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If I Must summary If I Must, series If I Must, book If I Must, pdf If I Must, If I Must cfe16e9099 Joel Martinez, A Practical And Organized Computer Programmer, Is Roommates With Ian Cooper, A Certified IQ In The Stratosphere Mathematical Genius Who Literally Can T Find His Own Underwear In The Mess Of His Day To Day Life When Joel Uneasily Leaves Ian For The Holidays, He Ends Up Telling Stories To His Sister And Discovers He Feels Much For Ian Than He Thought So When Ian Calls, Distraught Because The Only Other Thing In His Life That Loves Him A Half Feral Cat Named Manky Bastard Is Going To Have To Be Put Down, Joel Hurries Back Home Hoping That Opposites Really Do Attract

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    I LOVE this book Its such a feel good read Ian is my favorite nerdy kinda guy, a total genius but completely at a loss in the real world Joel is just a sweetheart with the way he looks out for Ian from the start They both have insecurities and when Ian starts thinking Joel s gonna leave him my heart broke for him, as it did when poor Manky Bastard had to go away Recommend to anyone looking for Fun, Love and that Awwww factor lolRe read and I love it even ETA Another book that just never gets old Ian is one of my favorite characters Would love another peak into Joel and Ian s life ETA Still waiting for an up date on this couple, but in the mean time still a great read ETA Have I mentioned I adore this story How about I would love an update Seriously I need an update lol.

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    This is the first Amy Lane book I ve read that I found as irritating as it was appealing Ian is just too helpless, it is either pathological or a deliberate attempt to attract Joel, which would be too conniving to fit his supposed character But this guy was on his own for nine years before Joel, he should know how to run out to the corner for Doritos A scene where he forgot to eat for two days and then bought only junk food would be okay The existing version is over the top Also, writers, if you must use an IQ score to show how smart your character is, go BIG This guy is supposedly so smart people throw him money and put up with his eccentricities, with an IQ of 170 Well, I know several people with IQs over 170 and while they are often brilliant in their own fields, we are pretty normal folk You don t get this kind of situation until you get to Stephen Hawking level or add some major creativity to the smarts So if you must use IQ, go over 200 I know two of those, and one is maybe too bright to fit with us mortals comfortably I also found Joel s transition from straight roommate to love interest much too fast and smooth, both on the emotional and on the physical level And I was not sanguine about the length of this relationship When things are that one sided in the care taking area, it s going to get old And just to complete the bitching, I d have liked to see grief over the cat for herself, not just her place in the relationship With all the flaws, it is only Amy Lane s writing skills that redeem this story.

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    Lovable and a good pick me up Ian is in a shambolic state of disarray and wouldn t have a clue how to look after himself, coming from a genius you might think organisation is his forte Don t be fooled he may be clever but every other aspect of his life is a mess, he hardly sleeps eats or has any sense of real time Joel rents a room with Ian and helps to keep him balanced and maybe a bit sane Ian is adorable and frustrating at times I wondered how Joel didn t erupt and blow his top often Joel is his lifeline and I would hate to think how Ian s life could spiral out of control without him Ian is craving love and hoping Joel will be the one who doesn t leave in the morning, all the doubts and anxieties work out so wonderfully in the end Bonus the kitties names are a joy

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    3.5 starsLook, peeps, this has a kitten on the cover, yeah Need I say anything else This was totally adorbs, fluffy, and sweet Loved the brilliant, geeky, totally spacey Aussie, Ian, and his roommate Joel, a Hispanic computer programmer Ian forgets to eat and clean, and perpetually meets people while he s half naked Joel keeps Ian s life organized and falls for Ian in the process It s a good thing Joel s feelings are returned This is a lovely, low angst Lane story, like a slightly sweet, spiked glass of eggnog Holidays not necessary to enjoy.

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    Very cute, loved it

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    Cute little story Joel was nice, but Ian grated on my nerves The writing was OK, but there were tons of editing errors What s the deal with ebooks Don t they get proofreaded before being released

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    From the Amy Lane s I ve read this very true to course A sweet angst fest of a story that focuses on a computer programmer, Joel, and his lovably screwed up genius roommate, Ian Cute cover

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    I picked this book because of the cat cover g If only the cat plays a bigger role Anyway, the story is nice Ian, as one of the main characters, are so messed up lol I guess having high IQ does that for you It s interesting to see Ian and Joel together

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    I can t BELIEVE I ve never written a review for the AWESOMENESS that is this little storyA number of months ago Joel met Ian when he saved Ian from being crushed by weights at the gym Joel is neat, organized, a good guy that you could meet one day while getting coffee or waiting for the bus or something Joel s looking for somewhere to live that has character Here s where Ian comes in Ian s a tall, slim but muscular, certifiably mathematical genius, blonde, absentminded professor who s Australian The college pays for Ian to live in a kickass apartment in a Victorian house and all they want from him is for him to give some lectures and write a paper Yeah, Ian is that much of a genius Ian has a spare room and he and Joel become roommates.Okay, I m going to stop right there for a minute to say that I love the way this story is written About half of it is told in a series of flashbacks but not the usual sort of flashbacks Joel s at his mother s house for a vacation right before Thanksgiving and he s telling his older sister about Ian That s how we learn about Ian, through Joel s eyes It really, really works well because the reader sees just how in love Joel is even though Joel hasn t faced the fact that he s in love.Therough Joel s stories the reader also gets to see Ian in a light that makes him real than just being a caricature of an absentminded genius Ian, or Ee as Joel calls him, remains my favorite genius in the M M genre More than a few authors have tried to pull off the scatterbrained genius character and I m never completely satisfied Ian, though, is absolutely loveable, adorable, believable, and just plain sweet I totally understood why Joel fell in love with him Joel is just as loveable as Ian The way he takes care of his Aussie genius is sweet Ian brings light and vitality into Joel s life and Joel makes sure that, in him, Ian has someone who takes care of him and let s him know that he s important When Joel finally figures out, with the help of his amazing mother and sister, what he feels for Ian I was grinning like a mad woman Ian and Joel just BELONG together They fit like puzzle pieces Joel and Ian are my comfort read couple and they remain one of the most memorable Amy Lane couples for me If I Must is also the first Amy Lane book I ever read and I m glad this book was my introduction to her work I ve just reread it for the gazillionth time and as always my love for this story holds strong I highly recommend.

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    4.35 I love this story I read it originally back in 2011 and have reread it a few times since then, and realized I never wrote a review for it.I m not really going to write one now either, I m just going say again that I love this feel good read Ian, the lovable, brilliant, absent minded genius Alone most of his life, no one that loves him or cares for him, and that boy needs someone to care for him.Joel, the kind, sweet, caring roommate is just the person for the job He sees Ian, really sees him Ian s heart was as big as the goddamned sky It was as simple as that Ian knows what a great friend he has in Joel and is scared to death of loosing him and disappearing back into his just existing, no one ever stays with Ian, eventually they all leave him I could feel Ian s heartbreak at just the thought of not having Joel in his life Ian swallowed, hard, or when you re here You re the only one who makes me real The ultimate feel good friends to lovers holiday short.Oh and there is a cat too.

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