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Elphame's Choice files Elphame's Choice, read online Elphame's Choice, free Elphame's Choice, free Elphame's Choice, Elphame's Choice 43e98c9e6 Part Human, Part Centaur, Elphame Has Always Been Different The Hundreds Of Shimmering Butterflies Sent By The Goddess Etain To Mark Her Birth Were Only The Beginning When Elphame Is Asked To Breathe New Life Into The Remote MacCallan Castle, She Goes Along With It And Finally She S Found Her True Calling

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    This review is also posted at It took a hundred pages for me to get even a little interested in this story If I hadn t meant to review it, I would have put it away I was uninterested in the protagonist and found the world building to be nebulous for the most part Very easy book to put down I rearranged a junk drawer and an over flowing cupboard while reading this book Not a good sign I d never read PC Cast, but I was interested in picking something of hers up because of how ubiquitous she is in the YA sections in my favorite book stores Now I see why Sex sells A lot Now, I love a good sexy romance My first adult romance was borrowed from my mom when I was sixteen I definitely get the draw But there has to be a story that needs it There has to be chemistry between the characters And there has to be a reason for the sex scenes in the first place, otherwise they re either just padding or prurience The lead romance had the foundation of having the hero see the heroine in dreams for her entire life Without ever having met her, he was in love The heroine first sees him in her own dreams shortly before she meets him and she s just as smitten I ve read plenty of romances where couples mate immediately based on being fated, but I found their interaction so bland that their passion seemed out of place It seemed like adding a sex scene was the purpose rather than furthering the story, which, sorry to say, seems disturbing and smarmy in a book written specifically for teenagers But let s get away from sex, if we can Although it s difficult with all the throbbing the hero was doing for the first two thirds of the book We start the story in an inaccessible world, with an unlikely couple and a vague goddess one goddess, a number of goddess incarnates , a chosen one and another goddess We know there s love and beauty, but there s no real context for any of it It just sort of floats out there for a prologue and a chapter before we really get to know anyone It wasn t until the action moved to a totally different place that the world started to take shape We learn next to nothing about the hero s world, though Wastelands, apparently, where his people thrive but suffer They suffer because the darkness in their blood is making them go insane Good enough, I suppose, but we have no visual on the place itself Maybe in a later book it will be explored a bit, but it was needed here and in this story The fix for the madness is a vague prophecy that our hero realizes has been misinterpreted and is worse than even he thought it was His reinterpretation frankly does not fit with the words of the prophecy, so that whole sequence of plot is contrived And, in the end, the execution of the prophecy doesn t make much sense even with his reinterpretation Add to this four interesting characters I won t say who , three of which make it to the end of the tale The character death here does impact the story but isn t necessary in the actual world the author has given us Except, of course, that Cast seems to be setting up a book for another character Again, contrived And finally we get an actual, true to it s name deus ex machina What else would you expect with a goddess in the lead Sadly, I really wanted to like this book But I didn t and I won t be continuing the series.

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    This one was slow getting started with any action It got better farther on in the book and the ending was surprising which made it a great read.

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    I think I m just not meant to read P.C Cast Maybe I m just anal retentive maybe I just have too much trouble shutting off the mythology geek section of my brain I crack open a Cast novel, and instead of sinking into the story, I find myself thinking, Celtic mythology doesn t have centaurs, or Apollo would make a lousy Prince Charming, or in this case, Elphame s a place name, darn it, not a character name It means fairyland Elphame s Choice is so called because its heroine is named Elphame, and this never quite stopped being distracting.Elphame is a descendant of the heroine of Divine by Mistake She lives a cushy but lonely existence as the daughter of Epona s Chosen, and wants to strike out on her own and find her destiny She finds it in the form of MacCallan Castle, which once belonged to her ancestors but was destroyed by the Fomorians generations ago Elphame assembles a team of people to rebuild the castle, and soon the team becomes a family of sorts I liked the scenes in which Elphame discovers leadership skills within herself, and those in which the ruined castle begins to shine again But when Elphame sustains an injury in the woods, the plot switches gears Her friends finish the bulk of the renovations during the five days she s laid up, and the true heart of Elphame s Choice the romance comes to the forefront.I should say, the romances There are two One is between Elphame and the half Fomorian, Lochlan, who believes she holds the key to the redemption of his people They quickly fall in love, but Lochlan fears that the vampiric influence of his Fomorian ancestry will cause him to hurt her I remember Divine by Mistake as being pretty raunchy and I d been wondering why its sequel had been repackaged for the young adult market Now I think I know Elphame s Choice predates Twilight, and is much steamier, but I think the boy meets girl, boy is afraid he ll drink girl s blood aspect may appeal to some of the same readers.The other romantic plotline focuses on Elphame s brother, Cuchulainn Cuchulainn is something of a Casanova, but finds himself out of his depth when he falls deeply in love with Brenna, a young healer and artist who bears physical and emotional scars I actually liked this secondary romance better than Elphame s story, at least until the very end.This is one of Cast s earlier books, and it s rough in places Most noticeably, there s a ton of head hopping and a long sagging middle in which nothing much happens except lust and bickering Then there s the Mary Sue ness I felt like the book would be half as long if the narrative didn t stop so often to mention how beautiful Elphame is The copy editing is spotty as well Lots of typos.But none of this would have been so bad if it hadn t been for two plot developments that occur toward the end.SPOILER ALERT 1 The prophecy It makes no sense Now, I love stories that hinge on an ambiguous or misinterpreted prophecy, the no man of woman born kind of thing But this one quite simply left me scratching my head The real meaning of the prophecy doesn t match the actual words of the prophecy The Goddess Epona would have had to be brainless to word it the way she did There s no logical way that the real meaning follows from what she said And the consequences would have been disastrous if the characters had interpreted the prophecy in the only way that actually makes sense Elphame would have been dead, and the half Fomorians left with no hope of regaining their sanity.2 Brenna Way to ruin a perfectly good reformed rake plot Cuchulainn learns to love and to appreciate inner beauty, and Brenna overcomes her fears, and for what Cast kills her off a few days after they get engaged, and then partners him with a strikingly beautiful woman in the next book, Brighid s Quest So, if you re pretty, you get a happy ending, but if you re not, you get to be the vehicle for some guy s character development Ugh.Also, and this isn t the author s fault, but what is with the new cover art Elphame is described as having brown skin

