kleypas you have to pace yourself I would really recommend that you start with the Wallflower series Secrets of a Summer Night because they feature in this series too and they are equally awesome If you are incredibly impatient I am sure this is awesome as a standalone too I m fairly certain, Captain, she said, that the you discover about me, the you will dislike me Therefore, let s cut to the chase and acknowledge that we don t like each other Then we won t have to bother with the in between part She was so bloody frank and practical about the whole thing that Christopher couldn t help but be amused I m afraid I can t oblige you Why not Because when you said that just now, I found myself starting to like you You ll recover, she said.Her decisive tone made him want to smile It s getting worse, actually, he told her Now I m absolutely convinced that I like you Beatrix gave him a patently skeptical stare What about my hedgehog Do you like her, too Christopher considered that Affection for rodents can t be rushed Medusa isn t a rodent She s an erinaceid

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    I started Love in the Afternoon a few hours ago and couldn t stop until I turned the last page As you can probably tell, I m suffering from the Kleypas Craze again, because I can never get enough of her writing There is this ease with her writing that I can t really explain It s effortless, but still engaging and highly entertaining.The first part of Love in the Afternoon is written in an epistolary fashion and I can t rave enough about how much I loved that I haven t read many books recently that are told through letters any, so this was a great thing to see again It was unique and highly successful in conveying the blooming romance between Bea and Christopher That first page already got an Aww out of me Some of my friends were a less than impressed by the hero of his book, and as a result, they didn t like Bea and Christopher together as much as some of the other happily ever afters in this series But I could not find any faults in him, other than the reoccurring war nightmares and his occasional resistance After his time in the war, Christopher changed and the deaths he witnessed then still haunt him even after his return In addition to that ongoing internal battle, Christopher realizes the one thing that was keeping him together in those tough times were his letters to Prudence er, Beatrice Realizing the truth and the deception, I didn t blame him for being angry Chris was different, but still worthy to be part of the Hathaway clan I think.There were some tender moments in this book, as well as some hilarious bits as well Leo never fails to make me laugh out loud with some of his remarks I do wish there was of Kev because I absolutely adore that Rom Also, it was great to read about Rye running about and giving his two cents here and there He is such a cutie I m so sad to have finished the Hathaways series, though it s been a thrill to read I m hoping some half brother or sister will appear out of nowhere and LK can write a book about them But until that happens, I guess I ll just have to deal with rereading these lovelies over and over again Favourite Quote After a universal silence, Leo was the first to speak Did anyone else notice Yes, Catherine said What do you make of it I haven t decided yet Leo frowned and took a sip of port He s not someone I would pair Bea with Whom would you pair her with Hanged if I know, Leo said Someone with similar interests The local veterinarian, perhaps He s eighty three years old and deaf, Catherine said They would never argue, Leo pointed out.

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