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Murder by the Book (Kennedy Killingsworth, #1) pdf Murder by the Book (Kennedy Killingsworth, #1) , ebook Murder by the Book (Kennedy Killingsworth, #1) , epub Murder by the Book (Kennedy Killingsworth, #1) , doc Murder by the Book (Kennedy Killingsworth, #1) , e-pub Murder by the Book (Kennedy Killingsworth, #1) , Murder by the Book (Kennedy Killingsworth, #1) f8bd6d4110a Small Town Librarian Kennedy Killingsworth Thought That Midway, Georgia, Was The Dullest Place On Earth Until A Fateful Day That Begins With A Speeding Ticket And Ends With A Suicide The Ticket Comes From Kennedy S Ex Husband, Deputy Cade Burrell, Who Seems Desperate To Find Any Reason To Talk To Kennedy Ever Since His Scandalous Affair And The Suicide Victim Is Foster Scoggins, The Leathery Faced Resident Who Applied For A Library Card Just Hours Before His Gruesome Death Rumors Fly That Foster Took His Life After Being Jilted By A Mysterious Love Interest But As The Investigation Unfolds, Murder Becomes The Name Of The Game, And Anyone Might Be A Player Including The Four Men Who Recently Started Competing For Kennedy S Attention Could The Killer Be Cade, Who S Been Interested In Her Since The Divorce Than He Ever Was When They Were Married Drake Langston, The Dazzling Billionaire Who Needed Foster S Cooperation To Land A Major Development Deal Drake S Construction Boss, Sloan, Whose Powerful Build Makes Him A Perfect Suspect For The Crime Or Could It Be Luke Scoggins Foster S Hazel Eyed Nephew, The Charming Ex Marine Whom Kennedy Just Might Be Falling For In Murder By The Book, Celebrated Suspense Novelist Betsy Brannon Green Skillfully Weaves A Rich Tale Of Intrigue And Romance In A Southern Town That, For The Time Being Is Anthing But Dull

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    This book was a disappointment And even though I persevered through to the end, I almost wish I hadn t wasted the time It s hard to be positive about this book I know the author must have good intentions, and she has written lots of books, so she must have a following The only tick in the positive column is the fact that the book is squeaky clean Squeaky clean, though, doesn t have to mean trite However..Kennedy the main character was just so impossible to like She was immature, selfish, and could never keep her mouth shut even when she promised to keep a confidence Now, I realize that some of this was the method used to further the plot But it was so overused Her controlling mother was a one dimensional cliche and her perfect father s personality was so undeveloped he was nearly transparent.Add to that a miscellaneous assortment of other characters that had barely redeemable personalities and it becomes a book that was barely possible to keep reading Even though this book was highly recommended, I sincerely doubt that I ll be investing any time in Mrs Green s other books.

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    I enjoyed many of the characters in this book and I really liked that I got a feel for southern living They have such a different culture in the south I did however have some issues with this book and although I enjoyed it, there were many things that frustrated me It is a murder mystery and anytime they would learn new facts for the case they would repeat them to all the characters involved I was ready to scream, We just read that two pages ago Too much repetition that I felt the author was just trying to add length I will say that the author managed to surprise me in the end Which is a big plus for a murder mystery I will just say that this book was a quick read and there were things that I enjoyed, but the repetition and character inconsistencies have kept me from rating it any higher.

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    I listened to this on CD I think HEARING something makes my reaction a little different than when I READ something I found I was rolling my eyes periodically about things that people would do or say At times I was also incredulous I really had trouble believing any legit law enforcement angency would allow a civilian to actively investigate anything I could kind of accept that a podunk agency might try to get Kennedy and her ex husband together by making up an assignment but the FBI going along with it or encouraging it The confidentiality of both the local police and the FBI was also sorely lacking I also found Kennedy s reaction to these men in her life at times very ridiculous, like she did not have much gumption.

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    This was a cute mystery with a surprise ending, but I got bored with the heroine being infatuated by every man who looked her way.

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    Nice little mystery Kept me guessing.

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    If you enjoy southern charm, conflict, quirky characters that are not always what they seem.

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    Meh Author was recommended, but she wasn t my favorite Heroine was annoying

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    She is an amazing writer Read this in a day.

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    Fluffy little murder mystery Great to listen to while completing a project.

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    Cute enough I might look for the second one in the series Not gonna win any Pulitzers, but fun for escapist reading.

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