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Ice Study (Study, #3.6) txt Ice Study (Study, #3.6), text ebook Ice Study (Study, #3.6), adobe reader Ice Study (Study, #3.6), chapter 2 Ice Study (Study, #3.6), Ice Study (Study, #3.6) 39b294 This Story Is A Prequel To Shadow Study Ice Study Tells A Short Story After Fire Study And Another Short Story Power Study After The Events Of Fire Study, Yelena And Valek S Sabattical Is Cut Short When They Become Entangled In A Plot To Prevent The Ice Moon From Falling Into The Hands Of A Rogue Magician

About the Author: Maria V. Snyder

When Maria V Snyder was younger, she aspired to be a storm chaser in the American Midwest so she attended Pennsylvania State University and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Meteorology Much to her chagrin, forecasting the weather wasn t in her skill set so she spent a number of years as an environmental meteorologist, which is not excitingat all Bored at work and needing a creative out

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    He was getting too old for this nonsense DAwww poor Yelena and Valek can t even catch a break, when holidaying together This is the final novella preceding the Soulfinder trilogy serving as a prequel , and it is told from both Yelena and Valek s perspectives Thus far, it s been the longest one to date, and has the best plot out of the three novellas This one is definitely my favourite Yelena is forced by Owen Moon to lead him to a powerful diamond in the Ixian Commander s possession, called Ice Moon Owen Moon is holding Leif hostage in order to motivate Yelena to cooperate, causing Valek to set a rescue mission of his own in motion It s also funny to hear the inside jokes from previous books, when the characters tease Leif for being easily led around by his stomach, haha As I m sure I ve mentioned before, Yelena and Valek are one of my all time favourite YA couples, and I relish any extra time spent with them in Maria V Snyder s magical world This is a must read for any fan of her amazing Study trilogy

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    4,3 5 stars Available on author s web, here Only six he asked, sounding bored My, my He tsked and spun his daggers in his hands Do you want to surrender to me now or later Definitely the best novella from Study series It s told from Yelena s, Valek s and Janco s pov Just like in Shadow Study I absolutely loved it, these three are my favorite characters from the entire series and Valek Yelena are one of the best book couples I have ever encountered The story takes place two years after Fire study It s prequel to Shadow Study and tells about Owen Moon, who wants to steal Ice Moon powerful diamond from Commander He captures Yelena and threatens to kill her brother Leif, if she won t cooperate But Yelena and Valek have their own plan how to stop him.Must read for fans of this series Move back, the man on the left ordered Valek Or I ll skewer your friend Valek considered the threat Do you plan to wound, maim, or kill him he asked the guard Threats should be specific in order to have the maximum impact The man just stared at him Skewer is just too vague I think if you say, Stand back or I ll stab him in the stomach, then I have an idea about how serious you are After all, Leif s stomach is his favorite body part, so that s a decent threat Don t give him any ideas, Leif said in a low growl

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    Not much to say about this short story It doesn t add to the general plot of the glass series but I m wondering if maybe there will be some twist in the final book Spy Glass that depends in that story Apart from that, it was good to be on the head of some of my favorite characters in the Ixia Universe, Yelena and Valek for once, Leif and Janco I love his sense of humor and how even the most dire circumstances fail to dishearten him.Now, on to the last of Opal s adventures I m curious of what will happen to her view spoiler Now that she has no magic and all or maybe she ll get it back All this talk in this novella about how diamonds can hold significant amount of magic power and her power turned into diamonds hide spoiler

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    Read it at Maria V Snyder s website here Ice StudyWhere did Maria V Snyder go The writing in Ice Study wasn t as captivating as I remember the Study and Glass series were emojis followed by periods are awkward The sentences seemed a bit too simple and I didn t the action scenes didn t make my heart pound I also didn t like how Valek and Lief s POVs were in 3rd person while Yelena s was in 1st person, and did we really need the chapter from Janco This is a novella though, so I ll let it slide The writing aside, I liked the whole story about the Ice Moon especially where it was really hidden, so ingenious The personalities of each of the characters were still the same and on full display and the pacing of the story was done well for a novella, not rushed or choppy For those who are confused about the chronology of all of Snyder s Ixia Sitia books me the chart at the bottom of the page linked above is very helpful I read the Glass series before this book and so I wasn t sure where events fell chronologically since there were developments from the Glass series that were featured in it I m looking forward to reading Shadow Study

