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Morningstar (Morningstar, #1) quotes Morningstar (Morningstar, #1) , litcharts Morningstar (Morningstar, #1) , symbolism Morningstar (Morningstar, #1) , summary shmoop Morningstar (Morningstar, #1) , Morningstar (Morningstar, #1) aec585f2 In A Future Where The Human Race Struggles To Survive, The Only Elite Are The Hunters Laying Their Lives On The Line Every Night To Defend Their Own Kind Against The Undead Predators But One Man Stands Above Them All Morningstar Can The Most Feared Vampire Hunter Find Solace And Passion In The Arms Of His Sworn Enemy, One Of The Undead In An Environment Of Oppressive Laws, Designed To Help The Human Race Survive A Massive Population Collapse, The Attraction Between Daniel And Scott Is Blazing And Instantaneous And Outlawed But How Will They Overcome The Obstacles They Face, When One Is Sworn To Kill The Other

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    I could barely finish this story, it was very stereotypical and boring It s the same standard vampire vs vampire hunter plot line that has been used time and time again Nothing original whatsoever The story focused on two characters that both seemed not completely formed and had no development and enemies were created for convenience only with no real substance The whole story seemed to be building up to Daniel s change and then instead of seriously dealing with what might become a huge character development situation, the book ended.The only reason I didn t give it 1 star is because I reserve 1 star for those titles that I have a serious issue with or consider to be completely awful Despite me not liking this title, I can see how it might appeal to others and there weren t any really terrible themes or bad grammar etc.As a side note, it might be simply a pet peeve or personal dislike but the old vampire s name was Scott Not a good name for anyone really but especially an old, old vampire.

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    I can t say how disappointed I was in this story It had great potential but the head hopping was hard to follow and completely destroyed the story for me The characters were flat and the story predictable If you are interested in a good vampire story, I d recommend My Vampire and I series by JP Bowie or Different Breed by Angel Martinez or Vigil by Z.A Maxfield.

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