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    There is sooo much I want to say about this book I don t even know where to begin First off, I LOVED the Parthenon series and P.C Cast is quickly becoming my favorite author of all time I loved her Goddess Summoning series as well, anywayThis book fits in perfectly with the Parthenon series, it is actually set a hundred and some years after Rhiannon The characters in this book are so vivid and so devoted to their faith it almost makes me jealous, and wish that I could also have that kind of faith in something, anything really P.C Cast makes you feel like you are in the book and you are actually there with the people and apart of everything While reading even up to 25 hours without sleep it was like I was watching a movie and you know one of the characters is about to do something stupid and you are yelling at the TV DON T GO IN THERE but they don t listen to you, of course While reading this book I squealed, I laughed, I cried yes, I actually did , I yelled, and I absolutely fell head over heels in love with Lochlan Wow, what a characterI love him, and adore him absolutely I know I can get an older copy of Brighid s Quest butI want to wait so my whole series will match the re release from Mira I can t get enough, I have to go read the Parthenon series again, just because I don t want to let this world go just quite yet The one thing that is even remotely not 100% positive was I am unsure if this fits in the YA series genrethere is some sex in it, which is fine, but it still read like an adult novel to me, but who knows, book was amazing though.

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    I don t know why I even picked this up after not liking Divine By Mistake so much I give myself 1 star for smart making choices Anyway, this book sounded way interesting than book one I love mythology and fantasy so I picked it up hunted down a used copy on for is like it and gave it a shot.In contrast to the first Partholon book which tried to have Too Much Fun, this book was No Fun At All Elphame is just the dullest character I cannot remember anything about her except she liked running and her Vampire boyfriend, who also happens to be the Mayor of Dullsville, which is amazing for a vampire.I cannot remember a whole lot that happened outside of Elphame running in the woods, getting stalked in the woods, and doing major renovations on a destroyed castle and seeing to the day to day operations of its upkeep, maintenance and so forth Some gardening, I believe There was probably a battle with the Vampire creatures I read this a few years ago, but it wasn t very memorable beyond irritating me with how unexciting it was.This book was surprisingly dark There are a couple of weird, racy scenes and numerous references to rape which would have made Marion Zimmer Bradley tear this book into little pieces and feed it to Gertrude Stein I am suprised to learn that this book has been repackaged for teens and placed in the YA section One has certain expectations about the amount of sex in a YA novel and this definitely should be in the sci fi fantasy maybe even Romance sections Very poor choice on the part of the publisher.I don t think I am P.C Cast s target audience.

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    sometimes i wish that there were negatives, or at least no stars available.this book was in the teen section of the library on their new shelf I was therefore, very surprised and unhappy that this book contained explicit sex at least in my opinion How could this be teen recommended to children 14 it made me feel sick i decided that i must launch a complaint to the library the librarian understood and helped me get the form Did you know that you have to detail with pg numbers where you found the offensive parts i understand, but what about when you don t want to read it all i worry that the review will not be as complete they are supposed to let me know what happens I requested that they at least have a MC mature content on books like these i ve noticed that scholastic book club puts that on the Twilight series and this book was way beyond the Twilight bks.