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    Ice Study is a recently expanded re write of the previous Ice Study and serves as a prequel of sorts to Shadow Study In it, Yelena and Valek must overcome a powerful magician set on reclaiming an artefact known as the Ice Moon, which has the ability to destroy all magic in the world, and even Janco pops up with a point of view.Ice Study was the longest of the short stories and honestly, it probably could have been expanded into a full length novel There was a heap of new characters, action, deception, magic and alliances written into its short length, but it also serves as both a complete story on its own and as a set up to Shadow Study It s pretty much essential reading, so good thing it s available for free on Snyder s website.In Ice Study, we see Yelena as always embroiled in something disastrous as she s separated from her heart mate Valek While the story is basic and straightforward, it does show some significant advances such as the use of null shields to block a magician s magic and hoe dependent Yelena has become on her magic, which is refreshing because in Poison Study she was a complete rookie.I think Ice Study should definitely be read before Shadow Study because it sets up an important plot point, but it s also an enjoyable tale in itself, one of adventure and learning who to trust.

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    Go find my clothes, Valek said I have a full set of lock picks in them Shirt or pants He smiled, Either one Ice Study was a great addition to the series, I enjoyed reading from different POVs I love Leif, and I need a Valek in my life, period 3 5 stars If you re my knight in shining armor, I m screwed, Leif said.

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    Reread Review read March 10th 2015 Maria V Snyder has written a new extended version of Ice Study which can be found on her website here if you ve already read the previous version of Ice Study I d definitely recommend rereading the new version before you start Shadow Study because it gives some extra information about what has been happening with both Yelena and Valek since the end of Fire Study.The updated version includes a new prologue and epilogue but I think there was also at least one extra chapter in there too I may be wrong about that though because there was a long gap between me reading the two versions The story is told from Yelena, Valek and Janco s point of view the same as Shadow Study and I loved catching up with all three of these characters.Original Review read September 25th 2014 Ice Study is a free short story that can be read on Maria V Snyder s website here It fits into the series timeline after events in Fire Study so I would recommend waiting until after that book to read it.After everything they ve been through in the series you d think that Yelena and Valek had earned the right for a little peace and quiet, some time just the two of them kind of like a honeymoon perhaps Well, of course nothing is ever quite that simple for these two and they are pulled straight into another adventure This time Leif and Valek have been captured and Yelena is the only one who can save them both.I don t like to go into too much detail when talking about these short stories because it is way too easy to give spoilers I loved being able to visit this couple again though and I loved that the story is told from both Yelena and Valek s points of view It is always fun to catch up with these guys and although I was disappointed that the couple were separated for the majority of the story you can still really see how perfect they are for each other and how in love they are.I have enjoyed all three of these short stories from Maria V Snyder and really hope that she ll decide to write of them in the future I don t think I ll ever get enough of this world or these characters

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    This was so good Janco, Valek, Yelena It was action packed, had a great story, and it didn t feel rushed at all Attention to detail, great dialogue and simply enjoyable This short story was brilliantly executed Makes me realise why I love fantasy Read 31 07 2018Will I recommend Yes, but read the real books first It will be enjoyable.

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    This was really great Awesome way to bridge both Fire Study and Shadow Study Its hard to rate novellas because they re so short but this was done very well From the get go it captured my interest and by the end left me wanting What else could you ask for Plus, Valek I love anything that has to do with him.

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    This is a short story with Yelena and Valek and other secondary characters and the Ice Moon diamond It introduces Owen and Ben Moon and leads up to what happens in book 4, Shadow Study This short story and the other two from this series are on the author s website and can be read for free Review edited to include below About the Series I highly recommend this series to anyone looking for a fantasy and magic series You could probably get away with reading some of these as standalone and still enjoy them but it won t be nearly as exciting or rewarding if you don t read them in order They aren t overly sexual either as the intimate scenes are mostly glossed over It would be appropriate for the mid to older teen audience That being said, they don t read as too Young Adult either so they are great for those, like me, who aren t very fond of reading YA I think the author achieved a writing style that can be appreciated and loved across age genres Ratings My ratings for each of the books I read from the Study series Poison Study Study 1 4.5 StarsMagic Study Study 2 4 StarsFire Study Study 3 3 StarsPower Study Study 3.5 3 Stars Ice Study Study 3.6 4 StarsShadow Study Study 4 4 StarsNight Study Study 5 5 Stars Dawn Study Study 6 5 Stars

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