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  • Paperback
  • 251 pages
  • I Love You - Now Hush
  • Melinda Rainey Thompson
  • English
  • 27 August 2018
  • 9780895873781

10 thoughts on “I Love You - Now Hush

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    It makes me sad that this is the first review of this book on goodreads and I am only giving it a 2.0 but that s the fair and honest truth, and that s what a review is for, right Here s the thing I LOVED the chapters written by Morgan Murphy They were fun, insightful, and well written, using good descriptive adjectives and compound sentences If the book had been written by Morgan alone, I would have given it a 4.0 As it is, if you read this book, I highly recommend HIGHLY RECOMMEND Morgan s chapters But the chapters by Melinda Rainey Thompson just weren t that good She thinks she s funny and a very few times, is but mostly she is brash and ostentatious and reminds me of the loud, opinionated woman holding court at a party who everyone has to listen to but everyone wants to get away from Top it off that her writing isn t that good, either which bothers me because she used to TEACH writing at Birmingham Southern College she uses choppy sentences, repeats herself, and very frequently gets off topic Many times, I found myself skimming or skipping her chapters altogether so I could get to the ones written by Morgan Murphy.So, I m sorry, guys It was ok But I didn t like it enough to say I liked it.

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    Honestly, I don t usually read anything but pure fiction Mystery, suspense, thriller, cutsie love stories, vampire novels.you know the type But, through the help of Business2Blogger, I was given the opportunity to review a new book that is actually a collection of essays written by two authors.One a southern gentleman.The other a Southern lady.I Love You Now Hush can be explained in one word fairly easily Hilarious I have never actually cried tears of laughter while reading a bookuntil this one Some of these stories ring so true when I think of the people around me in Georgia that I could simply relate on a rather amusing level.Let me be clear, I am not originally from the South Some of the subjects in this book saving aluminum foil really seemed foreign to me Apparently, some things only happen in the South Whether you are from the South, have ever been to the South or have only heard of the South in passing, this book is just plain funny.All women will love it because Melinda Rainey Thompson is a self professed mess She is a SAHM and total soccer mom She wrote an entire chapter about how date night is just not quite what it used to be, for goodness sake That was one of those chapters that I simply nodded my head at when she described how you can just look at her and know she s a mama Even men can enjoy I Love You Now Hush since Morgan Murphy is the quintessential Man s Man He is a cigar smoking, kudzu killing, only when appropriate cursing Southern Gentleman I swear I work with five guys just like him.

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    Audra dahling, you need to lighten up a little This book is for fun, not enlightenment I thoroughly enjoyed it.The interplay between the authors made it an hilariously interesting study in how men and women differ in our approach to various aspects of our lives I loved both authors and consider them a great match especially since they aren t married This is a wonderful beach book You can read a chapter, put it down to pull a kid out of the surf, and pick it right back up again I highly recommend it.

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    I LOVED this So many of the essays I could relate to I found myself laughing out loud many times Worth the read

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    I liked it It pretty much nailed the different perspectives of men and women on multiple topics with a sprinkle of funny.

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    Enjoyed reading short chapters from female perspective, followed by a male perspective Humorous, light, fast reading

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I Love You - Now Hush characters I Love You - Now Hush , audiobook I Love You - Now Hush , files book I Love You - Now Hush , today I Love You - Now Hush , I Love You - Now Hush b4cd5 I Love You Now Hush Is A Pithy, Gleeful Take On Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus With A Southern Slant Melinda Rainey Thompson And Morgan Murphy Have Teamed Up To Write A Hilarious, Heartfelt Collection Of Essays Ranging On Every Topic Under The Sun On Which Men And Women Disagree For Example Reading Or Not Reading Instruction Manuals, Shopping, Keeping House, Romance, Yard Work, Clothing Just To Name A Few There Are Also Quite A Few Not So Common Squabbles Of The Sexes Covered In This Book, Such As Proper Singing Etiquette And Hoarding Mayonnaise Jars

About the Author: Melinda Rainey Thompson

Melinda Rainey Thompson is the author of the best selling SWAG Southern Women Aging Gracefully and The SWAG Life I Love You Now Hush cowritten with Morgan Murphy , was a 2010 ForeWord Reviews Book of the Year winner and a 2011 Benjamin Franklin Award finalist, both in the Humor category I ve Had It Up to Here with Teenagers is her most recent book She lives in Homewood, Alabama.