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Above Suspicion chapter 1 Above Suspicion, meaning Above Suspicion, genre Above Suspicion, book cover Above Suspicion, flies Above Suspicion, Above Suspicion e4a16e4b120e4 It S Been Five Years Since Mary Grace O Malley Has Seen John Wright And Right At This Moment, Mary Grace Wishes She Wasn T Seeing Him Standing In The Dining Room Of Her Bed And Breakfast Inn Now The Rising Star Reporter Has Returned To The Small Florida Town Of Bethany Beach To Investigate An Unsolved Murder And To See Mary GraceAs John Persuades Mary Grace To Help Him Explore The Tragic Secrets Of Twenty Five Years Ago, Miss Eugenia Atkins And Her Friends Arrive At The Arms For A Pleasant Vacation But When A Guest Ends Up Dead, They All Become Embroiled In Investigating This New Mysterious CrimeIn Above Suspicion, Betsy Brannon Green S Matchless Ability To Blend Romance, Suspense, And Humor Delivers A Thrilling And Enjoyable Tale Of Secrets You Ll Never Suspect

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    I think there was a little too much cheesy LDS stuff in this one I mean, I m an active member of the church and love it, but I don t like books that shove religion at you in a non realistic way or an over dramatic way just to teach something I was also getting tired of the exact same thing happening over again She woke up, she took a shower, she got dressed, she went down to breakfast, she got changed into work clothes, she cleaned the rooms and delivered fresh towels, she talked to this person, she talked to this person, she went here, she got changed for dinner, she ate dinner, she tried to clean up but was told not to, she went to the beach, she went to sleep This happened a lot There was no variation in Mary Grace s life unless someone was trying to cause trouble Mary Grace was proposed to before she even told the guy she loved him and vice versa And then he kept bugging her about it It wasn t realistic Plus cheesy depictions of an active LDS person s life I just wasn t a fan.

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    It s been five years since Mary Grace O Malley has seen John Wright And right at this moment, Mary Grace wishes she wasn t seeing him standing in the dining room of her Bed and Breakfast Inn Now the rising star reporter has returned to the small Florida town of Bethany Beach to investigate an unsolved murder and to see Mary Grace.As John persuades Mary Grace to help him explore the tragic secrets of twenty five years ago, Miss Eugenia Atkins and her friends arrive at the Arms for a pleasant vacation But when a guest ends up dead, they all become embroiled in investigating this new mysterious crime.In Above Suspicion, Betsy Brannon Green s matchless ability to blend romance, suspense, and humor delivers a thrilling and enjoyable tale of secrets you ll never suspect.A fun read Lots of twists and turns.

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    My 2nd book by Betsy Brannon Green and I will read because they are just plain fun with the right combination of suspense and romance The Southern Haggarty ladies are delightful, especially Miss Eugenia and the audio narrator is wonderful Although a bit predictable, it was fun to see it all unravel and there were a few surprises This book appeals to LDS audience especially, but I think the non LDS reader would enjoy it be enriched Again, this book reminded me of Miss Marple and also a little of Agatha Christie Fun, fast paced, with extra kudos from me to the author for a squeaky clean read.

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    The Haggerty ladies are on vacation at the Bethany Arms hotel Miss Eugenia even cons Kate and Mark Iverson to join them Mary Grace inherited the Arms from its previous owner and feels an obligation to keep it running despite her two misfit employees and pressure from her attorney friend to sell John Wright, a reporter, comes to Bethany Beach on assignment to investigate unsolved murders, and Bethany Beach has a 25 year old unsolved murder John is also a man Mary Grace met before his mission, and before she joined the church Romance is rekindled and major secrets are revealed.

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    This is my 2nd of Betsy s books and I loved it It even had the old ladies of Haggerty in it Great characters, lots of twists and turns, and a little romance to keep you interested Very cute an appearance by the Visiting Teachers to lend a hand and a little predictable, but safe for your heart Can t wait to read of her fun work

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    I was somewhat concerned after reading several of the review that I may not enjoy the book However, I found the book easy to read, entertaining, and hard to put down The author did input some things about the LDS Church but I didn t think she overdid it at all The story was a little predictable but it was interesting to see how it all came together.

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    I really enjoyed it, the romance, the characters a good, quick read But it reminded me of a Scooby Doo episode, where they have their mystery and then catch the guy, and then he confesses everything, and says If it weren t for you nosy brats, I could have gotten away with it too.

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    The basic plot summary is Mary Grace is running a hotel called the Arms in a small town named Bethany Beach Then her old friend John Wright come to stay at the Arms while reporting on an old murder in the town that happened 25 years ago As they get closer to solving the murder they start to figure out some hidden secrets They find that the dock below the Arms is being used by a smuggling ring Different events lead to Mary Grace almost getting shot in the head by her friend, Heath Pointer Turns out he was part of the smuggling ring Then Mary Grace decides to sell the Arms Everything goes back to normal The main character, Mary Grace starts out in the book being quiet, kind, and stubborn She has loads of work to do and she doesn t want any help Throughout the book she becomes bolder, doing the kind of things you would never expect her to do She becomes much less stubborn She lets her friends help her do things she can t possibly do alone She stays kind for the remainder of the book I gave this book a 3 star rating because a big part of the book was kind of dull It seemed to drag on and I had a hard time reading it because of that A big part of the book is just them going to meetings with towns people to get information Then they would go back to the hotel and eat dinner, then go for a walk on the beach, and then repeat the next day It got better as the book progressed I liked this book but it wasn t my favorite.

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    It s predictable, but cute Usually I only give fives to books that I continue to think about for a couple days I suppose I ve been a little busy trying to read all of the other Haggerty books to be able to think about most of them It was very well written, but when taking into consideration the title, it s fairly obvious at least it was to me, who was guilty The only problem is, and I don t know if this will be solved in a later book, but there are two men who are constantly talking near the hotel and only one is caught Nothing is mentioned of the other again I know it s not in the next Haggerty book, but I think I have three and a half to go we ll see if that guy is taken care of.

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    Fun book but not quite as good as the first two in this series

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