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    I must confess, I have often done Google searches to look for T shirts that say Team Bronte and Team Austen I ve been a fan of Charlotte Bronte since I read Jane Eyre in high school I immediately fell in love with the book and became quite the Bronte enthusiast On the other hand, Jane Austen and I have never really clicked, and I was very amused when I read that Charlotte was actually one of Jane Austen s biggest critics back in the day hence my desire to declare my membership of Team Bronte However, this has not turned me away from the relatively recent slew of fantasy rewrites that have made their way to the shelves, such as Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters I admit I would probably enjoy those than Jane Austen s originals So you can probably imagine my excitement when I came across a copy of Jane Slayre, written by Sherry Browning Irwin, in a London bookstore The cover, which depicted a famous portrait of Charlotte Bronte, only with a stake in her hand and blood spattered on her arm, immediately drew me in My beloved Jane Eyre as a vampire slayer How awesome would that be The best I can say about Jane Slayre is that it s a fun, action packed read But I would advise fans of the original not to set their standards too high The transformation of Jane Eyre into a fantasy adventure is quite well done in many ways In the original, Jane is abused by her cruel aunt and cousins and disregarded by the servants In this one, her relatives are vampires, and one of the servants is later revealed to be a zombie The corrupt headmaster of Jane s school, Mr Brockelhurst, becomes Mr Bokorhurst a bokor being a voodoo priest Jane springs into action when he finds out her classmates are being turned into zombies This portion of the book is by far the most entertaining, as Jane learns the art of swordplay from her teacher, Miss Temple, and goes on a zombie beheading spree I interpreted this whole zombie angle to be metaphorical The original book portrays Jane as a spirited, outspoken girl whom the adults in her life try to tame into a subservient drone a zombie of sorts Similarly, the school she attends really cracks the whip down on students, so to speak, so that they do what they re told without question essentially turning them into zombies Whether this was Irwin s intention or not, I found this to be an effective use of allegory However, once Jane leaves the zombie ridden school and goes to work for Mr Rochester, her love interest, the book goes downhill Charlotte Bronte took her sweet time developing Jane and Mr Rochester both individually and as a couple She gave her readers the time to know them and care enough to root for them to end up together But Irwin here has other factors in play the vampires, the zombies, the werewolf in the attic so the rapport between the characters takes a back seat in favor of the fantasy elements Irwin just wants to get back to the good stuff vampire slaying and whatnot and does so by rushing through the relationship of Jane and Rochester, changing their characters in the process At this point, the book becomes plot driven instead of character driven Proud, steadfast Jane deteriorates into a weepy, lovesick teenager, while Rochester s Byronic hero qualities are toned down to make him like a white knight and less like Bronte s complex antihero Further, being familiar with Jane Eyre, I found that some portions of Jane Slayre were copied, word for word, from the original novel Every now and then, amid demon slaying ventures and metaphorical dream sequences, a phrase or an entire paragraph directly pulled from Jane Eyre would jump out at me, and it felt out of place The formal 19th century dialect of Bronte s literary voice disrupted the rather whimsical fantasy element In other words, Irwin and Bronte s writing styles don t quite mesh Jane Slayre is an overall entertaining read Despite the botched characterization and inconsistent writing style, this book does deliver its share of fun I m sure there are diehard fans of the original out there who would want to stake themselves after reading what they perceive as a bastardization of a classic but if you can come out of it unscathed, I would recommend this for a light read Read this and other reviews at my blog

