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A Conspiracy of Violence txt A Conspiracy of Violence, text ebook A Conspiracy of Violence, adobe reader A Conspiracy of Violence, chapter 2 A Conspiracy of Violence, A Conspiracy of Violence 1d717c The Dour Days Of Cromwell Are Over Charles II Is Well Established At White Hall Palace, His Mistress At Hand In Rooms Over The Holbein Bridge, The Heads Of Some Of The Regicides On Public Display London Seethes With New Energy, Freed From The Strictures Of The Protectorate, But Many Of Its Inhabitants Have Lost Their Livelihoods One Is Thomas Chaloner, A Reluctant Spy For The Feared Secretary Of State, John Thurloe, And Now Returned From Holland In Desperate Need Of Employment His Erstwhile Boss, Knowing He Has Many Enemies At Court, Recommends Thomas To Lord Clarendon, But In Return Demands That Thomas Keep Him Informed Of Any Plot Against Him But What Thomas Discovers Is That Thurloe Had Sent Another Ex Employee To White Hall And He Is Dead, Supposedly Murdered By Footpads Near The Thames Chaloner Volunteers To Investigate His Killing Instead He Is Despatched To The Tower To Unearth The Gold Buried By The Last Governor He Discovers Not Treasure, But Evidence That Greed And Self Interest Are Uppermost In Men S Minds Whoever Is In Power, And That His Life Has No Value To Either Side

About the Author: Susanna Gregory

Elizabeth Cruwys, a Cambridge academic who was previously a coroner s officer She writes detective fiction, and is noted for her series of mediaeval mysteries featuring Matthew Bartholomew, a teacher of medicine and investigator of murders in 14th century Cambridge.She is married to author

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    The one thing I require of my recreational reading is that it pull me into the story immediately, with fast moving action, a compelling atmosphere, an intriguing conundrum, or something anything other than four pages of dull exposition of the main character s history Particularly when that history is then repeated in the subsequent pages I haven t the patience to wade through all 500 pages.Gregory, as with so many current authors of historical fiction, substitutes textbook style explanation for literary revelation, and refuses to let the work speak for itself Or perhaps she does not trust her readers ability to interpret the text For example, it is not enough to tell us that a character built a fire she must explain to us that the room was cold We are not allowed to interpret that a character coughs to attract attention we must have it stated explicitly for us Too many authors of historical fiction today seem to have learned their craft from high school textbooks of the duller kind.

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    Fun spy romp through Restoration London, c 1662 For a further review

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    Another wannabe Sansom While i have read a few of her Matthew Bartholomew series and found them to be interesting, this 1st one of Chaloner is way below parChaloner is an ex English Spy who was earlier in Holland during Cromwells s time, but has fallen from grace since the restoration, and is struggling to make a living in london now.the story s biggest problem is that there seems to be no central mystery, and we seem to stumble along a tale filled with n no of small incidents there are murders than you can count, and all done v v casually w o any repurcussions for the murder.The hero Chaloner is the most un hero like figure that you will ever see he cant hit anything when taking aim, but kills villains when he just tosses empty guns at them yeah, its true , and has no one he can trust Indeed, how he solves the mystery at last moment is of a mystery than anything else Also, at 500 pages, this was a tad too long.Avoidable

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    The time is 1662 The place is London Cromwell has been defeated but there are still conspiracies, or so it is thought, to kill the new king Thomas Chaloner is a former British spy who wants nothing else but to continue doing the only thing he knows but he takes the odd clerking job just to keep a roof over his head and food in his mouth As Thomas tries to do what he is told by several inconsistent bosses he finds one lie after another and wonders who is telling the truth As the stories become tangled he is threatened over and over again various villains The end of this story will have you on the edge of your seat as things become clear to Thomas and the few friends that he has discovered he has There is a light side to this story too, in the form of a Christmas turkey that will not die This is a fun read as well as an interesting one.

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    I ve read some of Susanna Gregory s other novels and enjoyed them, so I was rather disappointed by this one Chaloner seems to be an utterly incompetent spy I suspect the real reason why Downing sacked him , the dialogue is stilted, and the characters unbelievable All it made me want to do was re read the Diary of Samuel Pepys, which is so much gripping.

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    17th century Days of Cromwell are past Charles II is established at White Hall Palace Citizens have lost their livelihoods Thomas Chaloner, a spy for Secretary of State, John Thurloe John recommends Thomas to Lord Clarendon He is dispatched to the Tower to unearth gold buried by the last Governor He discovers not treasure, but evidence that, greed and self interest are uppermost in the minds of those in power Chaloner own life has no value to either side.A lot of attention to detail which gets too tedious and slows the reading down Characters are not well drawn and Chaloner is not an interesting character I think I ll try her Matthew Bartholomew series I cannot recommend this series Too wordy

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    I enjoyed the setting and its historical detail, and the mysteries tangled up together were certainly interesting, but all of the names and aliases were a bit much to keep track of and I had to flip back a few times too often to figure out who was who I also found the nest of betrayals at the end a bit too much of a downer Oh well.

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    Just arrived from UK Even if the plot is a little bit confusing, the story behind is quite interesting.

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    Synopsis Chaloner works as a spy for Charles II but his immediate boss warns him to watch his own back as well.

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