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    It is very rare that I don t finish a book, but this is one of them The book jacket made this novel sound so interesting and it had a great initial start The first few pages were riveting and fast paced and described the coup and Tathea s escape There were so many scenes in the book where you had to suspend belief and forget any thoughts of a realistic plot Her escape from the assasins was one of those scenes.I read about 325 pages of this book before I realized it was not going to get better If the book had kept on the path of a fantasy adventure which was what the jacket alluded described , I would have kept reading This book is only a small part fantasy, which by the way was often interesting This book is basically a religious allegory parable novel.The jacket description is very misleading and must have been written by someone who wanted to sell a lot of books to people who enjoy fantasy I do enjoy religion based novels, but only when I WANT to read them, not when I have been tricked into reading them Even so, I still don t think this book worked on a religious novel level It was VERY repetitive and very boring.

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    Anne Perry apparently does Victorian mysteries, which I hope are a little readable than this craptastic book was 500 pages of religious preaching behind a veiled, only marginally compelling fantasy backdrop It was kind of pathetic.I can compare it to Terry Goodkind in a way, who has a pretty standard objectivist line he toes with the characters in his books The difference is that his characters are endearing, the plot is compelling, and the writing is above average, thus allowing the reader to at least get something from the book even if s he disagrees or ignores the social commentary beneath it Perry, on the other hand, has some seriously stilted dialogue issues, and, since the main character has no purpose but to spread The Word around the imaginary world she s created, it results in constantly being bashed over the head with it I mean, her intent was to obviously provide her version of religious belief into an area that is often lacking in spirituality of that sort, and maybe she s actively trying to trick people into picking up what appears to be a compelling fantasy story and getting preached to, but yeah, really, really bad Really bad.

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    Ta Thea, an empress, whose mother was of the sea and her father of the dessert, lost her husband, child and the throne in a brutal killing She had to leave her homeland, and everything she knew, to go on a journey that took everything and gave her in return than that During her spiritual travels, Ta Thea came face to face with her enemy What she learnt in the spirit helped her to survive in the world with its dangers, tests and temptations.There was always a choice When she made the right choices, many gained, but when she made the wrong choices, the people around her were the ones that paid the price She discovered the Book that was the answer to everything It was also the answer to nothing when people interpreted it to fit their needs and desires Will it save the world or ruin it Will there dawn a day when the enemy is too strong Will the enemy be defeated Who or what is the enemy Ann Perry has written a great story by combining fantasy with Biblical truths The message I received from Tathea, is the importance of staying true to the Word of God Spreading the Word of God should never be confused with using the Word of God to please people Tathea reminds us of how fragile, and at the same time how strong we humans are Tathea also tells the story of the love of God that gives us the strength, not the love of man I recommend Tathea and I would love to read other books from the author, Anne Perry Open Road Integrated Media, as part of their media review bloggers program provided this book to me for free in exchange for this honest review.

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    This book, I admit is a harder read than most It is not a piece of mild fiction, rather, a presentation on one woman s journey into self awakening and acceptance of a higher power You will love it or hate it Plain and precious truths are offered and what I like the most is moving my thoughts beyond the boundaries of this world and dwelling for a moment on worlds I have without end When God asked Satan what he was doing in the garden the serpent replied he was doing what is done in other worlds How would it be to live in a world and go through a life altering experience as Tathea did and coming to accept the divinity of Christ and the Atonement that took place for you but in another sphere of time and place We accept there are other worlds and realms in this universe yet we do not think on their progression Interesting concept, isn t it While the story does become dreamlike and muddled at times, the premise of the worth of a soul is beautiful and Tathea s journey is enthralling.

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    I came into this read thinking it was something else entirely oh, how surprised I was I managed to get through the spiritual journey part which came surprisingly soon after the start of the book , but even that was a struggle I gave up soon afterwards I understand what the author was trying to go for, I congratulate her for going for it, but it was just not for me The message felt rather heavy handed, the style of writing was not appropriate, I think, for this type of storytelling I didn t feel like we were given an opportunity to emotionally connect with Tathea, she remained but an empty character to me Nothing was memorable in my mind, the read tired me out instead of enticing me to turn the page keep going Disappointing.

