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    I was predetermined to not actually like this book However, as you all know I am a fan of P.C Cast and thought it was only fair to give this beautifully written story a try The last month I would walk past this book in bookstores and would pick it up and read the back and put it back down Finally I gave in and read it, and thankfully I did because I pleasantly surprised how this book overtook me I ve been noticing that Cast tends to write books based on Goddess and empowering women, which I can of dig especially since all of her characters seem to make me laugh when I least expect it Brighid is an amazingly loveable character who can t help but root for The whole time I was reading the book I felt apart of Brighid which in my experience means the book is smirk worthy of at least 4 stars and I wanted her help people and be snarky all at the same time in her own time I guess there are really no magical words to describe the feelings this book left me with I want to know about Brighid and her hunky side man, Cu, and I just want to immerse myself in another story involving the two of them It s almost like being drawn to a light that only you can see, you can t describe it even though you try I m actually quite nervous to read any of P.C Cast s other series novels for fear I will never be able to do my homework again I think this author has a way of drawing in a crowd and though her books might only touch a few, the power cord to those few is very strong.I want to gush about the story of the quest Brighid takes but I can t formulate the words of the magical journey this heroine takes you on I cried like 4 times while reading it, which is also another key factor for me to know a book is good I gave Brighid s Quest 5 stars because this book really just over takes you and plummets you into an entirely different world filled with hope, imagination, love, and power P.C Cast s world building in this book is amazing, when I finished reading I was like, What I m back to reality, where I have to go to class and study

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    I loved Brighid s Quest but I didnt think it was as good as the other Partholon books I don t know it just felt like there was something missing and I didnt feel the same attachment to the charactors as I did when reading Elphame s choice Also once again as I mentioned when reviewing Elphame s Choice I can t help but notice that it seems too adult for the age group its in As a teenage book its allowing teenagers from 11 years up to read it, and I personally don t feel comfortable on the thought of 11 or 13 year olds reading some of the scenes in the book Id say 15 Depending on maturity Another thing is that I felt that P.C Cast sort of rushed the ending I mean you had all these problems building up through out the story that were all solved in the last two pages, which I personally was disappointed in and it also left a lot of unanswered questions so fingers crossed another book comes out But yeah the ending seemed sort ofsudden if you know what I mean But other than all of that I did enjoy reading it and I recommend it to all A very good read, not the best but good.

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    Again I have to share my praise for P.C Cast This book was fabulous It had a different focus than some of her books, it went from pain, death and suffering to love, life and happiness It shows you the experience and trials a person who has lost a loved one may go through I was crying for a large portion of the book It is deffinately a difficult thing to be able to express through a book but the story is written so that you can begin to at least understand it The transition from dealing with the death then recovering is done well, you see it s not something that you can just forget, but you can heal from it Then to make you love the book even though it is sad, it brings back love, life and happiness, it a is difficult thing to accomplish but she does it When that love is realized the trials to come are easier because the characters now have each other And of course throughout the book, she gives you the sense that there will be redemption, you are not lost to the pain You close the book with a sense of newness and redemption Though I am hoping from the epilogue, there will be another book to the Parthalon series.

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    see our Goddess of Partholon interview with PC Cast here This book just made me want to bang my head on the nearest wall hard.This book picks up shortly after where Elphame s Choice ends This book however is all about Brighid and her quest, or I should say quests She has several spiritual, emotional and physical Being the eldest daughter of the Shaman for the Dhianna centaurs, Brighid can feel the spiritual world, a pull towards being a Shaman herself Brighid wants nothing to do with it She loves her life with the Clan MacCallan and feels at home amongst the humans However, a physical quest to bring home Cuchulainn leads her on an emotional and very personal journey where she learns that sometimes the plans you make for yourself are not always your destiny This is another character driven book There were a few exciting action moments, but mostly it was a self discovery story with a prevalent forgiveness theme throughout I enjoy character driven stories, but I needed some drama and action I was bored and mad.Brighid, I really liked her character She was a true and honorable friend who was hard on the outside and a little soft on the inside Not only did she hide her emotions, she also hid them from herself It s when she starts to really open herself up to herself and one other you can see amazing character growth.Cuchulainn was the other main character in this book He suffered a tremendous loss and he becomes just a shell of himself, someone who is just going through the motions of living I appreciated the deep sorrow that Cuchulainn felt for the loss of Brenna However, I found it disheartening that his grief was lessened to the fact that his soul was shattered and in the otherworld, which could be whole again, it just had to be retrieved by someone, which happened to be Brighid I found it a little to convenient, like an easy out I see it as hey I am sad, let me find someone to retrieve my shattered soul so I can be happy again See what I mean My biggest complaint is the relationship that forms between Brighid and Cuchulainn After only two moon cycles, plus a few days around 70ish they become hand fasted Really How could someone that suffered a shattered soul, here it was Cuchulainn s loss of his beloved Brenna, fall in love so quickly I think it was dishonorable to Brenna I could see purposefully written passages to try and persuade this new relationship with the readers, but I did not accede to it I loathed it When you hate something, it makes reading the book hard.Stacy, who was not happy reading this book