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    click here to see our Goddess of Partholon interview with PC Cast I absolutely fell in love with all the characters in this book Which is probably why I can t get the stinkin story line out of my head I keep thinking so and so should have done this, or that was a bad choice That, and just plain mourning Ugh Seriously, I need to move on Elphame is the beautiful daughter of the Goddess Incarnate Etain However, having a human mom and a centaur dad has made her a genetic one of a kind She is very human from the waist up and from the waist down she has two horse legs with shiny black hooves Despite her beauty, she is an outsider and has never fit in That all changes when she decides to restore and take ownership of the MacCallan Castle With her handsome brother Cuchulainn at her side, as well as a host of other outsiders looking for acceptance, the castle becomes the symbol of new beginnings.However, don t be fooled by the title This book is not just about Elphame and her choice, but also her brother and his and to a degree the choices of others The story is told in third person but goes back and forth between Elphame s storyline and Cuchulainn s At times I wondered why P.C Cast didn t devote the whole book to Elphame I actually thought maybe P.C Cast was just writing to write a book Though after reading the book I realized this is very much a character driven storyline plot and the whole is greater than the sum of all the parts Like I mentioned earlier I LOVED all the characters There was such a variety and the scope of the each was perfect Example, Elphame was beautiful and had lived a very rich life, yet she was genuine and cared deeply for her family, friends and her people She put them above her and worked along side them on the renovations Cuchulainn was a protective brother and warrior, lover of the ladies and at times, was serious His character grows so much in the book and in the end my heart breaks for him Brighid, the centaur huntress who had left her own kind to live and work with the MacCallan, is fearless, intelligent and a faithful friend However, my favorite character is the healer Brenna She is physically and emotionally scarred Half her face and upper body have horrible burn scars She has suffered a life of hardship, ridicule and stares because of her appearance, however finds hope and new beginnings at MacCallan along with something else she never expected I felt for her character and was emotionally invested in her, and to an extent related to her feelings She too grows in the book The only character I am unsure of my total love for is Lochlan, Elphame s lifemate At first I really liked him He had a tremendous inner struggle, yet didn t let it over power him My love for him lessened towards the end of the book He started telling lies, lies out of love, but lies nonetheless I do not like liars Okay, enough already you get the point I liked the book If you want a good romance, sort of story, with great characters no action here read this book I give this book 4 out of 5 STACKSSTACKGirl Stacy, who needs to move on

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    In my opinion, Elphame s Choice by P.C Cast is a very interesting book It is interesting in the fact that it combines many different varieties of genre into one novel I liked the basic plot, however the constant description of cleaning the castle and whatnot became rather tedious.My favourite character was Brenna and thought it entirly ruined the story when SPOILER ALERT she was killed I did not feel a warmth to any of the other characters in the story as I found their lack of personality to bore me into oblivion.On a high note, the book did somewhat intrigue me with the obvious imagination put into the world of Partholon, which is why I give this novel 2 stars.Although, again on a down note, I have to express my concern at this book being in the teen section of the book shop The story seemed to be going really well, and I m not meaning to be prudish when I say this, but I did not enjoy the sex chapter.Normally, I do not have a problem with sex chapters in books, on the contrary, as a 15 year old with ranging hormones i think I should be allowed to enjoy chapters like this.But Cast s graphic description and not in a good way either , left me quite sickened at the thought of a well brought up, modest thirteen year old girl innocently mistaking Elphame s Choice for a fantasy book and then having that thrust upon her The thing that annoys me the most is that Cast seems to let her fantasies run away with her in her writing a little too far Losing your virginity is meant to be a loving experience, but Cast portrays it as a hasty, lust filled moment with Elphame having rough, female dominated sex with Lochlan.Strangely, Elphame seems pretty experienced with the whole process, considering she was a virgin who had only been kissed a week previously.I also could not get to grips with the whole Goddess stuff not intending blasphemy or offence to anyone , since I am not religious which made me view the whole thing as rather pretentious.Overall, a decent idea to have as a story, particualarly the original idea of a human centaur hybrid, although I would not reccomend this book to you as it can get tedious apart from when Lochlan is graphically masturbating in the cavesnot nice and has some unneccersary upseting moments.

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    When I started this book I was a little nervous of what I would think, Im not usually a fan of the books that are a whole new world in themselves, but this one was fantastic I will for sure be reading the other books in the series Elphame is a part human, part cantar girl who since birth was obviously marked by the goddess Empona All her life she has felt estrange and worshiped by her people, and because of that all alone in the world This changes when she leaves home to rebuild the castle of the fallen MacCallen tribe There her and her warrior brother meet their destiny, along with many struggles they are forced to overcome, including an interesting twist of fate in Elphame s life mate.

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    I just have one thing to say about this book.I LOVED IT SOOO MUCH.This book is absolutely my favorite book in the partholon series

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