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A Woman of Influence (The Pemberley Chronicles, #9) explained A Woman of Influence (The Pemberley Chronicles, #9) , review A Woman of Influence (The Pemberley Chronicles, #9) , trailer A Woman of Influence (The Pemberley Chronicles, #9) , box office A Woman of Influence (The Pemberley Chronicles, #9) , analysis A Woman of Influence (The Pemberley Chronicles, #9) , A Woman of Influence (The Pemberley Chronicles, #9) a561 Contrary, Opinionated, And Headstrong, She S No Typical Victorian LadyBecky Collins Has Always Been Determined Not To Submit To The Pressures Of Victorian Society But Her Marriage Doesn T Bring Her The Opportunities She D Hoped For, And Her Outspokenness Does Not Find Favor With The Gentrified Ladies Of PemberleyAs The Unintended Consequences Of Her Errors In Judgment Engulf Her, Becky Begins To Understand What S Really Important In Life But Has She Learned Her Lessons Too Late Truly A Masterpiece That Any Austen Fan Would Enjoy Beverly Wong, Author Of Pride Prejudice Prudence Collins Painstakingly Recreates Pitch Perfect Austen Period Notes Which Her Fans Will Relish Publishers Weekly Inventive Plot Lines, Credible Characters, And An Engaging Style Add To This An Enviable Knowledge Of The History And Culture Of The Period And A Sensitive Appreciation Of The Values And Traditions That Underlie The Novels Of Jane Austen Book News Rebecca Ann Collins Has Taken The Characters Of Jane Austen S Pride And Prejudice And Weaves New Story Lines And Characters So Seamlessly A Bibliophile S Bookshelf

  • Paperback
  • 306 pages
  • A Woman of Influence (The Pemberley Chronicles, #9)
  • Rebecca Ann Collins
  • 04 April 2019
  • 9781402224515

About the Author: Rebecca Ann Collins

Rebecca Ann Collins is the pen name of a lady in Australia who loves Jane Austen s work so much that she has written a series of sequels to Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility, following Austen s beloved characters, introducing new ones and bringing the characters into a new historical era.

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    Alors, je ne suis d j pas fan de cette saga et je n en attendais donc pas grand chose En cela, je n ai pas t d ue.Le tome ressemble aux 8 pr c dents sauf qu il nous pargne largement les remarques bien pensantes de Lizzie qui reste toutefois la r f rence familiale et qui est SIIIIIIIII admirable et de Jane On suit donc Rebecca Tate, devenue veuve au lendemain de la mort de sa mort ouep, Charlotte Collins is dead Donc, on nous la d crit comme ayant du caract re mmm mais pas trop en fait D s l instant o elle doit prendre une d cision elle s empresse de prendre conseil aupr s de Jonathan Bingley dont elle est amoureuse depuis l enfance, dommage il est pris ou de tout homme disponible parce que quand m me, soyons r alistes, Becky n est qu une femme et elle doit donc s en remettre un homme pour tre s re de faire le meilleur choix Comme toutes les h ro nes pr c dentes, Becky se pique de charit avec le projet classique d ouvrir une cole de paroisse, qui toujours accueilli avec delight par tous les personnages quelle merveilleuse id e et tellement originale ce n est pas comme si c tait la m me depuis 9 tomes ah bah si Donc tout ce petit monde s auto congratule joyeusement en se r p tant quel point ils sont bons, charitables, dot s d un gout exquis et bien entendu avec une excellente ducation et un sens hors du commun du d corum Aucune vulgarit dans ce petit monde de toute fa on les personnages vulgaires et ou go stes connaissent une fin tragique voir Josie ou Amelia Jane Bien entendu Becky se trouve sa cause, une pauvre femme n anmoins issue d un milieu sup rieur qui se retrouve d chue avec son petit gar on apr s l emprisonnement injuste of course de son mari Il faut que Becky mette son nez l dedans Elle ne peut souffrir l injustice comme tous les personnages Et arriv e la moiti du roman, je commence ressentir un peu d inqui tude pour l auteure Quoi Pas de pr tendant en vue Becky Tate serait donc la premi re h ro ne gentille tre priv e de la f licit d un mariage heureux Mais, mais, mais Puis vint le Comte Contini qu elle a connu quelques ann es plus t t Ouf, me voil rassur e, elle va connaitre l amour oui parce qu avec Anthony Tate, le d funt, c tait pas a Ensuite, voil Becky qui s interroge comme une jouvencelle de quatorze ans sur les sentiments de son bel italien eh oh cocotte t es dans un tome des Pemberley Chronicles bien s r qu il t aime Breftout comme le tome 8 et le 7 et le 6 et leCe que j aime au d but j ai vraiment esp r qu il n y ait pas de romance niaise dans celui ciCe que j aime moins toujours la m me histoire, le m me personnage le pr nom change, le background aussi mais ils ont tous la m me personnalit , fade, sans saveur et d goulinante de bons sentiments mis part leur propension condamner ceux qui ne pensent pas comme eux En bref Un tome la hauteur des pr c dents ras des p querettes et leurs queues sont courtes Ma note4 10