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    There s something immensely satisfying about a light fantasy read a read that entertains and delights in a simple and straightforward manner Too much of the fantasy that I ve read of late has strayed toward the dark side Some of them seem to be competing for awards of goriest death or most revolting torture or bleakest outlook on life After too many course of that type of fantasy, Brighid s Quest by P.C Cast comes as a welcome and enjoyable relief Brighid s Quest is a book that doesn t make your head or heart hurt It s very much a feel good novel where good is good, evil is evil, and love champions over all its adversity It is a highly refreshing novel where characters are continually surprised by goodness rather than the traditional fantasy fare of the protagonists getting tricked by hidden evil This book is the second in a series The characters were first introduced in Elphame s Choice However, as someone who didn t read that first novel, I had no difficulty jumping into the second book and immediately being able to understand who people were and what motivated them It is the story of a centaur named Brighid and her quest to save a warrior of her clan, Cuchalainn Cu for short , from the overwhelming grief that has enveloped him since the death of his betrothed The two of them are also helping a group of children descended from muses and demons to return to their homeland a homeland which had once warred with their demonic ancestors and looked upon them with the greatest of suspicions Brighid s quest is hampered by the fact that much of it takes place in the spirit world and she had rejected her shamanic calling in favor of being a Huntress, the calling of her heart In order to be successful, Brighid must challenge her prejudices and make a choice between selfishness and happiness Early on in the novel, I couldn t help but feel a certain amount of trepidation about the direction that the novel was taking This was a book, after all, being put out by Luna, the fantasy imprint of Harlequin There was bound to be a love interest though C.E Murphy s series has so far avoided it and I confess to being slightly queasy about the prospect of reading a human centaur sex scene It danced a little too close to bestiality for my comfort I should not have worried, though P.C Cast handles even the sex scenes with a great deal of delicacy and class The paths of Brighid s Quest are filled with highly likeable characters Even the villains are offered opportunities for redemption a choice that some of them are willing to make Cast has drawn me into her world and I ll gladly make return visits to this charming series.

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    I really enjoyed this book It was really good and despite not having read the previous books I feel like I understood the plot and characters well It was well written too The only reason for four stars not five was that the author seemed to get a little distracted during some of the, erm, romance scenes I felt it was not why I picked up the book and slowed down the exciting plot Still An excellent read.

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    This is a coming of age book and has a lot of things woven together After seeing Elphame s concern for her brother who has gone to bring back the New Formaorians to Clan McCallan Brighid decides to put her clan s chief s heart at peace and takes up the journey to find Cu and aid him in bringing the New Formorians back But what Brighid does not expect is her struggle with her own powers, finding love and finding her destinythis journey will change what Brighid Dianna stood for and will stand for, for time to come.The land is still shrouded in darkness, but the sky had begun to blush in anticipation of the sun Brighid s QuestBrighid s Quest is the 3rd book in the Young Adult Parthalon Books by P.C Cast I had no clue when I selected this book from NetGalley that it was part of a series I felt sorry I had not read the 1st 2 books because I have come to LOVE Cast s writing It is so beautiful and vivid When this book started, I really was a bit confused as I had no clue what was happening But 10 pages into it and I was reading non stop This book is addictive in a way, I cannot explain I loved Brighid, Cu and Elphame I love the world that Cast has so beautifully crafted.I LOVE her lyrical writing I know I am saying it again but I think I cannot express my love for this book enough.Dwelling on tragedy makes grief become like a dipping icicle that begins as a small, harmless silver of coldness But slowly, as winter of mourning progresses, layer after dripping layer hardens into an unbreakable dagger of pain pg 67The connection between dawn and sunset was like a coin with 2 faces Alike, yet seperate Similar, yet not the same There was a simplicity and rightness to thinking of the two as reflections of one another beginning and ending and then beginning againjust another part of the great circle of life pg 271Some things in life can t be placed tidly on sides of good or evil We are often in the midst of a balancing act, where the scales are hopefully tipped toward the good and away from the evil But sometimes evil wears the face of friends and family And good looks like the outlander pg 288You know that prejudice is not logical, which is why it is so hard to overcome Just like a coming of age novel, this one is predictable I mean you know what is going to happen, but how and what all really happens you have to read the book to really find out On a side note, I do not like the cover at all I am waiting to get a chance to read all the books in this series And I recommend this book HIGHLY I hope you guys give this series and this author s other books a try Check out the author site P.C Cast siteThanks to Harlequin Teen and to NetGalley for my copy of this eBook