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    Long but good It made me truly feel like I was on a journey of self discovery Great ideas, densely philosophical, but simple, with just enough action to make it get exciting and keep my interest And of course, littered with plot twists Overall, an interesting and fulfilling read Definitely recommended.

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    LOVED this book I have read it several times First time it was kind of hard to get into but once I did it was a great read clean

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    I have recently been introduced to and hooked on Anne Perry s Inspector Monk series, but the next one in sequence was not available at the library, so I had to order it on interlibrary loan, and I grabbed this novel in the interim, only to find out that it is a very different kind of book Perry has created a new fairytale, in essence, but it is dark and complex, and undoubtedly there will be those who will object to its portrayal of the creation of a new religion.The story begins in a land presumably long ago and far away, when Ta Thea, the Empress of Shinibar, awakes to find the palace under attack by rebellious hordes, her husband and son already murdered, and the palace in flames She flees, abetted by a loyal Captain of the Household Guard, who leads her out of the palace and then out of the city, pursued by a rebel group intent on killing the both of them She eventually gets to the coast and gets passage on a boat to the Lost Lands, from which her mother had come After staying with her mother s relatives for a while, however, she finds herself increasingly restless, wanting to know , to have an understanding of how these things had come to be She consults an old priest living on a cliff, saying she wants to learn Truth, to know the mind of God for full understanding After studying with him for a while and convincing him of her true desire for true understanding, he tells her to go stand on the shore all day and night, whereupon the first step of her journey will be made clear She does, and a skiff sails in out of the sunrise, piloted by an unusual man who takes her aboard and then sails back out to the sea and to the lands beyond Until this point, the story has been simply an absorbing adventure tale Out there, beyond the known limits of the civilized world, she finds a series of different island nations, each one presenting her with new problems including both natural disasters and increasingly strange environments Her name has been shortened to Tathea, and she is tested to the extreme, finding both threats and new love, until at last she finds the Book, written in the old language and telling the Truth of Life Her odyssey continues, until she winds up in the nation of one of her former husband s competitors, where she preaches the way of the Book, converting many listeners to the new way, and finds that hse is indeed engaged in war against the forces of ungodliness The ending leaves things a bit unclear, as she now has a compatriot in her original kingdom looking to organize a new rebellion to throw out the usurpers, which suggests there may be a sequel to accomplish that, but the religious fervor of the message is beyond that of a single kingdom and anticipates a struggle of than a lifetime.I really enjoyed this book Perry has a mixture of fascinating description and the language of legends, and her main character earned my full sympathy long before the story drifted beyond the realms of reality I find myself left adrift my sympathy demands that she must succeed, but my inner self questions how she can succeed in a war that is beyond reality, that will result in the overthrowing of most everything else I believe This is true storytelling, told by an expert storyteller I m giving it four stars and I m tempted to say five Everyone should read this book After I posted my review, I looked at some of the other reviews of this book, finding that many of them faced the same agonies I had, with the result that many people gave it only one star, saying it was terrible, while at least as many other people gave it five stars, saying it was fabulous Many of the reviewers clearly were bothered about the religious aspect of the novel, as was I it is not my religion but it also clearly is not the religion of the Latter Day Saints, although many objected to it apparently thinking that it was Wondering why they thought that, I googled a bit to discover some of the amazing aspects of Perry s real life, which reads like a novel in itself including the fact that Perry has in fact been a member of the LDS for forty years or and that the religious principles expressed in Tathea reflect her religious beliefs but I still find them somewhat different from what I understand to be the Morman faith I also discovered that Tathea, published in 1999, was based on her early unpublished manuscripts, when she first began thinking of becoming an author, back in her twenties, and that there in fact was a sequel, Come Armageddon, published in 2001, summarized as follows Tathea, the Empress of Shinabar, has wandered the Lost Lands for five hundred years, spreading the teachings of a mystical Book to prepare mankind for the inevitable battle with the Great Enemy I ll look for that book.

