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Bleeding Hearts explained Bleeding Hearts, review Bleeding Hearts, trailer Bleeding Hearts, box office Bleeding Hearts, analysis Bleeding Hearts, Bleeding Hearts bc93 High School Football Coach Tim Duffy Is Handsome, Charming, And Married Into A Wealthy Local Family But Now, An Anonymous Accuser Has Made Shocking Allegations Of Improper Behavior And China Bayles Is Asked To Conduct A Discreet Investigation What She Uncovers Is A Perplexing Story Of Forbidden Desire, Deception, And Questionable Circumstances Surrounding A Young Woman S Death And The Deeper China Digs, The She Fears That The Town S Beloved Coach May Be Dangerous Than Anyone Knows

  • Paperback
  • 320 pages
  • Bleeding Hearts
  • Susan Wittig Albert
  • English
  • 14 October 2017
  • 9780425214855

About the Author: Susan Wittig Albert

Susan is the author co author of biographical historical fiction, mysteries, and nonfiction.A PLAIN VANILLA MURDER, 27 in the China Bayles Pecan Springs series.The Crystal Cave Trilogy of novellas noBODY, SomeBODY Else, Out of BODY, another in Susan s Pecan Springs series, featuring Ruby Wilcox.THE DARLING DAHLIAS AND THE POINSETTIA PUZZLE 8 in the Darling Dahlias series, set in the early 1930s

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    Bleeding HeartsSusan Wittig AlbertBLEEDING HEARTS is book 14 in the China Bayles series.Even though BLEEDING HEARTS is the fourteenth book in the China Bayles series, it can be read as a stand alone I hadn t read any of the previous books and wasn t lost or confused at all China is asked to investigate allegations against a beloved and larger than life football coach at the high school Chine used to be a lawyer and agrees to help out The allegations are disturbing and China just can t walk away All I will say is that they involve high school girls The twists and turns really kept me flipping the pages and I m very grateful to my new friend, BettyLouise for recommending this book to me Now that I ve read BLEEDING HEARTS, I must go back and read the rest of the series It s just that good.I really enjoyed BLEEDING HEARTS as it wasn t a typical cozy mystery The way Susan Wittig Albert writes with so much detail had me feeling as if I were right there in Pecan Springs Texas with the townspeople trying to solve the mystery BLEEDING HEARTS could be taken right out of one of today s papers The way the whole town loves the coach and doesn t believe one bad thing about him, happens all the time especially when he is a winning coach People take their high school football very seriously right While all of this is going on, China is also dealing wth her own family mystery She has come across some letters her father wrote to his lover and they change the way she feels about her father There are many surprises in BLEEDING HEARTS and just when you think it s all figured out, Susan Wittig Albert throws you in another direction She pulls her readers right in and never lets them go I love how she addresses the fact that when these things happen, most times the child is not believed and everyone tries to sweep the allegations under the rug But not China She keeps picking at the problem and just can t let it go As a bonus, since China is a herbalist, there are little paragraphs of herb lore at the start of every chapter Very interesting to me Susan Wittig Albert also includes recipes at the end of BLEEDING HEARTS What can a reader ask for I can t wait to continue this series and I m really looking forward to reading of Susan Wittig Albert.

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    I started this book yesterday and stayed up through the night to finish it, it is THAT good I ve been a fan of the China Bayles series since it started, although I missed a good block of them through a period of my life when I wasn t doing much reading So now I am reading all the ones I missed, in order Next to Thyme of Death and Bloodroot, Bleeding Hearts is up there with my favorites of the series.Pecan Springs winning high school coach is widely heralded and much beloved it s Texas, after all the Football State Then the troubled school principal quietly asks China to look into the possibility that there are a few dents in the golden boy s armor At the same time, China tries to run from a devastating new potential family secret this time from her father s side The storyline is very relevant to today s headlines, and I like that the ending doesn t necessarily come in a neatly wrapped package These things rarely are The mystery wasn t terribly difficult to solve I solved it before China did, which rarely happens yay me but it doesn t matter because the storytelling is so exemplary Bleeding Hearts is packed with the lush background and rich characterizations that are the hallmarks of Albert s writing Now to start on the next book in the series, Spanish Dagger Along with a cup of ginger and nettle leaf tea

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    I really liked Bleeding Hearts I saw close parallels to the Diane Mott Davidson books about Goldie and her catering business and the recipes in her books also Of the two authors, I can not choose which one I like I will read all the books of the China Bayles series.China has a good head on her shoulders She is a retired lawyer, She is a good business woman, a step mom with common sense and a steadfast 2nd wife all of which would be a hearty challenge to most In this installment, the murder is referred to early on, but left to happen in the later half of the book My husband read this before I did and predicted that I would like it He was right.again

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    I have read this book several times I feel it is must read for everyone concern about teenagers problems.China is asked by a teacher to look into a story she heard about their high school Football coach having sex with one his students The coach is very popular as the team is winning China must be very careful She starts investigating and finds it might be true Ruby is having a quilt show and a quilt disappears Brian has problems and tries to handle them China s Mother asks her to pick up her Father s papers from a lawyer The subplots are handled nicely and come together.

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    I just couldn t love China Bayles any than I already do She s so human, and Pecan Springs so real, that it s hard to remember the entire thing is a product of Albert s wonderfully vivid imagination One thing reinforced by reading this 14th book in the series, I love how Albert doesn t conform her mysteries to the normal theme Dead body, unwilling unwitting heroine sucked in, finds answers, threatened by killer, solves case, the end Albert branches out in intense ways There are many twists and turns in her books, and it s a breath of fresh air to step outside the cozy mystery box and into a story well worth reading.

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    About 75 pages from the end I worried that this story line was too predictable, but fear notthere were sufficient twists and turns at the very end to make me vey happy Being the first China Bayles mystery I ve read, I am very impressed and of course, can t wait to read the rest of them I love Albert s writing style direct, informative, and enough detailed characterization to make me feel as if I know these people

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    For any China Bayles fan, you ll love this latest herbal mystery in the setting of Texas from this newest one of SWA Good tidbits on the flower for any gardener or herbalist A must read.

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    China is asked to investigate the hero of Pecan Springs, Tim Duffy, the high school football coach A lot about Small Town politics, families who think they are royalty, and football And underneath that, what really goes on in small towns, the powerful who take advantage of the innocent and powerless A wonderful read China is the best.

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    Believe this is one of Susan W A s better books China finds herself caught up in the death of a young college co ed who had been seeing a high school coach since she was 16.China also received a call from at attorney, who turns out to be a brother she never knew about.Quite a few twists, turns and life lessons.

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    Second time reading, benefit of old age is forgetting but I rarely reread anything except this particular herbal lore murder mystery series based in the mythical town of Pecan Springs, TX I love the changes the main characters have undergone in the series, for example, in this one, the grappling with the new knowledge of hidden stepfamily Loved.

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