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    I had never read a comprehensive history of Shan people, until I began reading this book The period covered is one of transition and tumult in the history of modern Myanmar Burma In focusing the life of a Shan princess who turned into Mahadevi, First Lady, a rebel leader and finally a refugee, the story inevitably draws in the chronicles of Shan states, and of the Union of Burma as a whole.Although the story begins in the late 19th century, the author also throws in a thing or two on the earlier history wherever permissible, which makes me go and do further reading Things such as that Shan history is related to that of the Mongols, that people from Inle Lake are originally from Tavoy, that the CIA scandalously carried narcotic with their official flight in exchange for the hill tribes not turning into communists are welcome addition to my historical knowledge.Perhaps the things in the book are meaningful to me because I was born and raised in the region Having read several times the story told by only one side, it is invaluable to hear the other side The writing style is clear, and I love the way it is presented in well defined chapters In many ways, the book reminds me of Wild Swan by Jung Chang which covers the similar period of China Though on a smaller scale, I love this book as much.On the other hand, I have got a distinct feeling that the book is enforcing the idea that the Shan are being persecuted by the disagreeable Burmese Whether the author is duty bound to think like the main subject in her prose, or it is out of real sympathy and echoing of the personal sentiment of the subject, I don t know which.Small things such as the author s consistent use of the term Burmese army , where she could easily have used the accurate government forces , are not helping diffuse the notion either For, Burmese army burned Shan villages carries an entirely different connotation from government forces burned Shan villages.Overall, I would heartily recommend this book, with one caveat there is potential danger of falling into the pitfall of thinking that Shan s or any other minority s, for that matter anguish is due to ethnic bullying from the majority, rather than the scourge of military dictatorship from which every ordinary one, including the Burmese, in the Union has suffered.

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    This book is perhaps one of my favorites I have come across on the history of Myanmar, which is usually told from the majority Burman assumptions This book gives an important perspective to meditate on Moreover, Sao has lived a remarkable, badass life She was born a Tai princess, became a First Lady of the first modern President of Burma, and later a member of the Myanmar Parliament, a rare feat for a woman in 1950s On top of all this, after her husband and youngest son were killed, Sao went underground and became a leader of Shan State Army in sixties Such a strong, feisty woman Highly recommended Full review here

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    a very important story, but definitely written by a journalist don t expect to live and breathe with the characters but again, the history is phenomenal and meticulous if you re interested in burma issues with a focus on ethnic minority rights, go for it.

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