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Unbridled pdf Unbridled, ebook Unbridled, epub Unbridled, doc Unbridled, e-pub Unbridled, Unbridled b3d258c2810 Tough Or Tender If She Plays Her Cards Right, She Won T Have To Choose Lonestar Lovers, Book Dani Standifer Arrives Home At Her West Texas Family Ranch A Day Early, Ready To Pick Up Where She Left Off With Rowe Ayers, Her High School Sweetheart However, When She Opens The Door To Their Line Shack Trysting Place, It S Clear She Waited A Day Too Long Rowe S With Someone Else Another ManAnd Not Just Any Other Man, Justin Cruz, The Bad Boy With Whom She Shared One Wild Encounter, Years AgoJustin S Waited A Long Time For This Moment He Knows His Reputation, But Since He Seduced Rowe, He S Been A One Man Cowboy Waiting For Dani To Return And Become The Delicious Fulfillment Of His And Rowe S Needs If She S Up To The ChallengeTo Her Own Surprise, Dani Finds She S Than Ready To Have Both Men In Her Life As Soon As She And Rowe Teach Justin A Lesson Or Two About LoveTheir Small Town May Not Be Ready For Their Kind Of Relationship And Dani S Brother Cutter S Mile Deep Grudge Against Justin Throws In A Complication That Could Break The Foundation The Three Of Them Have BuiltWarning Hold On For The Rodeo Of Your Life With Rough Ridin Male On Male Action, Blazing Hot M M F Scenes, And Melt Your Panties Lovin As Each Of These Sexy Cowboys Gives It The Way They Know Best To Turn Their Woman Inside Out

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    Feeling lazy, so I m just gonna copy part of the blurb Dani Standifer arrives home at her West Texas family ranch a day early, ready to pick up where she left off with Rowe Ayers, her high school sweetheart However, when she opens the door to their line shack trysting place, it s clear she waited a day too long Rowe s with someone else another man.And not just any other man Justin Cruz, the bad boy with whom she shared one wild encounter, years ago This novella is a lethal combination of dreadful sex writing, shallow characterization and unbelievable plot The loving stalker and the we re not gay, we just love each other m m are two of my least favorite tropes, and they re present in full force.To start off, a stint in Justin s POV informs us that he watched Dani for years from afar, keeping his hands off her for years because she was too young This watching included her trysts with Rowe in the line shack I gather Devlin intended this to show Justin s attraction to Dani and how it differed from his fleeting attractions to other women, but it came off as predatory and stalkeriffic That s a steep hill to climb to regain my respect to be a believable hero, and the novella isn t anywhere near long enough for that.The sex scenes are truly dreadful They contain such gems as The sight of her pale blonde ruff and the deep pink, inner lips framing her entrance, took his breath away and The slick, wet sounds they made as they came together were just nasty enough to thrill her, and the familiar musky scent and feel of the man working above her smoothed away the edges from her earlier unrest The language was on par with free erotic shorts and the imagery anywhere from puzzling working really to gross, but never erotic It lacked the subtlety, the tension building and feeling necessary to convey attraction or arousal Ostensibly these are people who love each other, yet, beyond saying the words to each other, they do nothing to show me love exists here Dani s brother is portrayed as an impediment to their desire to be a threesome, but his character is woefully undeveloped As quickly as he appears as an opposing force he disappears, dropping his dissent in a two line conversation Why bother creating his character in the first place.Altogether, Unbridled is an underwhelming effort from Devlin, who is capable of much better work.

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    Dani s one lucky girl to have herself not one sexy as hell cowboy but two of them Rowe and Justin make on helluva cowboy sandwich

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    3.5 stars This and other reviews can be found at www.imasweetandsassybookwhore.com So I originally read Unbridled years ago and when I saw that it was up for review I decided to revisit not just this one but the entire series as well I love a m nage story and this was one of the first ones I read Justin, Dani and Rowe will have your heart rate increasing and your body temperature rising at times as well The way Dani discovers Justin and Rowe s relationship was both hot and a bit heartbreaking but I honestly think it was the best way she could have found out because she witnessed the raw passion between them first hand The way they handle the development of the relationship between the three I enjoyed, it wasn t just oh look now they are all together that there were some bumps along the way.Unbridled is fairly fast paced and a quick read and a good introduction to Ms Devlin s writing if you have not read her previously.

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    1 in the series that I seem to be reading out of order This town in Texas is going to become the group marriage capital of the world Quite a fantasy, where people seem to accept these couples, or triples, whatever.And yet I keep reading them, somehow fascinated by the whole concept They aren t badly written, just hard to believe I keep saying, it is fiction

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    It really wasn t believable Justin never progresses past selfish jerk and everyone seems fine with it because deep down he loves them I didn t really ever care about these characters I was glad to see she gave Cutter a book because I connected with him than the main characters.

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    This was just an OK read for me It seemed a bit rushed and lacked backstory and details Sex was pretty hot but even this could have used steam.

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    4.5 StarsThis is book one in the Lone Star Lovers series and it features Dani Standifer, Rowan Ayers and Justin Cruz I think this whole story was about showing Justin that he doesn t always have to be hard He s worthy of the love of a good woman and of a good man Neither are going to judge him or leave him for past indiscretions It s a story of three people that discovered life is better when the three of them are sharing it together It s also the first of its kind of relationship in their small Texas ranching town.Delilah Devlin does it again Great story Crazy HOT m nage a trois with two sexy Cowboys and the woman neither wants to live without I can t wait for book two.

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    If MM, MMF, or MFM scenes offend you, steer clear of this book.This book was ok It actually had sweet moments and a little bit of sadness Dani and Rowe tried to ease some of Justin s pain as they all move forward in navigating their relationship This is definitely not instalove They manage to find happiness in spite of Cutter s disapproval, mostly aimed at Justin Although this is a standalone, will we get info regarding the animosity Cutter has for Justin

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    The best ever.Of I could give than 5 stars, I would have Delilah Revlon is one of my favorite authors She s a good proofreader, her stories move quickly and their interesting To me that says it all Everyone who likes sexy stories should try reading this book You won t regret the choice you made.

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    I realized after I started this that I d read it before but I enjoyed it just as much the second time around Steamy love triangle.

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