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    A Woman of Influence is book 9 in the series of books by Rebecca Collins Based on Jane Austens Pride and Prejudice this book is another winner I think I enjoyed this one than 8 Becky Collins is a very independent woman of her time After having a loveless marriage and being widowed at a young age intends to enjoy her freedom to pursue her interests such as writing Her home Edgewater, was purchased by her with the proceeds after the sale of her home in London, against her greedy son and daughter laws wishes Her servants find a woman and her son hiding out in one of her outbuildings on her property She takes them into her home and comes to find out that the woman Alice s husband has been unjustly accused, tried and convicted of a crime he did not commit After having some acquaintances check the woman s story and finds that she is telling the truth, she wants to do whatever she can to find the husband and see that he is pardoned.So with her numerous connections she sets out to do just that As the story goes on Becky comes to realize that she has strong feelings regarding someone from her past Among the characters in the story are Jonathan Bingley and his wife Anne, Catherine Burnett, Aldo Contini,and the Darcy s from Pemberly.The story of course ends on a happy note Excellent writing by the author creates a fun story to add to the Jane Austen sequels I found my self at times chuckling at the story If you like Jane Austen and have read the previous books in this delightful series you will like this one..

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    A Woman of Influence is a historical mystery that turns into a romance The mystery wasn t a who done it, but it did have a nice level of suspense to it since Becky had to discover the truth without alerting the in charge people who knew the truth to the whereabouts of the woman she s helping The romance was a sweet romance, with only the couple s own doubts holding them apart.The novel was set in England in 1868, and it s the ninth book in this Pride and Prejudice sequel series You can easily follow what s going on and who was related to whom without having read the previous books There s also a character list in the back listing who the characters are The original Pride and Prejudice characters played very, very little part in this novel it was primarily about their adult children Because of this, I d call this a historical novel rather than a Pride and Prejudice sequel The author even had her characters refer to Austen and her novels.The novel was in a writing style very similar to Austen s in word choice and phrasing It also had the slightly slower pacing of those novels The characters were interesting, and I cared about what happened to them The world building was excellent, with a focus on describing the locations and social conventions of the day This brought the world alive in my imagination.There was a very minor amount of swearing There was no sex Overall, I d recommend this novel as enjoyable, clean reading.I received this book as a review copy from the publisher.

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    Hmm, not sure about this Jane Austen wannabe book concept Its like its the world of JA but all the boring bits in between It was like the author was afraid to do the classic move and take away what was making the character happy there was very little tension in the book all the bad things that happened to the main character happened before the story began Could be my fault for not reading the books in order but it was just rather bread and jam flavoured, no decadent warm chocolate melting cake here No surprises Think I d just rather read all the real JA s another ten times each.

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    I love the strong characters in this chapter of the sequel She has a flare for describing her female characters with gumption and tenacity Whiel some parts of Rebecca s writingare repetitive, due to the life stories that overlap in each book, it s the characters I love and the history of England they keep me reading

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    9 in Pemberley series I felt this was much contrived than needed, somewhat melodramatic So much back and forthing between present and past made for tiresome reading, though I am glad Becky Collins is finally finding happiness after years of Mr Tate s cold treatment of her.

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    This was indeed one of my favorites through the entire series I did not care too much for this particular character and was not really looking forward to herbut I must admit I did LOVE this one

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    Book 9 in the The Pemberley Chronicles.

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