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    First thing s first If you are a Charlotte Bront purist, you may not like or appreciate JANE SLAYRE by Charlotte Bront and Sherri Browning Erwin This story is similar to the original in the way 10 Things I Hate About You was similar to Taming of the Shrew close enough to recognize the story, but that s about it If you ve ever read and liked these kind of adaptations before, I m fairly certain you ll love this book If you would rather keep Ms Bront s the story the way it is in your mind and don t want to experiment, don t read it.That being said, I highly recommend this book Full of the paranormal, this is like crack for those of us who love the classics but just can t seem to get enough dark and creepy in our books From the first page you ll get hooked as we meet Jane Slayre and learn a little bit about the family she is living with While her cousins weren t my favorite children in the original, they are hilarious in this adaptation Hilarious, but certainly not nice You see, Jane has the unfortunate circumstance of living with a bunch of vampires Not really something that to stick on a resume or use to boost one s social status.Like any good heroine in a paranormal story, Jane quickly learns that there is to her history than she knew She is a slayer, destined to hunt down creepy blood suckers and end their miserable existence All while wearing a dress and bonnet mind you Can t have a girl s hair go frizzy, now can we.Probably the best aspect of this story was the hilarity of the situation I haven t read a whole lot of these adaptations, so the whole idea is still pretty fresh and new to me I just loved that I could revisit a favorite story of mine with a brand new twist thrown in Combine that with the fact that one of my favorite romances now has an edge of suspense to it and you ve got one heck of a book.Did I mention there are werewolves in JANE SLAYRE Oh yes, there are Zombies, vampires, werewolvesa paranormal girl s dream come true Will Jane end up with Mr Rochester Will Mr Rochester eat Jane You ll have to read to find out Yep Loved it Definitely recommend it Even if this didn t have the original classic to cling on to and use for publicity, this would still be a great book It can easily stand on its own against any paranormal out there right now Well, that s my opinion anyway.What do you think Charlotte Bront would say I would hope she d have a sense of humor and get a good giggle out of this story I know I did.

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    Jane Slayre has just obtained a job as the new governess to Mr Rochester s daughter, Adele Once Jane arrives, she realizes that it might have been a mistake to agree to be the new governess There is something strange about Mr Rochester Most of the time he hides behind closed doors Though, whenever Jane does get to spend time with Mr Rochester, she feels a connection with him Mr Rochester is not the only person, Jane has to worry about His former wife is locked up in the attic She is a werewolf Jane must deal with her As if that wasn t bad enough, one of Jane s friend s turns into a zombie Oh what is a girl to do This book drew me into the scary and morbid world of Jane Slayre It takes a strong woman to deal with vampires, werewolves and zombies All of the characters played a prominent part in the story, even the secondary characters Jane started out a prim and proper young woman but as the story advanced, readers saw her grow and become a demon slayer It seems everywhere you turn there are tons and tons of books to choose from that feature vampires, werewolves and zombies It is still a little rare to have all three appear in the same book Sheri Browning Erwin did a good job incorporating paranormal elements into a classic Though, I have never read the original book, I had no issues with reading this new twist to a classic Jane Slayre is a slaying good time Fans of Charlotte Bronte will probably like this latest mash up Though, I am sure Ms Bronte is rolling in her grave as we speak over this book If she could, she would return as a zombie and try and take down Jane Slayre and Sheri Browning Erwin Jane Slayre is better than some of the others one out there right now.

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    3.5 stars I was quite impressed by this weirdly fitting update to the classic Instead of becoming a parody, or being incoherent, this became a pretty good horror fantasy novel in itself, while at the same time shedding new light on Jane Eyre I do think the stars in my review are for the skill of the author of illuminating the five star original work, by tweaking some elements of the setting And what this book makes abundantly clear is that the original is often mis interpreted It is seen as a boring novel of manners, of a romantic tale maybe, something to swoon by, gazing longingly to the moon I think people have the idea of the titular Jane as being a weakling, waiting for her Mr Rochester to come and ending in his embrace at the end But they are wrong, and this book shows why Even without the addition of vampires, zombies, and werewolves, Jane Eyre is a gothic romance Guillermo DelToro quoted Jane Eyre as one of his inspirations for Crimson Peak and rightly so , containing abuse, isolated country manors, monsters of a human persuasion , immorality, and hardship These elements are brought to the fore here, and the only thing added to the protagonist is a skill with a stake or sword her morally upright, courageous and enterprising character were all there in the original better developed even, as the deep felt spirituality of Jane is here subsumed by her being a slayer She is not toughened up here compared with the original, this is the same character, bearing a different name, and her tough choices are fundamentally the same here The beauty of Bronte s prose also shines, with the new elements seamlessly integrated And I must say I laughed at the words Reader, I buried him Still, if you haven t read the original Jane Eyre, I would recommend you to start there Why start with the inferior work, when the original is a bona fide classic, touching, well written, absorbing Then come back here to gain insight in the story and enjoy some decapitations and high flying kicks in the mean time