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    You re probably asking why some as diligent at reviewing books that I have read appears to have skipped over a book in a series without giving it a review The answer is because whilst I did give Elphame s Choice a five star rating, I didn t feel I could give it an honest review without having finished Brighid s Quest I regard the two merely as two halves of one book, despite the switch in the protagonist.That s not to say that Elphame s Choice ends on a cliff hanger Rest assured that it doesn t but its ending is very much a bitter sweet happy ever after because the romantic conclusion is overshadowed by what I regarded as another needless death of a great character by P.C Cast As it turns out in Brighid s Quest, it wasn t needless and whist it hurt, it turns out to be fundamental to romance of the pair in the second book.In case it s not clear, Elphame s Choice and Brighid s Quest are the fourth and fifth books, respectively in P.C Cast s Goddess of Partholon series Elphame is the grown up daughter of Etain, the current Chosen of Epona The same Etain who was born in Divine by Blood, the third book So quite a few decades have passed since then In fact, it states that Formorian war that Shannon Parker fought in Divine by Mistake occurred around 150 years ago.In fact, in both these books, events come full circle because the consequences of that war still have a profound impact upon Partholon of the present This is one of my favourite things about series like this in that there is continuity Events that happened in one book are not forgotten and are referred to from a different perspective.On to the characters Elphame was interesting not only because she was the half human, half centaur daughter of Etain think satyr without the horns but how she just wanted to be normal instead of being treated like a goddess What with Epona being a Goddess of horses amongst other things, you can see why Elphame would be so worshipped Cuchulainn, her slightly younger brother who accompanies Elphame on her quest to fit in and rebuild Macallan Castle was quite the charmer His story is in fact the one that binds the two books together even though it is the same cast through them both Finally, there is Brighid, the centaur Huntress who arrives at Macallan Castle in Elphame s Choice and becomes the protagonist in the second book.These, like the previous books in the series, are very much character books in a fantasy setting so the action, what there is, is brief and towards the end Whilst Brighid s Quest resolves a story, there is certainly a strong enough opening for a continuance in the series so we shall see what happens in the future.Good, solid fantasy reads set in a matriarchal world Neither quite attains the same level set by Divine by Mistake but still worth reading.

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    Brighid, kentaur och b sta v n till prinsessan och och n stan gudinna lika Elphame r en j gare F rutbest md att bli shaman i hennes flock flydde hon fr n den rollen och rakt i famnen p Elphame, som d h ll p att bygga sin borg.Tv m nader tidigare s best mde sig folket i Partholon att f r f rsta g ngen i rhundraden ta med en formie i deras land Formierna kom och bodde ett tag i Elphames borg.Tills dagen d dom d dade Elphames brors trolovade.Cuchulainnhar nu varit borta i flera m nvarv och Elphame b rjar bli orolig f r att hennes bror aldrig kommer kunna komma ver Brenna Brighid st ller upp som frivillig f r att korsa skogar och hitta Cuchulainn och f ra honom hem.Men vad hon inte r knade med var att Cuchulainn har med sig en grupp p 70 sm formie barn som han vill ta med sig hem.Vad hon inte r knat med var att hennes shaman krafter nu vill hela Cuchulainns brustna sj l.Och vad hon definitivt inte r knat med r bandet som uppst r mellan de Brighids v g r en typisk vuxenbok f r P.C Cast, med starka kvinnor, gudinnor och varelser av alla slag Men precis som alla andra b cker var det h r inte helt och h llet mi typ av bok ven om jag fastnade f r karakt rerna V ldigt bra skrivet, dock m nga sv ra ord.

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    Of all Cast s books I think this has been the least powerful and most predictable I m betting Cast knew it too as she wrote it.If you haven t read the rest of the series, you should, and you should read this too just to see things tied up but don t pick it up if you have no background.The mating in this book seems forced, we re forced the whole way to accept the divine proposition and no matter how much I wanted to buy in, I couldn t I kept waiting for the feeling of a fated match and all I got was tepid interest However, the bonds with the New Formorian s is genuine and sweet the love in the crafting of the new race is evident, and to that side of the plot it is impossible not to feel connected.As always Casts writing is great, and keeps you intrigued, but the end is anticlimactic AND a cliffhanger, which the other Partholon books don t really do to you I do not forsee another book to this series coming out soon as Cast is devoted to the new HON series she s writing with her daughter this only aggravates the feeling of the book being incomplete.

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