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    A reader review on I think commented on the dichotomous distribution of reactions to this book loved it or hated it thus The Book a major focus of the novel was supposed to divide people and families I think Anne Perry s book does the same I read this book over the past couple of weeks and I loved it.This is a book that is meant to provoke thought Many of the negative comments essentially could be summarized as it is boring to think about theology for 522 pages Many of the remaining negative comments complained that Perry s heroine is too good that you never expect her to actually succumb to temptation Ironically this is a major theme of her work that philosophies and works of art are insipid and, , evil, if they paint Good with all sweetness and light and ignore the struggle with Evil.Although it is very different from Orson Scott Card s Saints, I think it rivals it for Best Mormon Novel In my opinion Card is skilled, perhaps especially at the balance of describing scenery and characters thoughts versus moving the action, but Tathea is written passionately and I think its intense discussion of theology is a strong point in its favor.Interestingly, I am now in the middle of George Eliot s Adam Bede, and I just read the title character s extended comment on his pastor at the beginning of Book Two Eliot essentially argues through Bede for turning away from doctrines cf of tenets thou shalt not talk, Doctrine and Covenants 19 31 because a people don t want to hear it so in the end it is ineffective, b it tends to hypocritical judgment of others, c it misses the point of charitable kindness toward your neighbor, and d it is hubris to think we mere humans can claim to be right about doctrine She says that mere thoughts don t motivate a change in behavior emotions including awe and love do Perry couldn t agree less Tathea is an argument for the central nature of doctrine in the Christian life True doctrine, understood, changes attitudes and behavior Boyd K Packer, Little Children, Ensign, Nov 1986, 16 Without the true doctrine, one would not know what to be passionate about The fact that no one wants to hear the watchman cry out in the middle of the night does not relieve him of the responsibility to cry out Ezekiel 33 2,6 7 Without true doctrine, one would judge wrongly what is kindness and what is smothering, cloying paternalism.I read a very insightful review in something like BYU Studies or on the AML site that summarizes the plot and points out comparisons with the Book of Mormon I can t find it at the moment but will add the URL if I find it See below I think this book is worth your time.1 Saturday, July 05, 2008 4 08 PM Kevin Black wrote That review pointed out for instance that the book has the same of pages as the current English edition of the Book of Mormon.One theme in the book, exemplified on p 412 in a discussion of other commonly mentioned traits of good leaders who has the strength to tell the truth when it is hardest to hear, even to be hated for it, and not turn aside P 437 He loved the beauty in it above everything, she replied Even above the truth On his lips, little by little, it grew softer in the telling The hard edges of price because blurred and finally so dim as to be ignored We twisted mercy into a softness of the soul that denied the existence of sin We made too few demands We did not want to exclude anyone or drive them away because we asked than they wanted to give We thought they would be unwilling to let go of their old pleasures, so we changed the faith to accommodate them 2 Sunday, January 04, 2009 1 32 AM Kevin Black wrote The review that pointed out the number of pages, and the comparisons mentioned above, was by Richard Cracroft and can be found on pages 159 168 of Dialogue, Volume 32, Number 3, Fall 1999 He felt as I did that she succeeded in her attempt A contrary but thoughtful view is given by Darlene Young.

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    I absolutely loved Tathea The title character loses everything that traditionally gives a person identity family, friends, job, home, and even country and embarks on a journey to find out who she really is, what she s made of After Tathea escapes being murdered at the very beginning of the book, she begins to establish a life for herself in another country But then she embarks on a journey that is not in the realms of her world whether dream or vision or what is not completely clear but she comes back with concrete evidence of the reality of the places she s been a book of truth It is in that spiritual journey that she discovers the source of truth, not only about herself but about all of existence, and what it entails, and once she has an understanding of all that, she undertakes a quest to take that truth and spread it as widely as she can, ultimately returning to her origins to face the ultimate evil in the universe She doesn t live on this earth but on one very much like it that has a history of civilizations similar to those of this earth s past As she can be counted on to do, Anne Perry creates a world of intricate detail with vivid characters at the center The interplay of personalities provides a great deal of the interest in the story, and the very well written, exciting adventures and romance fill out the mythic plot The religious truths in the book are presented in a logical and reasonable way that provides motives for what happens and enhances the characterizations The title character is appealing, kind, courageous, adventurous, resourceful, highly intelligent, faithful, slightly flawed, altogether admirable in short, she s probably Anne Perry herself in disguise.

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