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    I m a fan of the original Bronte novel, but that doesn t affect my rating in fact, I love the premise of this, thought it sounded like great fun But the final product just didn t work After a strong first couple chapters, it took a turn for the boring N.B I was never bored reading the original Jane , by the time zombies came into it complete with a couple scenes of uber bland, uber rushed, entirely uninvolving zombie slays I just didn t care In fact, I ve only read one zombie book that didn t bore me to tears so it s safe to assume I won t bother with any What works in Dawn of the Dead just doesn t cut it on paper In fact, I daresay the lighthearted approach in this book was its ultimate downfall Original Jane has such a serious, fully Victorian sensibility that I couldn t reconcile those happenings with the paranormal Buffy esque tone of this fanfic Night of the Living Trekkies That one was an adorable Trek nerd culture homage with LOLz goofy gore.

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    Jane Slayre is raised by a family of vampires, and attends a school where the students are turned into zombies With slayer blood in her veins, she quickly disposes of them with elegance and fury As she grows up, will she continue on with her destiny as a Slayer or is she for the life of a Victorian housewife Read this book and find out for yourself.This was my first ever classic horror mash up story and I enjoyed reading this It was worth the 30 cents that I bought it with at my local Big Lot s store book clearance If you like vampires, zombies, werewolves, and classic literature then you will enjoy Jane Slayre This book is perfect to read during All Hallow s Read and the Halloween season Look for this book wherever its sold at.

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    I have such complicated feelings about Jane Eyre thanks, Becca , but once I got into this, I found it delightful Overall, I thought this was a much successful amalgamation of classic lit and supernatural creatures than PPZ although that movie was fab.

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    It could be that I went into it with low expectations I d just finished a different retelling of Jane Eyre, and let s just say that was the one that truly merited low expectations , but Jane Slayre surprised me in a delightful way Jane Eyre is one of my very favorite books, and Jane one of my very favorite characters Her independence, quiet strength, blunt honesty, and unwavering self respect make her one of the best and strongest female characters I ve come across well ever And I didn t feel like this retelling took away from that in any way.Although Jane Slayre turns Jane into a Bront version of Buffy, who is my other favorite female character ever, so I was REALLY hoping to like this book despite my doubts Slayre s physical strength doesn t take away from her internal strength which I believe Sherri Browning Erwin keeps the integrity of very well I felt that she understood each of the characters especially Jane and Mr Rochester and their relationships and what drives them to the choices each of them make I loved that Sherri Browning Erwin kept much of the original story and dialogue intact for good reason, it s a flippin amazing story Don t mess with a good thing, right Sherri But she added in her own twist and it just worked SO Well There were so many lines of original dialogue that fused perfectly with a fantastical plot Like when Rochester teases Jane, asking whether she was waiting for her people , referring to fairies, Browning Erwin twists Jane Eyre s original reply a deadpan joke into a serious comment about fairies not residing in the area So many of these little gems were sprinkled through the book, nods to the original that fans will appreciate And seeing Miss Temple, Jane Eyre s beloved teacher, as Jane s slayer mentor is just perfect Honestly I liked it nearly as much as the original I never dared to hope that would happen But who was I kidding I m a sucker for slayers.

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