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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and the Undead chapter 1 The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and the Undead , meaning The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and the Undead , genre The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and the Undead , book cover The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and the Undead , flies The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and the Undead , The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and the Undead 449c9bd07a7ea Mark Twain Once Said The Rumors Of My Death Were Greatly Exaggerat BRAINS Pulled From The Grip Of Mark Twain S Rotting Zombie Hands, Is Tom Sawyer Like You Ve Never Seen Him Before, In A Swashbuckling, Treasure Seeking Adventure, Spiked With Blood, Gore, And Zombie MadnessIn This Expanded And Illustrated Edition Of Mark Twain S Beloved Tale Of Boyhood Adventures, Tom S Usual Mishaps Are Filled With The Macabre And Take Place In A World Overrun By A Zombie Virus That Turns People Into Something Folks Call Zum The United States Is Infected With A Plague Of Rotting, Yet Spry, Zum, Searching For Fresh MeatIn This World, There S No Need To Whitewash Aunt Polly S Fence Instead, Tom Cons His Friends Into Sharpening Fence Posts To Lethal Points To Repel A Zum Attack To Escape The Boredom Of Civilized Life, Tom And His Pal Huckleberry Finn Don T Have To Fake Their Deaths, Just Pretend To Be Zum And Instead Of Playing Cowboys And Indians, Tom Hones His Fighting Skills In A Bloodthirsty Game Of Us And Zum He Always Wins Until He Bumps Into The Real ThingWhen Vicious, Self Aware Zombies Evolve And Threaten The Town What Will Tom And Huck Do To Protect Their Loved Ones, And Will They Live To Tell The Tale With All The Comedy, Romance, And Adventure That Readers Expect From Mark Twain, Tom Sawyer Now Becomes A New Breed Of Hero For A Whole New World A Grade A Zombie Hunter

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    The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and the Undead Don Borchert This was an adventure book with a bit of a twist It had the classic feel of the original Tom Sawyer stories with the twist being zombies, or as called in this book the Zum It took a bit adjusting as I was reading, I found myself enthralled in an adventure with Tom, Huck and friends then the Zum would enter I did get used to it, and liked the book.A fun book to read if you are into zombies, if you are into the classic Tom Sawyer stories you may be disappointed I did find this interesting and fun Typical Tom Sawyer stories added with zombies that Tom and Huck had to hunt and kill Also the thrill of not knowing who was human and who was Zum A nice ending to a whimsical read I won this on Good Reads Give A Ways

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    This was an interesting read Tom Sawyer with a bit of a twist,Zombies, only they called them Zum the undead Tom,s usual mishaps are injected with a taste of macrabre as the world is over run with a zombie virus known in the south as the zum In this world Tom still manages to con his friends to do his chores for him but instead of whitewashing the fence they have to sharpen the fence posts to points to help against a zum attack. to escape the constraints of civilized life Tom and his pal Huck pretend to be zum, and instead of playing cowboys and indians they play a game called us and zum and Tom always wins an interesting read if you like Zombies.

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    A quick read and the author does an ok job aping Mark Twain, but it s not as good as the source material and isn t really that interesting a twist on it either.

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    Before I say anything about this book, I ll say a few words about classic books, which have been converted to horror versions I think it s interesting that old classic books are being converted to horror versions It s a fascinating phenomenon, because for example Jane Austen s Pride and Prejudice has been converted to Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and it has sold well these new versions are surprisingly popular These horror versions are a bit different from the original books, because they contain horror elements they re basically the same books, but the contents are slightly different Some readers love these new versions, but others hate them I m neutral when it comes to these horror versions I don t love them, but I don t hate them either.The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and the Undead is an interesting version of Mark Twain s The Adventures of Tom Sawyer I m not sure what Mark Twain fans will think of this book, but I liked it It offered nice horror entertainment for a couple of hours This book can be read fast, so I think it s approriate to say that it offers harmless entertainment for a warm or rainy summer day If you re looking for easy to read horror, this book is a good choice.It was interesting that Don Borchert had decided to use the word Zum instead of zombie It was also interesting that this book contained illustrations.It s been a long time since I read the original, so I didn t remember all the happenings, when I read this version I only remembered certain things Tom paints the fence, Tom fights with another boy etc If I d read the original book again, this book would ve probably been entertaining, because it uses the original book as the basis for zombie action and it contains all the characters Tom, Huck, aunt Polly etc from the original book Although I didn t remember everything, I liked the story, because Don Borchert had converted the original story to an entertaining zombie format, because Tom Sawyer lived a bit different kind of life in this book.In my opinion The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and the Undead is pure entertainment It isn t supposed to be taken seriously, because it s almost like a parody of the original book Whether this book is good or not depends in my opinion on the reader If you re able to live with the fact that a classic book has been converted to a horror book, you ll probably enjoy this book, but if you re a Mark Twain purist, you may not like this book.The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and the Undead is harmless and enjoyable entertainment for horror fans with a twisted sense of humour I think that readers who are interested in reading horror versions of old classics will be delighted to read this book, because it contains zombies Zums I think that this book will be a bestseller, because all the other new versions have sold well.

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    Another volume in the vein of Pride Prejudice Zombies, The Adventures of Tom Sayer and Undead is prefaced with a note to this new edition, setting the story within an invented historical context that leaves room for the Zums zombies.Borchert rewrites the American classic Tom Sawyer, setting the tale in19th century overrun with the zombies Literally a chapter bychapter revision with the same characters and scenes, the author canbe commended on maintaining the voice, style and structure of theoriginal novel with some rather clever twists, such as Tom sharpeningthe picket fence stakes, instead of whitewashing them The zombies inthe cave that Tom and Becky get lost in, however, are no surprise Theconclusion hints at a sequel, and I predict a Huck Finn versus rivermonsters of some kind tale is in the making.Overall, this book is no or no less, I suppose thrillingthan other similar novels jumping on the Pride and Prejudice andZombies bandwagon It will appeal to those fans who want of thesame Tom s pranks are timelessly engaging, but at it s heart, TomSawyer is a book for children while Huckleberry Finn is one for teens,and the youthful protagonist, squeaky clean story and dated languageare unappeal factors, zombies notwithstanding.

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    It shouldn t surprise any of my regular readers that I ve really gotten into this zombie mashup concept going on in books lately In fact I ve decided I should become some sort of expert on the subject, so when I saw this ARC at PLA yes, I realize that was all the way back in March I just had to take it home Unfortunately, I ve never read the original Adventures of Tom Sawyer, so I can t compare the two except for what I learned by watching the movie Tom Huck, starring then teen heartthrobs Jonathan Taylor Thomas Brad Renfro In this version we still have our young rascals Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn, but there s also a terrible plague in which dead bodies inevitably turn into mindless zombies, or Zum.Honestly, I m glad I didn t read the original Tom Sawyer, because I m not that into mostly episodic novels any The addition of Zum kept me just interested enough to keep reading until the plot picked up during the last third of the book, after which point I began eagerly devouring the tale, impatiently waiting to see what would happen next If you ve enjoyed the other undead mashups, you could do a lot worse Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter anyone.

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    The main charters are Tom Sawyer,Aunt Polly, and his friend Albert The setting was dark,old town, and western side.Summary Tom, Aunt Polly, and his friend Albert were just out like normal people playing But they always saw weird shadows it was creepy I wonder what that was you will have to red the book to find out So they moved.My reading experience was great I loved the book i wasn t boring.What im taking away from this book is listen to your parents.

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    I tried I really tried to get into this book But the idea of the Zum and Tom Sawyer No The humor of Twain s classic is just lost with the addition of the Zum, and the added bits do nothing to make the story resonate the way the original does Most of the set pieces are there the picket fence, the camping trip, Injun Joe, Becky Thacher, etc but when you have maggot infested dead people popping up, well, something s lost Please, stop this trend before it happens again.ARC provided by publisher.

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    The book did a pretty good job of sticking to the original story But, I am not impressed with the Zum addition First you don t see one until you are about three for ths of the way through the book, then it is really hard to relate to injun Joe as s Zum I think the classic should be left alone and zombie books written for and about zombies.I received this Advance Reading Copy from Goodreads giveaways.

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    Basically a word for word account of the original classic tale but instead a life where Zums zombies roam around and Tom wants to become a Zum hunter and Injun Joe is than just dead, but undead And this took my forever to read only because I got bored with it and the lack of zombies to entice me to read on Overall I did enjoy reading about the boyhood of Tom, but will refrain from recommending this to anyone else.

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